Ascension Dark Lady

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Ascension Dark Lady
Ascension Dark Lady.jpg
Hero The Dark Lady.jpg The Dark Lady
Set(s) Icon Ascension.png Ascension
Released Version 3.9.3
Listed Price   Codex Only

Description[edit source]

The Ascension has arrived! The benevolent alien entities known as Epicenters have followed Parallax and the Artificers across the galaxies, trying to stop their path of destruction. Newerth is the only planet with soldiers strong enough to offer resistance to the planet-ripping Fulcrums and their insidious dark matter, and the Epicenters have finally caught up to the Artificers. Now that they have, they will augment the warriors of Newerth with the power of light and creation to defeat Parallax and his nefarious kin once and for all.

Patch Avatar Spotlight

The Dark Lady Alt Avatars
The Dark Lady.jpg
Throwback Dark Lady

100 Gold coins.png
750 Silver coins.png
Dark Zealot.jpg
Dark Zealot

250 Gold coins.png
500 Silver coins.png

250 Gold coins.png
500 Silver coins.png
Glorious Dark Lady.jpg
Glorious Dark Lady
Icon Community Avatar.png
200 Gold coins.png
500 Silver coins.png
Icon Elder Evils.png
400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png
The Dark Lady.jpg
POG The Dark Lady

100 Gold coins.png
750 Silver coins.png
Ascension Dark Lady.jpg
Ascension Dark Lady
Icon Ascension.png
Codex Only
The Dark Consort.jpg
The Dark Consort

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Cyber Vanya.jpg
Cyber Vanya
Icon Cyber.png
550 Gold coins.png

Icon Gold Collection.png
600 Gold coins.png

White Tiger.jpg
White Tiger
Icon Four Symbols.png Icon Limited Edition.png
450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png
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