Circus Bear Goldie

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Circus Bear Goldie
Circus Bear Goldie.jpg
Hero Midas.jpg Midas
Set(s) Icon Gold Collection.png Gold Collection
Released Version 4.0.1
Skill Icons
Circus Bear Goldie Golden Salvo.jpgCircus Bear Goldie Lion's Pride.jpgCircus Bear Goldie Elemental Warp.jpgCircus Bear Goldie Transmute.jpg
Listed Price   600 Gold coins.png

Description[edit source]

Goldie the Circus Bear loves to share golden treats and surprises through the big top crowds, but the real amazement comes when the lovely lady inside the burly suit makes a quick appearance -- just long enough for a wink and a smile -- before unleashing a dazzling display of golden pyrotechnics and dancing away to spread more joy throughout Newerth.


Patch Avatar Spotlight

Midas Alt Avatars
Lord Midas.jpg
Lord Midas
Icon Debut Edition.png
600 Gold coins.png

Santa Midas.jpg
Santa Midas
Icon Community Avatar.png Icon Holiday Edition.png
450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png
Medusa Midas.jpg
Medusa Midas
Icon Community Avatar.png
390 Gold coins.png
1500 Silver coins.png
Icon 7 Heavenly Virtues.png
800 Gold coins.png

Coral Snake Medusa.jpg
Coral Snake Medusa

Sterling Midas.jpg
Sterling Midas
Icon Upgrade Avatar.png

1500 Silver coins.png
Warrior King Midas.jpg
Warrior King Midas

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Circus Bear Goldie.jpg
Circus Bear Goldie
Icon Gold Collection.png
600 Gold coins.png

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