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Most minor number changes are not included in the list of differences. Talents from Dota 2 are also not included.

Agility Heroes[edit | edit source]

HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Comet Magic Missile Vengeful Spirit DotA.jpg
Vengeful Spirit Dota 2.jpg
Vengeful Spirit
70/80/90/100 Mana Cost
Stuns for 1.75 seconds
110/120/130/140 Mana Cost
Stuns for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds
Aurora Wave of Terror
Deals Magic Damage
15 second cooldown
500 vision radius
Reduces Base Damage by 5/10/15/20%
Debuff lasts 14 seconds
Deals Pure damage
10 second cooldown
300 vision radius
Pierces Spell Immunity
Reduces damage by 30/50/70/90
Debuff lasts 8 seconds
Dimensional Link Vengeance Aura
+12/20/28/36% Base Damage
Can toggle to affect heroes only
+12/18/24/30% Base Damage
On death, allied heroes within radius spawn an uncontrollable illusion that attacks its killer for 7 seconds (Deals 100% damage, invulnerable)
Void Rip Nether Swap
70/60/50 second cooldown 45 second cooldown
Boosted version allows swapping with non-hero units and passively spawns a Vengeance Illusion on death (Deals 50% damage, take 150% damage, can use abilities, lasts until revival)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Time Leap Time Walk Faceless Void DotA.jpg
Faceless Void Dota 2.jpg
Faceless Void
700/900/1100/1300 Range
13 second cooldown
Deals 50/90/130/170 Magic Damage and applies a 10/15/20/25% Movement Slow for 3 seconds
675 Range
24/18/12/6 second cooldown
Undoes all damage taken within the past 2 seconds
Rewind Time Dilation
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Curse of Ages Time Lock
40/60/80/100 bonus Magic Damage 50/75/100/125 bonus damage
Chronofield Chronosphere
120 second cooldown
Enemies take 25% less damage from anyone outside of the Chronofield
Grants Chronos maximum movement speed and Unitwalking while inside the Chronofield
75 second cooldown while boosted
Boosted version slows allies by 80% instead of stunning and removes damage reduction from outside sources
150/130/110 second cooldown
Gives Faceless Void 1000 movespeed and unitwalking while inside the Chronosphere
60 second cooldown while boosted
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Corrupted Disciple.jpg
Corrupted Disciple
Electric Tide Plasma Field Razor DotA.jpg
Razor Dota 2.jpg
800 radius
Deals 40/60/80/100 to 70/105/140/175 damage per hit
Grants 800 radius Clearvision for 4 seconds after cast
700 radius
Deals 15/25/35/45 to 80/115/150/185 damage per hit
Briefly grants flying vision around Razor while active
Corrupted Conduit Static Link
45/40/35/30 second cooldown
Steals 1/2/3/4 Damage every 0.2 seconds (Max 50/100/150/200)
Link lasts 10 seconds
Retains stolen damage for 13 seconds
Grants vision of target while stealing damage
32/30/28/26 second cooldown
Steals 7/14/21/28 Damage every second (Max 56/112/168/224)
Link lasts 8 seconds
Retains stolen damage for 18 seconds
Static Discharge Unstable Current
+3/6/9/12% Movement Speed
Activates when an enemy casts a targeted ability on yourself
Deals 40/60/80/100 Magic Damage
Applies a tapering 80% Movement Slow for 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2 seconds
+4/8/12/16% Move Speed
Activates every 5 seconds, targeting an random enemy within 350 units
Deals 100/130/160/190 Magic Damage
Applies a 40% movement slow for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds and dispels buffs
Overload Eye of the Storm
Lasts 20 seconds
Deals 37.5/50/62.5 damage per hit
Impacts every 0.8/0.7/0.6 seconds
Boosted version impacts every 0.7/0.6/0.5 seconds and bounces to 2 additional units
Lasts 30 seconds
Deals 40/55/70 damage per hit
Impacts every 0.7/0.6/0.5 seconds
Boosted version impacts every 0.6/0.5/0.4 seconds and can hit buildings
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Flint Beastwood.jpg
Flint Beastwood
General Dwarven Sniper DotA.jpg
Sniper Dota 2.jpg
600 Attack Range 550 Attack Range
Explosive Flare Shrapnel
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Hollowpoint Shells Headshot
Stuns for 0.05/0.1/0.15/0.2 seconds Applies a 100% movement & attack speed slow for 0.5 seconds
Dead Eye Take Aim
Grants 100/150/200/250 Range (Maximum 850)
Grants 100/150/200/250 bonus Sight radius
Grants 100/200/300/400 Range (Maximum 950)
Money Shot Assassinate
N/A Grants experience of target on kill (if out of Experience range)
Can be boosted to change into a target area effect, dealing 2.8x Critical Strike with guaranteed Headshot proc to enemy heroes in area after channeling
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Anti-Mage DotA.jpg
Anti-Mage Dota 2.jpg
16 (+1.7) Strength 22 (+1.2) Strength
Mana Combustion Mana Break
Burns 6/14/22/30 + 3/4/5/6% of Max Mana
Deals 60% of Mana burnt as Physical Damage
Burns 28/40/52/64 Mana
Deals 50% of Mana burnt as Physical damage
Flash Blink
7 second cooldown
600/800/1000/1200 Range
15/12/9/6 second cooldown
925/1000/1075/1150 Range
Master of the Mantra Spell Shield
+3/6/9/12 Magic Armor (~ +9/16/22/27% magic damage reduction) +20/30/40/50% Magic Resistance
Can be boosted to passively block and reflect single-target spells (12 second cooldown)
Mana Rift Mana Void
No radius
Stuns for 0.1/0.2/0.3 seconds
Can be boosted to deal damage in a 450 radius
500 Radius
Stuns for 0.3 seconds
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Moon Queen.jpg
Moon Queen
Moon Beam Lucent Beam Luna DotA.jpg
Luna Dota 2.jpg
Stuns for 0.75 second Stuns for 0.8 seconds
Multi-Strike Moon Glaive
Bounces 1/2/3/5 times
Damage is reduced by 25% (50% vs. buildings) per bounce
Can be toggled to bounce to Heroes only (if attacking a Hero)
Bounces 1/2/3/6 times
Damage is reduced by 35% per bounce
Can bounce to a previously hit enemy more than once
Lunar Glow Lunar Blessing
600 radius
Grants +5/10/15/20% Base Damage to allied ranged units
Base damage bonus increases to 15/20/25/30% at night
Grants self 800 bonus Sight radius at night
900 radius
Grants +14/22/30/38 damage to all allies
Grants self 1000 bonus sight range at night
Moon Finale Eclipse
Each beam deals 200/250/300 Magic Damage
Impacts every 0.6 seconds
Each unit can be struck up to 4 (unlimited*) times
Boosted version decreases cooldown and decreases beam interval to 0.45 seconds
Each beam deals damage equal to Lucent Beam's damage
Impacts every 0.3 seconds
Each unit can be struck up to 5 (unlimited*) times
Changes time of day to night for duration of skill
Boosted version grants Eclipse 2500 cast range, allows centering around a target area or another allied unit, & grants flying vision within radius
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Night Hound.jpg
Night Hound
General Rikimaru DotA.jpg
Riki Dota 2.jpg
300 Movement Speed
24 base Agility
48-52 base Damage
290 movement speed
30 base Agility
38-42 base damage
Smoke Cloud Smoke Screen
30/25/20/15 second cooldown
325 Radius
11 second cooldown
250/275/300/325 Radius
Enemies in Smoke Cloud lose vision
Pounce Blink Strike
20/15/10/5 second cooldown
30/60/90/120 bonus damage
16/12/8/4 second cooldown
60/80/100/120 bonus damage
Backstab Cloak and Dagger
Deals bonus damage equal to 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2x Agility when attacking from behind Passively grants Stealth with 6/5/4/3 second fade time
Deals bonus damage equal to 0.4/0.6/0.8/1x Agility when attacking from behind
Works on denies
Invisibility Tricks of the Trade
Can be leveled at Levels 1/6/11
3.5/2.5/1.5 second fade time
Passively grants 5/15/25 Agility
(Different Ability)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Sand Wraith.jpg
Sand Wraith
Desert's Curse Spectral Dagger Spectre DotA.jpg
Spectre Dota 2.jpg
Can target a hero to have Desert's Curse bind to target hero
Grants +6/8/10/12% Movement Speed to self
12/16/20/24% Movement Slow to enemies
Debuff lasts 1 second after leaving path
Illusions prioritize attacking hero targeted by Desert's Curse
Grants +8/12/16/20% movement speed to self
8/12/16/20% movespeed slow to enemies
Debuff lasts 7 seconds after leaving path
Sand Stalkers Dispersion
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Enkindle Desolate
Grants +15/25/35/45 Attack Speed Grants 20/33/40/50 bonus True Damage on attacks against enemies without allied units nearby
Attacks apply a debuff that reduces vision by 40/50/60/70% for 5 seconds
Mirage Haunt
Lasts 4/5/6 seconds
130/105/80 second cooldown
Illusions deal 40% damage
Can teleport to an illusion once
Teleporting to an illusion destroys it
Can be boosted to Fear and slow nearby enemies for 2 seconds after teleporting
Lasts 5/6/7 seconds
180/150/120 second cooldown
Illusions deal 30% damage
Can continuously teleport to any illusion for the duration
Teleporting to an illusion swaps positions with it
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Venomancer DotA.jpg
Venomancer Dota 2.jpg
500 Attack Range 450 Attack Range
Poison Spray Venomous Gale
700/800/900/1000 Range
Deals 50/70/70/90 damage on initial hit
Each tick deals 15/30/45/60 damage
800 Range
Deals 25/50/75/100 damage on initial hit
Each tick deals 10/40/70/100 damage
Toxin Ward Plague Ward
3 second charge cooldown
Can hold up to 1/1/2/2 Wards at a time
60/110/160/210 Health
650/650 Sight Range
Increases the duration of Slither's debuffs by 1 second on hit
5 second cooldown
75/200/325/450 Health
1200/800 Sight Range
Gains Poison Sting equal to 50% of the damage (overridden by Venomancer's own Poison Sting)
Toxicity Poison Sting
Lasts 8 seconds
3/6/9/12% Movement Slow
Reduces Health Regeneration by 20/40/60/80%
Lasts 6/9/12/15 seconds
11/12/13/14% Move Speed Slow
DoT does not trigger "On Damaged" effects
Poison Burst Poison Nova
Lasts 12 seconds
Deals 432/696/972 (696/972/1296*) total Magic Damage
Boosted version deals lethal damage
Lasts 16 seconds
Deals 510/935/1360 (1020/1445/1870*) total damage
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Demon Hand Shadowraze Shadow Fiend DotA.jpg
Shadow Fiend Dota 2.jpg
Shadow Fiend
Deals 75/150/225/300 damage Deals 90/160/230/300 damage
Each hit causes consecutive hits from Shadowraze to deal 80 bonus damage for 8 seconds (can stack)
Soulsteal Necromastery
Holds up to 10/20/30/40 Souls
Loses 1/3 of Souls on death
Hero kills give 5 Souls
Holds up to 18/24/30/36 Souls
Loses 1/2 of Souls on death
Hero kills give 12 Souls
Can be boosted to increase soul limit to 22/30/38/46
Dread Presence of the Dark Lord
Soul Burst Requiem of Souls
Deals damage over 1250 radius
Deals up to 150/225/300 + 15/22.5/30 Magic Damage per soul
Deals exponentially more damage the closer an enemy is to Soulstealer
Applies a 25% Movement Slow & -25% Base Damage debuff
Releases a wave per 2 souls, distributed evenly around Shadow Fiend
Each wave deals 80/120/160 damage
Applies a 25% Movement Slow & -50% Base Damage debuff
On death, automatically casts Requiem of Souls equal to amount of souls lost on death
Boosted version causes waves to return, dealing reduced damage and heal Shadow Fiend
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Juggernaut DotA.jpg
Juggernaut Dota 2.jpg
1.7 BAT 1.4 BAT
Blade Frenzy Blade Fury
110 Mana Cost
Removes buffs and debuffs when cast
Deals 75/95/115/135 Magic Damage per second
Can attack while spinning with 30/20/10/0% reduced damage, but cannot Critical Strike
120/110/100/90 Mana Cost
Removes debuffs when cast
Deals 80/105/130/155 damage per second
Attacks deal no damage while spinning (except to towers & magic immune units), but applies modifiers
Can cast Healing Ward during Blade Fury
Counter Attack Healing Ward
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Way of the Sword Blade Dance
10/18/26/34% chance to proc 20/25/30/35% chance to proc
Swift Slashes Omnislash
Mini-stuns the main target
Each slash deals 200 Physical Damage
Can autoattack between each bounce; bounces do not reset attack animation
Boosted version has 110/100/90 second cooldown
Each slash deals 200-225 Physical damage
Kills creeps and Neutrals in one hit
Requires sufficient attack speed in order to autoattack between each bounce
Boosted version has 70 second cooldown
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Call of the Valkyrie Starstorm Mirana DotA.jpg
Mirana Dota 2.jpg
Deals 50% bonus damage to the closest unit within 200 units Deals 75% bonus damage to the closest unit within 425 units
Can be boosted to passively trigger Starstorm every 10 seconds
Javelin of Light Elune's Arrow (DotA) / Sacred Arrow (Dota 2)
7000 range
Increases stun duration at a rate of 1 second per 400/350/300/250 units traveled
Minimum stun duration of 0.5 seconds
Base damage of 90/180/270/360
After traveling 2000/1750/1500/1250 units, gains up to 100/200/300/400 bonus damage over 6000 units
Can be boosted to cast Call of the Valkyrie around target on hit
3000 range
Increases stun duration at a rate of 1 second per 300 units traveled
Minimum stun duration of 0.01 seconds
Base damage of 50/140/230/320
Gains up to 140 bonus damage over 1500 units
Kills non-Ancient creeps instantly
Courageous Leap Leap
35/30/25/20 second coodlwon
Applies buff around landing point to self & allies
Grants +5/10/15/20% Movement Speed and 5/10/15/20 Attack Speed
Buff last 10 seconds
Has 3 charges; 60/50/40/30 second charge cooldown
Buff only affects self
Grants +8/16/24/32% Movement Speed and 25/50/75/100 Attack Speed
Buff last 2 seconds
Valkyrie's Prism Moonlight Shadow
120/100/80 second cooldown
100/150/200 Mana cost
140/120/100 second cooldown
75 Mana cost
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Summon Booboo Summon Spirit Bear Lone Druid DotA.jpg
Lone Druid Dota 2.jpg
Lone Druid
Leash range of 1050
30 second cooldown after Booboo dies
Takes 100/200/300/400 Mixed Damage when Booboo dies
Can re-cast to have Booboo cast Return
Cannot damage heroes & buildings outside of leash range
1400/1600/1800/2000 Max Health
35-40 base Damage
1.5 BAT
Level 1: Learns Return & Alpha Male (50% bonus damage vs. non-hero units)
Level 2: Learns Frenzy (+2 Attack Damage for 15 seconds when damaged, Max 30)
Level 3: Learns Swipe (Deals physical damage to enemies & slows in AoE; 8 second cooldown)
Level 4: Upgrades previous abilities (Doubled Alpha Male bonus, +3 Armor and Magic Armor, and Swipe damages buildings)
Leash range of 1100 (unlimited*)
120 second cooldown
Can resummon Spirit Bear while alive to respawn it with full health
Takes 10% of Max Health in Pure damage when Spirit Bear dies (unless denied)
(Spirit Bear)
Disarmed while outside of leash range
1500/2000/2500/3000 Max Health
25-35/35-45/45-55/55-65 base damage
1.75/1.65/1.55/1.45 BAT
Has 300 Mana w/ 0.5 Mana regen
Level 2: Learns Return
Level 3: Learns Entangling Claw (20% chance to root an enemy on attack)
Level 4: Demolish (40% bonus damage vs. buildings & 33% Magic Resistance)
Can be boosted to gain unlimited leash range
Wild Rabid
+8/12/16/20% Movement Speed
Bonuses are halved after 10 seconds
Lasts 45 seconds
+5/10/15/20% move speed
Lasts 25 seconds
Natural Attunement Savage Roar
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Bear Form True Form
No cast time
Lasts up to 30/40/50 seconds, regaining transformation time while not active
Grants +3/5/7 Armor
Grants Booboo's abilities while active
1.9 second transformation time (0.8 seconds when reverting)
Invulnerable during transformation
Lasts until toggled off
Grants +300/600/900 Max HP, +6/12/18 Armor, and 1.5 BAT, but lose 45 movement speed
Grants Battle Cry (Damage & Armor bonus to self & owned units for 6 seconds)

Intelligence Heroes[edit | edit source]

DotA Hero Ability Differences HoN Hero
Fireball Fireblast Ogre Magi DotA.jpg
Ogre Magi Dota 2.jpg
Ogre Magi
600 Range
75/85/95/105 Mana Cost
Deals 100/150/200/275 damage
475 Range
90 Mana Cost
Deals 55/110/165/220 damage
Flaming Hammer Ignite
Deals 10/20/30/40 damage per second
Lasts 7.5 seconds
Starts with 100 radius
Applies a tapering -1/-2/-3/-4 Magic Armor debuff for the duration
Deals 26/34/42/50 damage per second
Lasts 5/6/7/8 seconds
Can Multicast, bouncing to a random enemy in 1400 units
Frenzy Bloodlust
50 Mana Cost
Grants bonus Cast Speed
75 Mana Cost
Can target Siege units
Chaotic Flames Multi Cast
25/40/60% chance for x2 Multicast
0.3 second Multicast interval
Increases Fireball Mana Cost by 10/40/70
Increases radius of Flaming Hammer by 100/200/300
Boosted version grants each basic ability a 10% chance to cast when attacking
40/45/50% chance for x2 Multicast
0.5 second Multicast interval
Increases Fireblast Mana Cost by 20/40/60
Increases radius of Ignite by 150/300/450
Increases cast range of Ignite
Boosted version grants a new ability: Unrefined Fireblast (Identical to Fireblast, costs 60% of current Mana)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Shell Toss Illusory Orb Puck DotA.jpg
Puck Dota 2.jpg
850 projectile speed, 2000 range 651 projectile speed, 1950 range
Song of the Sea Waning Rift
18/16/14/12 second cooldown 16/15/14/13 second cooldown
Take Cover Phase Shift
20 Mana Cost
Lasts 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
No Mana Cost
Lasts 1/1.75/2.5/3.25 seconds
Kelp Field Dream Coil
100/90/80 second cooldown
Deals 100/150/200 damage on initial hit
Deals 100/150/200 damage when tether breaks
Boosted version decreases cooldown to 60 seconds and changes the Effect Type of damage and stun on break to Superior Magic
75 second cooldown
Deals 300/400/500 damage when coil breaks
Boosted version increases Coil duration and coil-break damage and stun, and causes the coil-break stun to pierce Spell Immunity
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Wave of Death Crypt Swarm Death Prophet DotA.jpg
Death Prophet Dota 2.jpg
Death Prophet
8 second cooldown
Deals 100/175/250/300 damage
8/7/6/5 second cooldown
Deals 75/150/225/300 damage
Grave Silence Silence
14 second cooldown
250/300/350/400 Radius
15/14/13/12 second cooldown
425 Radius
Power in Death Spirit Siphon
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Unholy Expulsion Exorcism
100 second cooldown
Spawns 6/11/16 spirits (Max 10/15/20)
Spirits deal 46 damage
Can be boosted to allow targeting all Spirits for 75% damage on enemies or expire them early and heal an ally hero (6 second cooldown)
135 second cooldown
Spawns 8/16/24 spirits
Spirits deal 53-58 damage
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Demented Shaman.jpg
Demented Shaman
Entangle Poison Touch Dazzle DotA.jpg
Dazzle Dota 2.jpg
(Different ability) (Different ability)
Storm Cloud Weave
Is a basic ability
Lasts 15 seconds
Targets a hero
Effect follows target and applies effect around target periodically
Grants +Armor or -Armor based on the team the target belongs to
±4/6/8/10 Armor halfway through the duration, then decreases to 0 afterwards
Is an ultimate ability
Lasts 24 seconds
Targets an area
Applies an effect to all heroes hit in area
Grants +Armor to allies and and -Armor to enemies hit
±0.75/1/1.25 (1.25/1.5/1.75) Armor per second
Healing Wave Shadow Wave
Bounces 3/4/5/6 times Bounces 2/3/4/5 times
Always heals Dazzle; does not count towards number of bounces
Healing prioritizes heroes
Unbreakable Shallow Grave
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Doctor Repulsor.jpg
Doctor Repulsor
General Storm Spirit DotA.jpg
Storm Spirit Dota 2.jpg
Storm Spirit
295 Movement Speed
450 Attack Range
285 movement speed
480 Attack Range
Magnetic Contraption Static Remnant
70/80/90/100 Mana Cost
Contraption provides 1000 radius Clearvision
Contraption lasts up to 16 seconds
100 Mana Cost
Remnant provides 600 radius flying vision
Remnant lasts up to 12 seconds
Opposite Charges Electric Vortex
N/A Can be boosted to target all enemy heroes in a 375 radius around self
Electric Frenzy Overload
Deals 30/45/60/75 damage Deals 40/60/80/100 damage
Ludicrous Speed Ball Lightning
Base Mana Cost of 15 + 7% Max Mana
Costs 10 + 1% Max Mana per 100 units moved
Does not deal damage
1500/2500/3500 speed
Passively grants 15/30/45 Intelligence
Base Mana Cost of 30 + 8% Max Mana
Costs 12 + 0.7% max mana per 100 units moved
Deals damage based on distance traveled
1250/1875/2500 speed
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Crystal Maiden DotA.jpg
Crystal Maiden Dota 2.jpg
Crystal Maiden
290 Movement Speed 280 Movement Speed
Tundra Blast Crystal Nova
15 second cooldown
-20 Attack Speed, 30% Movement Slow
Slow lasts 3/3.5/4/4.5 seconds
12/11/10/9 second cooldown
20/30/40/50% Slow
Slow lasts 4.5 seconds
Ice Imprisonment Frostbite
Deals 70 damage per second (105/140/175/210 total damage)
Can cast on an ally and give it Damage Reduction instead of dealing damage per second
Deals 50 damage every 0.5 seconds (150/200/250/300 total damage)
Disables turning while frozen
Chilling Presence Brilliance Aura (DotA) / Arcane Aura (Dota 2)
+0.5/1/1.5/2 Mana Regeneration
Grants +50/100/150/200 Max Mana
+0.8/1/1.2/1.4 Mana Regeneration
+1/2/3/4 Mana Regeneration on self
Glacial Downpour Freezing Field
150/120/90 second cooldown
4 second channel time
635 Slow/spawn radius
Shards deal 55/95/135 (95/135/175*) damage in a radius of 310
Boosted version applies Ice Imprisonment to self on cast and to enemies that are hit by the shards 3 times
110/100/90 second cooldown
10 second channel time
785 Slow/spawn radius
Shards deal 105/170/250 (170/250/310*) damage in a radius of 300
Boosted version applies Frostbite to enemies that have been standing within radius for 2.5 seconds
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Chen DotA.jpg
Chen Dota 2.jpg
600 Attack Range 650 Attack Range
Nature's Wrath Penitence
15/20/25/30% tapering Movement Slow & increased damage taken 18/24/30/36% movespeed slow & increased damage taken
Ophelia's Judgment Test of Faith
Deals constant Magic Damage
Can cast on another allied hero to teleport them to the base after a 5.5/5/4.5/4 second delay
Deals randomized Pure damage<br /Can cast on allied unit to heal them for half the damage values (Always max heal on self)
Command Holy Persuasion
8 second cooldown
Can control up to 1/1/2/3 units
Controlled creeps gain 40/120/160/200 Max Health and 10/20/30/40 Movement Speed
Can manually sacrifice a controlled creep
Can be boosted to allow control of Ancient units
10 second cooldown
Can control up to 1/2/3/4 units
Sets the max health of controlled creeps to a minimum of 700/800/900/1000
Can control spell immune units
Can target allied hero to teleport them to base after a 6/5/4/3 second delay
Can target owned units to teleport them to your location
Ophelia's Touch Hand of God
120 second cooldown
3x healing on owned non-hero units
160/140/120 second cooldown
Can be boosted to allow control of 1/2/3 Ancient creeps with Holy Persuasion
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Plague Rider.jpg
Plague Rider
Contagion Frost Nova Lich DotA.jpg
Lich Dota 2.jpg
AoE damage is doubled and hits main target if a non-hero unit was killed by Contagion Slow applies -20 Attack Speed
Earthblight Ice Armor
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Extinguish Sacrifice
50/45/40/35 second cooldown
Restores Mana equal to 20/40/60/80% of unit's current Health
Sacrificed unit counts as a Deny
At Level 4, can target enemy creeps and Neutrals
44/36/28/20 second cooldown
Restores Mana equal to 25/40/55/70% of unit's current HP
Sacrificed unit grants XP to allies instead of enemies
Plague Carrier Chain Frost
140/100/60 second cooldown
600 projectile speed
30% Movement Slow
Instantly kills enemy creeps
120/90/60 second cooldown
850 projectile speed
-65 AS and 65% movespeed slow
Boosted version increases cast range and damage
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Pollywog Priest.jpg
Pollywog Priest
Electric Jolt Ether Shock Shadow Shaman DotA.jpg
Shadow Shaman Dota 2.jpg
Shadow Shaman
Deals 105/170/235/300 damage
No limit on number of enemies hit
Deals 140/200/260/320
Hits up to 1/3/5/7 units
Morph Voodoo (DotA) / Hex (Dota 2)
Tongue Tied Shackles
16 second cooldown
90/110/130/150 Mana Cost
Deals 40/50/60/70 Magic Damage per second
Channeled unit cannot be pushed
10 second cooldown
140/150/160/170 Mana Cost
Deals 44/57/65/72 damage per second
Voodoo Wards Mass Serpent Ward
Summons 8 wards
Wards deal 40/70/100 damage
Boosted version increases number of wards to 11
Summons 10 wards
Wards deal 40-45/60-65/80-85 damage
Boosted version grants each ward bonus attack range and split shot (hits 2 targets)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Lina DotA.jpg
Lina Dota 2.jpg
600 Attack Range 670 Attack Range
Phoenix Wave Dragon Slave
70/275 Initial/Final radius cone 275/200 Initial/Final radius cone
Dragonfire Light Strike Array
Fervor Fiery Soul
+20/40/60/80 Attack Speed per stack
Passively increases Cast Speed
+40/55/70/85 Attack Speed per stack
Blazing Strike Laguna Blade
150/90/55 second cooldown
Boosted version increases damage and deals 50% damage in a 600 radius
70/60/50 second cooldown
Boosted version deals Pure damage and pierces Spell Immunity
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Soul Reaper.jpg
Soul Reaper
Judgment Death Pulse Necrophos DotA.jpg
Necrophos Dota 2.jpg
Deals 75/150/225/300 Magic Damage
Heals 55/80/105/130 Health
Deals 80/120/160/200 damage
Heals 60/80/100/120 HP
Can hit invisible enemies
Passively grants HP and MP Regen for each unit killed (x10 from heroes)
Withering Presence Heartstopper Aura
800/900/1000/1100 Radius
Removes 0.4/0.6/0.8/1% max Health per second
Can damage Ancients
Can be toggled off
700 Radius
Removes 0.5/1/1.5/2% max Health per second
Inhuman Nature Ghost Shroud
(Different ability) (Different ability)
Demonic Execution Reaper's Scythe
Deals 0.4/0.6/0.9x missing Health in damage
Damage is applied before the stun
Deals 0.6/0.75/0.9x missing HP in damage
Damage is applied at the end of the stun
Increases respawn timer by 10/20/30 seconds if a hero is killed by Reaper's Scythe
Boosted version increases respawn timer effect
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Smitten Enfeeble Bane Elemental DotA.jpg
Bane Dota 2.jpg
15 second cooldown
0.3 second Cast Time
Reduces all damage dealt by afflicted unit by 26/34/42/50%
Lasts 10/12/14/16 seconds
6 second cooldown
0.5 second cast time
Reduces attack damage by 30/60/90/120
Lasts 20 seconds
Heartache Brain Sap
N/A Can be boosted to decrease cooldown to 1.5 seconds and pierce magic immunity
Mesmerize Nightmare
500/575/650/725 Range
0.4 second Cast Time
Removes 20 Health every second
Can remove Mesmerize from self
425/500/575/650 Range
0.5 second cast time
Units affected by Nightmare do not provide vision
Bane can attack Nightmared units without waking them
Grants a sub-ability that removes Nightmare from all units
Cursed Embrace Fiend's Grip
Channeled target cannot be pushed
Can be boosted to decrease cooldown to 85/70/55 seconds, increase duration to 6 seconds, and change into a non-channeling ability (cancels on Stun, Silence, or death)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Glacial Blasts Malefice Enigma DotA.jpg
Enigma Dota 2.jpg
Deals 50 damage (Max 50/100/150/200)
Stuns 1/2/3/4 times for 1 second
Can be dispelled
Deals 30/50/70/90 damage (Max 90/150/210/270)
Stuns 3 times for 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 second
Elemental Demonic Conversion
Cannot convert allied creeps at Level 1 N/A
Meteor Midnight Pulse
400 radius
Deals 3/4/5/6% of max Health per second in Magic Damage
Lasts 8 seconds
600 radius
Deals 3/3.75/4.5/5.25% of max HP per second in Pure damage
Pierces Spell Immunity
Lasts 11 seconds
Elemental Void Black Hole
Deals Magic damage
Deals 50/75/100 damage per second
Boosted version reduces cooldown, allows casting Meteor while channeling, and causes Tempest's abilities and Elementals to deal True Damage
Deals Pure damage (pierces spell immunity)
Deals 50/100/150 damage per second
Boosted version adds Midnight Pulse's damage to Black Hole (stacks with base Midnight Pulse)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Chain Lightning Arc Lightning Zeus DotA.jpg
Zeus Dota 2.jpg
Bounces 2/4/6/8 times Bounces 5/7/9/15 times
Blast of Lightning Lightning Bolt
1000/700 day/night Clearvision, 900 Reveal radius
Can cast on allies to grant bonus Movement Speed, granting vision around target
750 radius flying vision, 750 True Sight radius
Can cast on ground, targeting the closest enemy hero within 325 radius (can hit invisible enemies)
Lightning Rod Static Field
900 radius
Deals 2/4/6/8% of current Health in Magic Damage
1200 radius
Deals 4/6/8/10% of current Health in Magic Damage
Damage does not disable Portal Key
Lightning Storm Thundergod's Wrath
1000/700 day/night Clearvision, 900 Reveal radius
120/110/100 second cooldown
Boosted version grants alternate version: Summon a Thunder Cloud that deals 150/200/250 Magic Damage to all enemies in 650 radius every 3 seconds; grants vision within radius, global range, lasts 6 seconds
500 radius flying vision, 500 True Sight radius
90 second cooldown
Boosted version grants a new ability: Nimbus (Summons a storm cloud that casts Lightning Bolt on a random enemy within 500 radius every 2.5 seconds; global range, lasts 35 seconds, can be destroyed)
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Chain Reaction Split Earth Leshrac DotA.jpg
Leshrac Dota 2.jpg
225 radius
Stuns 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds
150/175/200/225 radius
Stuns for 2 seconds
Impalement Diabolic Edict
No cast time
Lasts 8 seconds
Deals 9.375/18.75/28.125/37.5 damage per hit (300/600/900/1200 total)
Deals 50% less damage to buildings (150/300/450/600 total)
0.5 second cast time
Lasts 10 seconds
Deals 9/18/27/36 damage per hit (360/720/1080/1440 total)
Deals 40% more damage to buildings (504/1008/1512/2016 total)
Agonizing Bonds Lightning Storm
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Torment Pulse Nova
110 initial Mana Cost
Each pulse deals 66/100/144 (88/133/177*) damage
Boosted version increases damage prevents un-toggling if Torturer is silenced or stunned
70/90/110 initial Mana Cost
Each pulse deals 100/130/160 (160/190/220*) damage
Boosted version causes Lightning Storm to be fired at a random nearby enemy every 1.75 seconds
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Voodoo Jester.jpg
Voodoo Jester
Acid Cocktail Paralyzing Cask Witch Doctor DotA.jpg
Witch Doctor Dota 2.jpg
Witch Doctor
N/A Stuns illusions for 5 seconds
Mojo Voodoo Restoration
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Cursed Ground Maledict
35 second cooldown
450 Range
20 second cooldown
575 Range
Spirit Ward Death Ward
0.3 BAT
Ward has 60/90/120 Attack Damage
Bounces 0/0/1 times
Boosted version causes attacks to bounce to 0/1/2 additional units and changes to a non-channeling ability (cancels on Stun, Silence, or death)
0.22 BAT
Ward has 60/105/150 Attack Damage
Boosted version causes attacks to bounce to 4 additional units and gains True Strike
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Witch Slayer.jpg
Witch Slayer
Graveyard Impale (DotA) / Earth Spike (Dota 2) Lion DotA.jpg
Lion Dota 2.jpg
Miniaturization Voodoo (DotA) / Hex (Dota 2)
25/21/17/13 second cooldown
Lasts 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds
30/24/18/12 second cooldown
Lasts 2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds
Power Drain Mana Drain
25/20/15/10 second cooldown
700 Range
4 second channel time
Steals 25/50/75/100 Mana per second
Breaks at 900 range
16/12/8/4 second cooldown
850 Range
5 second channel time
Steals 20/40/60/120 Mana per second
Breaks at 1200 range
Silver Bullet Finger of Death
105/80/55 second cooldown
Boosted version deals Superior Magic Damage
160/100/40 second cooldown
Boosted version has 100/60/20 second cooldown and deals damage in a 300 radius around target
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Wretched Hag.jpg
Wretched Hag
General Queen of Pain DotA.jpg
Queen of Pain Dota 2.jpg
Queen of Pain
1.7 BAT 1.5 BAT
Haunt Shadow Strike
16/13/10/7 second cooldown
Deals 10/20/40/50 damage per tick
Slow decays over 7 seconds
16/12/8/4 second cooldown
Deals 30/40/50/60 damage per tick
Slow decays over 15 seconds
Flash of Darkness Blink
Sonar Scream Scream of Pain
Bat Blast Sonic Wave
Deals 290/420/550 (350/540/730) Superior Magic Damage
100/300 Initial/Final radius cone
Applies Haunt to affected units
Deals 290/390/490 (325/450/575) Pure damage
100/450 Initial/Final radius cone

Strength Heroes[edit | edit source]

DotA Hero Ability Differences HoN Hero
Cauterize Death Coil (DotA) / Mist Coil (Dota 2) Abaddon DotA.jpg
Abaddon Dota 2.jpg
6 second cooldown
75 Mana Cost
0.3 second Cast Time
Instant projectile speed
Deals 50/75/100/125 Magic Damage to self
4.5 second cooldown
50/60/70/80 Mana Cost
0.25 second Cast Time
2000 projectile speed
Deals 75/100/125/150 Pure damage to self
Fire Shield Aphotic Shield
18/15/12/9 second cooldown
0.15 second Cast Time
Only bursts when enough damage is absorbed
12/10/8/6 second cooldown
0.4 second Cast Time
Bursts when shield expires without absorbing enough damage
Applying Aphotic Shield to an already shielded target will cause the original shield to burst
Sear Frostmourne (DotA) / Curse of Avernus (Dota 2)
5/10/15/20% Movement Slow
Buff provides +10% Movement Speed
Works with Accursed's abilities (applies buff when targeting self or allied heroes, applies debuff when damaging enemies)
8/12/16/20% movement speed slow
Buff provides +15% movement speed
Flame Consumption Borrowed Time
60 second cooldown
Lasts 3/4/5 seconds
Manual activation only
Boosted version allows Flame Consumption to be used while Silenced or Stunned
60/50/40 second cooldown
Lasts 4/5/6 seconds
Automatically activates when below 400 HP even while disabled
Boosted version redirects 50% of damage taken by nearby allied heroes within 900 radius to Abaddon
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Bristleback DotA.jpg
Bristleback Dota 2.jpg
1.7 BAT 1.8 BAT
Snot Storm Viscous Nasal Goo
-1/-1.5/-2/-2.5 Armor per stack -1/-1.4/-1.8/-2.2 Armor per stack
Can be boosted to change targeting to 600 radius AoE around self
Spine Burst Quill Spray
25 bonus damage per stack
Stacks up to 6 times
Can right-click to auto-cast
30/32/34/36 bonus damage per stack
No stack limit, damage capped at 450
Armordillo Bristleback
Absorbs up to 16/24/32/40% damage from behind, amount absorbed decreases over 95 degrees
Releases a Spine Burst for every 175 points of damage absorbed
Absorbs 16/24/32/40% damage from behind (up to 70 degrees), half for sides (up to 110 degrees)
Releases a Quill Spray for every 210 points of damage absorbed
Restless Warpath
+4/5/6% + 1/2/3% Movement Speed per charge
No charge limit
Passively increases stacking damage of Spine Burst by 5/10/15
Can be boosted to gain an active effect: Roll to target position while gaining CC immunity and full Armordillo bonus; Applies Snot Storm and Spine Burst to all nearby enemies in 650 radius on arrival
+3/4/5% movement speed per stack
Maximum of 5/7/9 stacks
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Fissure Fissure Earthshaker DotA.jpg
Earthshaker Dota 2.jpg
Terrain last 6.5/7/7.5/8 seconds Terrain lasts 8 seconds
Enrage Enchant Totem
50 Mana Cost
+75/150/225/300% Base Damage
50/40/30/20 Mana Cost
+100/200/300/400% Base Damage
Grants True Strike
Can be boosted to gain 900 cast range and leap to target location
Heavyweight Aftershock
Deals 25/50/75/100 damage Deals 25/55/85/115 damage
Shockwave Echo Slam
Initial shockwave deals 100/120/140 Superior Magic Damage
Extra shockwaves from non-hero units deal 30/40/50 damage or 45/60/75 damage from heroes
Initial shockwave deals no damage
Extra shockwaves deal 60/85/110 damage
Enemy heroes generate two shockwaves
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Guttling Hook Meat Hook Pudge DotA.jpg
Pudge Dota 2.jpg
1100 Range
Deals 100/200/300/400 Physical Damage
Boosted version decreases cooldown to 6 seconds and increases range to 1600
1000/1100/1200/1300 Range
Deals 90/180/270/360 Pure damage
Boosted version decreases cooldown to 4 seconds and increases damage to 180/270/360/450
Can pull runes; refunds mana cost when done so
Decay Rot
Deals 25/50/75/100 Magic Damage per second
20% Movement Slow
Slow lingers for 2 seconds after leaving radius
Deals 30/60/90/120 damage per second
30% Movement Slow
Cadaver Armor Flesh Heap
Gain 1 Strength on kill or if an enemy hero within 1150 radius dies Gain 1/1.5/2/2.5 Strength on kill or if an enemy hero within 450 radius dies; retroactive Strength gain
Devour Dismember
30 second cooldown
Deals 75/125/175 damage per second
Each second channeled increases Devourer's max Health and radius of Decay
30/25/20 second cooldown
Deals 60/90/120 + (0.3/0.4/0.5 x Strength) damage per second
Heals for 100% of damage dealt
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Hammer Throw Storm Bolt (DotA) / Storm Hammer (Dota 2) Sven DotA.jpg
Sven Dota 2.jpg
Can be boosted to increase cast range and allow teleporting to the hammer and deal autoattack damage within its radius N/A
Mighty Swing Great Cleave
25/45/75/100% Cleave damage
150/200/250/300 Radius
Can be toggled off
30/42/54/66% Cleave damage
300 Radius
Warcry Galvanize
No cast time
25/15/5/0 Mana Cost
+3/6/9/12 Armor
Lasts 6 seconds
25 Mana Cost
+5/10/15/20 Armor
Lasts 8 seconds
Brute Strength God's Strength
+100/125/150% Base Damage +80/120/160% bonus base damage
Grants +10/20/30 Strength
Can be boosted to grant nearby allies +75/100/125% base damage for the duration
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Inner Light Purification Omniknight DotA.jpg
Omniknight Dota 2.jpg
Heals 90/180/270/360 Health
Deals Magic Damage
Can target Magic Immune units
Heals 90/160/230/300 HP
Deals Pure damage
Protective Charm Repel
24 second cooldown
Lasts 8 seconds
Can be dispelled
Passively grants a Movement Slow Aura around Jeraziah
Aura is transferred to target with Protective Charm applied
30/26/22/18 second cooldown
Lasts 4/5/6/7 seconds
Cannot be dispelled
Righteous Strike Degen Aura
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Sol's Blessing Guardian Angel
Lasts 5/6/7 seconds
60/80/100% Physical Damage reduction
Boosted version has 2000 range (for heroes)
Lasts 6/7/8 seconds
100% Physical damage reduction
Boosted version has global range
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Axe DotA.jpg
Axe Dota 2.jpg
1 Base Health Regeneration (Default) 2.75 Base HP Regeneration
Taunt Berserker's Call
Grants 5/10/15/20 Armor
Lasts 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds
Grants 40 Armor
Lasts 2/2.4/2.8/3.2 seconds
Terrifying Charge Battle Hunger
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Whirling Blade Counter Helix
Deals 100/125/150/175 Physical Damage
Proc chance increases by 8% per attack taken, automatically procs after 12 attacks; not getting attacked for 5 seconds resets procs chance
Deals 90/120/150/180 Pure damage
20% chance to proc (Pseudo-random)
Damages Siege units
Decapitate Culling Blade
300/450/600 Health kill threshold
Boosted version refreshes Legionnaire's ability cooldowns on hero kill
250/325/400 HP kill threshold
Does not go on cooldown if it kills a hero
On kill, increases movement and attack speed of allies
Boosted version applies Battle Hunger to nearby enemies on kill
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Lava Surge Burrowstrike Sand King DotA.jpg
Sand King Dota 2.jpg
Sand King
N/A Can be boosted to increase cast range to 700/900/1100/1300 and apply Caustic Finale to enemy heroes
Steam Bath Sand Storm
300/350/400/450 radius
Stealth lingers for 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5 seconds
Deals 20/40/60/80 damage per second
525 radius
Invisibility lingers for 0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds
Deals 40/60/80/100 damage per second
Volcanic Touch Caustic Finale
Debuff lasts 0.25 seconds
Can be toggled off
Debuff lasts 6 seconds
Deals 50% damage if debuff expires without the afflicted unit dying
Also applies a 30% movement slow for 3 seconds
Eruption Epicenter
Can be boosted to add 2 additional pulses N/A
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
General Tiny DotA.jpg
Tiny Dota 2.jpg
9 (+0.9) Agility
1 starting Armor
0 (+0.0) Agility
0 Base Armor
Stalagmite Avalanche
Deals 85/145/205/255 damage Deals 120/180/240/300 damage
Chuck Toss
500/700/900/1100 Range
Chucks unit for 1 second
Chucked unit takes 20% bonus damage
1300 Range
Tosses unit for 1.3 seconds
Can throw units to Runes
Tossed unit takes 30% bonus damage
Stone Skin Tree Grab
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Enlarge Grow
Increases BAT to 1.9/2.1/2.3
+40/80/120 Base Damage
+5/10/15 Movement Speed
Increases cast range of Stalagmites
Boosted version grants new ability: Group Chuck (Throws up to 3 units, shares cooldown with Chuck)
-20/-25/-30 Attack Speed
+30/45/60 Damage
+5/10/15 Armor
Grants +20/30/40% Status Resistance
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Flight Guardian Sprint Slardar DotA.jpg
Slardar Dota 2.jpg
45/40/35/30 second cooldwon
50 Mana cost
Lasts 25 seconds
17 second cooldown
No mana cost
Lasts 12 seconds
Take 15% extra damage while active
Sets movement speed to 700 while on the river
Impale Slithereen Crush
Deals 75/125/175/225 damage
Stuns for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds
Deals 50/100/150/200 damage
Stuns for 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5 seconds
Gore Bash of the Deep
Deals 10/20/30/40 bonus Physical Damage
Stuns for 0.55/0.7/0.85/1 second
25% chance to proc
Deals 60/80/100/120 bonus Physical damage
Stuns for 1 second
10/15/20/25% chance to proc
Swarm Corrosive Haze
10 second cooldown
50 Mana Cost
-6/-12/-18 Armor
Grants 350 radius Clearvision
Can be boosted to change targeting to a wave that also deals 50/100/150 Physical Damage
5 second cooldown
25 Mana Cost
-10/-15/-20 Armor
Grants vision of target only
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Hellfire Battery Assault Clockwerk Goblin DotA.jpg
Clockwerk Dota 2.jpg
10/30/50/70 Magic Damage per hit
Hits every 0.75 seconds (Up to 14 times)
20/45/70/95 damage per hit
Hits every 0.7 seconds (Up to 16 times)
Wall of Mummies Power Cogs
Lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds
Deals 65/90/115/140 Magic Damage
Takes 3 hits to destroy by other units
Lasts 5/6/7/8 seconds
Deals 80/120/160/200 True Damage & burns 80/120/160/200 Mana
Takes 2 hits to destroy by other units
Cogs cannot push Magic Immune units
Tormented Soul Rocket Flare
Doesn't block neutral camps from spawning Blocks neutral camps from spawning
Wrath of the Pharaoh Hookshot
Normal version only impacts enemy units
Boosted version grants sub-version of Wrath of the Pharaoh which can impact enemy units and ally heroes (shares cooldown)
Can impact allies & neutrals
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
The Gladiator.jpg
The Gladiator
Pitfall Torrent Kunkka DotA.jpg
Kunkka Dota 2.jpg
120 Mana Cost
Deals 60/90/120/150 Magic Damage then an additional 60/90/120/150 Magic Damage over 1.5 seconds
Total activation delay of 1.7 seconds
Slow lasts 1/2/3/4 seconds
Grants vision after being triggered
90/100/110/120 Mana Cost
Deals 15/22.5/30/37.5 damage every 0.2 seconds over 1.6 seconds
Total activation delay of 2 seconds
Slow lasts 1.75/2.5/3.25/4 seconds
Grants vision before being triggered
Showdown X Marks the Spot
Default hotkey changed to W
20 second cooldown
65/75/85/95 Mana Cost
650/750/850/950 Range
Returns after 2/3/4/5 seconds
26/20/14/8 second cooldown
50 Mana Cost
400/600/800/1000 Range
Returns after 4 seconds
Return delay time is doubled on allied heroes
Flagellation Tidebringer
Default hotkey changed to E
Is a passive ability
10/8/6/4 second cooldown
+15/30/45/60 Damage
380/420/460/500 Splash radius
Splash damage is dealt as True Damage
Is an auto-cast ability
13/10/7/4 second cooldown
+25/45/65/85 Damage
450/500/550/600 Splash radius
Splash damage deals Physical damage but ignores Armor value
Call to Arms Ghost Ship
80/70/60 second cooldown
Buff lasts 5/6/7 seconds
Absorbed damage is taken over 5/6/7 seconds
60/50/40 second cooldown
Buff lasts 10 seconds
Absorbed damage is taken over 20 seconds
Can be boosted to cause Ghost Ship to drag enemies with it
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
Piercing Shards Wild Axes Beastmaster DotA.jpg
Beastmaster Dota 2.jpg
13 second cooldown
Deals 85/115/145/175 Mixed Damage per shard
8 second cooldown
Deals 30/60/90/120 Physical damage per axe
Each axe applies a debuff that increases damage dealt by Beastmaster's units by 6/8/10/12% (lasts 10 seconds)
Call of Winter Call of the Wild
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Cold Shoulder Inner Beast
(Different Ability) (Different Ability)
Avalanche Primal Roar
Deals 150/225/300 damage to pushed units Deals 200/250/300 damage to pushed units
Grants self & owned units +30% Movement Speed for 3 seconds
Can be boosted to reduce cooldown to 45 seconds and increase cast range to 950
HoN Hero Ability Differences DotA Hero
War Beast.jpg
War Beast
Summon Hellhounds Summon Wolves Lycan DotA.jpg
Lycan Dota 2.jpg
500 Health
25/35/45/55 Damage
2 Armor
1.25 BAT
0 Magic Armor
10/20/30/40% chance to deal a 1.5x Critical Strike
Invisibility has 3 second fade time
200/240/280/320 Health
17-18/27-30/34-40/43-49 Damage
1 Armor
1.2/1.1/1.0/0.9 BAT
80% magic resistance
Learns Cripple at Level 3 (20% chance to apply a 8 physical damage per second and -60 Attack Speed debuff for 4 seconds)
Invisibility has 1.7 second fade time
Battle Cry Howl
50 Mana Cost
70/60/50/40 second cooldown
Lasts 20 seconds
+15/20/25/30 Damage to Heroes
+4/8/12/16 Damage to non-hero units
Grants bonus Attack Speed
15/20/25/30 Mana Cost
50/45/40/35 second cooldown
Lasts 13 seconds
+10/15/20/25 Damage to heroes
+4/6/8/10 Damage to non-hero units
Grants bonus Max HP
Bonuses are doubled at night
Primal Rage Feral Impulse
9999 Radius
+10/20/30/40% Base Damage
900 Radius
+15/26/37/48% base damage
Metamorphosis Shapeshift
No Mana Cost
100/70/40 second cooldown
No cast time
Reduces BAT to 1.4
+100/200/300 Max Health
Grants +600/800/1000 night sight range<br /30% chance to deal a 1.6/1.8/2.0x Critical Strike chance
Grants max Movement Speed (522) and Unitwalking to self and owned units
Can be boosted to gain all effects except Haste permanently
100 Mana Cost
120/90/60 second cooldown
1.5 second transformation time
Increases movespeed to 650
Lycan gains a smaller unit collision size
Changes Sight Range to 1800/1800
Grants self & owned units 40% chance to deal a 1.6/1.8/2.0x Critical Strike

Semi-Ports[edit | edit source]

These heroes share some similarities with their DotA counterparts, but had two or more skills changed.

HoN Hero DotA Hero Notes
Drow Ranger DotA.jpgViper DotA.jpg
Drow Ranger Dota 2.jpgViper Dota 2.jpg
Drow Ranger
Shares similarities to Drow Ranger's Frost Arrows and and Viper's Corrosive Skin, Nethertoxin, and Viper Strike.

Before Version 3.7.10, one of her abilities shared similarities with Drow Ranger's Precision Aura (Pre-6.76).

Warlock DotA.jpg
Warlock Dota 2.jpg
Shares similarities Warlock's Rain of Chaos (DotA) / Chaotic Offering (Dota 2).
The Madman.jpg
The Madman
Various Shares similarities with Nerubian Weaver (DotA) / Weaver's (DotA) Shukuchi and Troll Warlord's Rampage (Pre-6.60 skill replaced with Battle Trance). No close similarities to any particular hero.
Lifestealer DotA.jpg
Lifestealer Dota 2.jpg
Shares similarities with Lifestealer's Rage and Feast.

Ex-Ports[edit | edit source]

These heroes were formerly ports or semi-ports of DotA heroes, but were remade at some point on either side.

HoN Hero DotA Hero Notes
Blood Hunter.jpg
Blood Hunter
Bloodseeker DotA.jpg
Bloodseeker Dota 2.jpg
Formerly a port of Bloodseeker.

Bloodseeker was remade in Version 6.82.

Medusa DotA.jpg
Medusa Dota 2.jpg
Shared skills with Medusa's Mana Shield and Purge.

Electrician's shield was reworked in Patch 1.0.5 and Medusa's Purge was remade to Stone Gaze in 6.60.

Beyond this, the two heroes share little similarities, differing in primary Attribute, stats and role.

Keeper of the Forest.jpg
Keeper of the Forest
Treant Protector DotA.jpg
Treant Protector Dota 2.jpg
Treant Protector
Formerly a port of Treant Protector.

Shared Treant Protector's Nature's Guise, Eyes in the Forest (Pre-6.67), and Overgrowth.

Keeper of the Forest's Nature's Vengeance was replaced with Treant Protector's Living Armor (Pre-6.72) in Patch 0.1.60.

Keeper of the Forest was remade in Patch 2.0.34/35, and Treant Protector was remade in 6.72.

Tidehunter DotA.jpg
Tidehunter Dota 2.jpg
Formerly a semi-port of Tidehunter.

Shared Tidehunter's Gush, then Anchor Smash (Pre-6.72) was added in Patch 0.1.21.

Kraken was remade in Patch 0.1.45.

Spirit Breaker DotA.jpg
Spirit Breaker Dota 2.jpg
Spirit Breaker
Formerly a port of Spirit Breaker.

Rampage was remade in Patch 1.0.5.

Bounty Hunter DotA.jpg
Bounty Hunter Dota 2.jpg
Bounty Hunter
Formerly a semi-port of Bounty Hunter.

Shared Bounty Hunter's Wind Walk (DotA) / Shadow Walk (Dota 2) and Jinada (Pre-6.65)

Scout was remade in Patch 0.1.45.

Silencer DotA.jpg
Silencer Dota 2.jpg
Formerly a port of Silencer.

Vindicator was remade in Patch 2.5.14.