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Legion.png Legion
Strengthlogo.gif 19 Agilitylogo.gif 22 Intelligencelogo.gif 21
(+1.6) (+2.3) (+2.3)
Level 1 16 25
Health 511 1005 1613
Mana 273 741 1248
Damage 47-51 83-87 122-126
Armor 3.58 8.62 14.08
Attack Speed 0.71 0.91 1.11
Movement Speed 330
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 0.25
Attack Range 450 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 1200
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.4/0.6
Turn Rate 450

Info[edit | edit source]

Among the Beast Tribes of Newerth a Great Race is held in the savannahs each year. The winner joins their Queen in the battle against the Hellbourne. Many types of warriors compete, some rely on strength, some stealth, and others use speed and cunning. The Grand Champion is the vulpinoid master of velocity - Blitz! Now the Hellbourne daemons must hide to survive, for they certainly cannot run!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[ Q ]
Blitz Blitzkrieg.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.2 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Blitz exploits the weakness of his foes sluggish movements and blasts them with electricity.
Range: 500
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Blasts target enemy for 75/100/125/150 Magic Damage and stuns for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 Seconds. Deals additional Magic Damage equal to 25/40/55/70% of your difference in movement speed to the enemy as Magic Damage.

Movement speed damage caps at 106/169/232/295.

Faster than lightning.
  • The tooltip states the maximum damage obtainable if Blitz's maximum movement speed is at the default 522.
  • Deals only the base damage if Blitz's movement speed is lower than the target's.
  • With Level 4 Quicken and at maximum movement speed difference, Blitzkrieg deals 200/300/401/501 damage.

[ W ]
Blitz Pilfering.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.3 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Blitz feeds off the stamina from an enemy and transfers it to himself.
Range: 550
Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 13 seconds
Applies a link to target enemy dealing an initial 25/50/75/100 Magic Damage.

While linked, the target takes 18/24/30/36 Magic Damage and 15/25/35/45 Movement Speed is stolen and applied to you every second (with a time interval of 0.2 seconds). The link breaks after 5 seconds or if target moves more than 700 units away.

Once the link is broken, a charge is removed every 0.1 seconds.

Grants 800 day and night clearvision around the target while linked. Maximum of 25 charges.

Anywhere you can move, I can move faster.
  • While linked, every 0.2 seconds the target takes 3.6/4.8/6/7.2 DoT Magic Damage.
  • Pilfering cannot be transferred while Blitz is linked to the target. It can be transferred once the link is broken.
  • Deals up to 115/170/225/280 damage and steals up to 75/125/175/225 Movement Speed.

[ E ]
Blitz Quicken.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Target Unit Ally Units
Type - Magic
Blitz surges an ally with adrenaline granting the nimble movements of a fox.
Range: 500
Mana Cost: 35/40/45/50
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Passively increases your maximum Movement Speed by 20/40/60/80.

Applies Quicken to target for 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds.

Better, Stronger, Faster

Quicken Effects
+100/150/200/250% Movement Speed

  • Bypasses Magic Immunity on ally heroes.

Lightning Shackles (Lightning Bind)
[ R ]
Blitz Lightning Shackles.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
Type - Superior Magic
Blitz delivers a bolt faster than lightning to his opponents with shocking results.
Range: 700
Radius: 300/350/400
Mana Cost: 140/200/260
Cooldown: 100/75/50 seconds
Blasts an enemy with pure energy dealing 225/325/425 (325/425/525) Magic Damage to enemies in a 300/350/400 Radius around the target reducing their movement speed to 100 and attack speed by 100 for 3 (4) Seconds.
You can't do a barrel roll.
  • The slow is actually a 100% Movement Slow, and is reduced by Slow Resistance.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.0.0

  • Base Intelligence increased from 18 to 21.
  • Base Strength increased from 17 to 19.
  • Base Damage increased from 43-49 to 47-51.
  • Magic Armor increased from 5.75 to 6.
  • Armor increased from 2.58 to 3.58.
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Now grants Unitwalking to the affected target.

Version 3.6.0

  • Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfering
    • Movement Speed steal from 15/25/35/45 to 3/5/7/9 per charge
    • Maximum charges from 5 to 25
    • Time between procs from 1 to 0.2 seconds
      • Decay time for loss of charges also rescaled properly to fit new mechanics while maintaining the same timepoint benchmarks as before
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Cast Time removed

Version 3.2.3

  • Blitz Lightning Shackles.jpg Lightning Shackles
    • Staff of the Master functionality added.
      • Slow duration increased from 3 to 4 Seconds
      • Now also applies -100 Attack Speed Slow for the duration
      • Increases damage from 225/325/425 to 325/425/525

Version 3.2.0

  • Increased Base Movement Speed from 315 to 330
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Now passively increases the Movement Speed cap for Blitz by 20/40/60/80
  • Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfering
    • Lowered Cast Time from 1 second to .6 seconds

Version 3.1.0

  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Movement Speed increased from 100% to 100/150/200/250%

Version 2.6.24

  • Base Magic Armor increased from 5.5 to 5.75
  • Movement Speed increased from 300 to 315
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Mana Cost reduced from 40/45/50/55 to 35/40/45/50

Version 2.6.28

  • Turnrate increased from 360 to 450

Version 2.6.12

  • Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfering
    • Clearvision now lingers for the entire duration of a target being slowed
    • Increased the Movement Speed draining from 10/20/30/40 to 15/25/35/45
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken
    • Cast time reduced from 0.3 to 0.2
  • Blitz Lightning Shackles.jpg Lightning Shackles
    • Increased the radius from 200/300/400 to 300/350/400

Version 2.6.4

Version 2.5.17

  • Hero Added

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