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Cast Speed modifiers can alter the speed of casting animation, which in effect can increase or decrease the time it takes for an ability to activate. It does not modify channeling time.

Formula[edit | edit source]

Cast Speed uses the same formula as Attack Speed.

Actual Cast Time = (Cast Action Time) / (1 + (Cast Speed / 100))

Because HoN's servers run at 20 FPS, any changes to speed is rounded up to the nearest 0.05 seconds. For example, Having a cast time of 0.66 seconds functions the same as having a cast time of 0.7 seconds.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Hero Source Target Cast Speed Duration Notes
Blacksmith.jpg Blacksmith Blacksmith Frenzy.jpg Frenzy Ally Unit 30 30 seconds
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Chronofield.jpg Chronofield Ally Units -80 4/5/6 seconds Boosted version only; Applies to allies inside Chronofield
Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet Gauntlet Enfeeble.jpg Enfeeble On Attack -1 per charge 4 seconds Maximum of 20/25/30/35 charges per attack
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Elemental Force.jpg Elemental Force Passive 1 per 4/3/2/1 Intelligence N/A 60% effectiveness on Fire and Ice; Equal to 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 per Intelligence; Maximum of +127 Cast Speed
Pyromancer.jpg Pyromancer Pyromancer Fervor.jpg Fervor Passive 20/40/60/80 N/A
Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody Rhapsody Arcane Hymn.jpg Arcane Hymn Aura (Ally Heroes) 20/40/60/80 N/A

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