Arimane the Pit Lord

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Arimane the Pit Lord
Arimane the Pit Lord.jpg
Hero Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer
Set(s) Icon Scar.png Scar
Released Version 3.7.11
Listed Price   390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png

Description[edit source]

The Hellbringers are fearsome summoners who pull forth the most powerful daemons to serve their infernal cause. Most of them are men and women corrupted by the power of dark magic, but some summoners find themselves drawn from the ranks of the daemons themselves. Those elite Hellbringers are known as the Pit Lords, so named because they alone have the ability to summon their brethren and bend them to their will. Among the Pit Lords one holds sway above all others: Arimane. He alone has bound the daemon princes of Tartarus to his will and he alone knows the true names of the other Pit Lords. Inscribed in blood in his book of souls, Arimane will not hesitate to bind anyone who threatens his power to his will. Freed from Hell to walk directly on the mortal plane through the Scar, Arimane now seeks to add more names to his book of souls and continue to increase the size of his own personal army.


Hellbringer Alt Avatars
Overseer Hellbringer.jpg
Overseer Hellbringer

250 Gold coins.png
500 Silver coins.png
Priestess Hellbringer.jpg
Priestess Hellbringer
Icon Limited Edition.png
450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Jade Empress.jpg
Jade Empress

Imperial Summoner.jpg
Imperial Summoner

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Arimane the Pit Lord.jpg
Arimane the Pit Lord
Icon Scar.png
390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
POG Hellbringer

100 Gold coins.png
750 Silver coins.png
Icon Cyber.png
550 Gold coins.png

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