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Items[edit | edit source]

Similar to heroes, HoN shares great similarities to DotA in terms of items. Every item that had existed in DotA was ported to HoN during beta, but similar to heroes, items were rebalanced, changed, and some were even removed.

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

Item categories work slightly differently in HoN and DotA. Basic item categories are the same, and Common, Weapons, Support and Armor are parallel to Initiative, Combative, Supportive and Protective, respectively. There is no Caster or Artifact category, and items within those categories were moved to different categories. HoN has a Morph Attack category, which lists items that possess Attack Modifiers.

Secret Shop[edit | edit source]

In DotA, the Secret Shop resides outside of the base and sells high-end, expensive basic items.

In HoN, the Secret Shop was replaced with the Observatory, which sells Wards of Sight, Potions, and Dusts of Revelation. Secret Shop items can now be bought in the base, under the Legendary category.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

HoN Item Differences DotA Item
Mana Potion.jpg
Mana Potion
50 Gold.png
Restores 100 Mana over 20 seconds
Effect is not removed when damaged by lane creeps
Sold at the Observatory
Restores 190 Mana over 50 seconds
Cannot share with other players, but can use on them
Clarity Potion DotA.jpg
Clarity Dota 2.jpg
50 Gold.png
Health Potion.jpg
Health Potion
100 Gold.png
Heals 400 Health over 10 seconds
Effect is not removed when damaged by lane creeps
Sold at the Observatory
Heals 400 Health over 8 seconds
Cannot share with other players, but can use on them
Healing Salve DotA.jpg
Healing Salve Dota 2.jpg
Healing Salve
110 Gold.png
Blight Stones.jpg
Blight Stones
90 Gold.png
3 charges 5 charges
Can be used on a ward to eat it and heal double the duration (450 range when targeting Wards)
Can transfer 1 charge to an ally hero
Ancient Tango of Essifation DotA.jpg
Tango Dota 2.jpg
Ancient Tango of Essifation (DotA)
Tango (Dota 2)
150 Gold.png
600 Gold.png
Heals 100 Health and Mana over 3 seconds Sold at the Secret Shop
Heals 90 Health and 60 Mana over 2.5 seconds
Can be used on an ally hero (cannot transfer Runes)
Bottle DotA.jpg
Bottle Dota 2.jpg
650 Gold.png
Dust of Revelation.jpg
Dust of Revelation
200 Gold.png
Gives vision of affected enemy heroes for 3 seconds
Sold at the Observatory
Slows invisible units' movement speed by 20% Dust of Appearance DotA.jpg
Dust of Appearance Dota 2.jpg
Dust of Appearance
180 Gold.png
Veiled Rot.jpg
Veiled Rot
100 Gold.png
Lasts 30 seconds
2 second Fade Time
600 effect radius
Maximum of 5 stocks
Replenishes a stock every 3 minutes
Sold at the Observatory
Lasts 35 seconds
0 fade time
1200 effect radius
Also affects ally heroes
Maximum of 3 stocks
Replenishes a stock every 10 minutes
Smoke of Deceit DotA.jpg
Smoke of Deceit Dota 2.jpg
Smoke of Deceit
80 Gold.png
Ward of Sight.jpg
Ward of Sight
100 Gold.png
Is stored in its own inventory slot
Takes 4 hits to destroy
50 Gold bounty
Refunds half the gold cost if the Ward expires via timer
Sold at the Observatory
Shares an inventory slot with Sentry Wards
Wards have 200 HP
100 Gold bounty
25 Experience bounty
Can give an ally a ward
Observer Ward DotA.jpg
Observer Ward Dota 2.jpg
Observer Ward
80 Gold.png
Ward of Revelation.jpg
Ward of Revelation
100 Gold.png
Sold in stacks of 1
Replenishes a stock every 90 seconds, start with 2 stocks
Maximum of 6 stocks
Has 200 vision
Gives vision of all enemy wards within radius for 12 seconds when placed
Takes 4 hits to destroy
Shares an inventory slot with Observer Wards
Sold in stacks of 2
Unlimited stock
Gives 150 vision for the first 15 seconds, no vision afterwards
Wards have 200 HP
100 Experience bounty
Can give an ally a ward
Sentry Ward DotA.jpg
Sentry Ward Dota 2.jpg
Sentry Ward
200 Gold.png
Homecoming Stone.jpg
Homecoming Stone
50 Gold.png
Teleporting to a tower disarms it for the channel duration
Takes 4 seconds to teleport to outer towers, 3.5 seconds to inner towers, 3 seconds to other buildings
Multiple units teleporting to the same non-Fountain building increases channel time Scroll of Town Portal DotA.jpg
Town Portal Scroll Dota 2.jpg
Town Portal Scroll
75 Gold.png
Flying Courier.jpg
Flying Courier
250 Gold.png
Is directly purchased
Limit of 1 per player
Takes 6 hits to kill (2x damage from ranged heroes and x3 damage from melee heroes and towers)
350 Movement Speed
Drops carried items upon death
300 Gold bounty
50 team gold bounty
Immune to enemy abilities & splash damage
Cannot carry Bound Eye, Doombringer, Token of Life, and Bananas
Only item owner can see dropped items (except Homecoming Stone and Dust of Revelation) when courier is killed
(Speed Boost) 522 Movement Speed for 20 seconds
Can use Courier Shield ability (Invulnerability for 4 seconds)
Upgraded from a Ground Courier
Automatically upgrades to a Flying Courier after 3 minutes
150 Health (takes 50% extra damage from melee attacks)
430 Movement Speed
Respawns 3 minutes after death (items are locked while dead)
175 Gold bounty
175 team gold bounty if no other couriers on that team are dead
Can be affected by specific abilities
Most items are muted on the Courier
All items clear ownership then courier is killed
(Speed Burst) 800 Movement Speed for 4 seconds
Flying Courier DotA.jpg
Flying Courier Dota 2.jpg
Flying Courier
200 Gold.png

Basic Items[edit | edit source]

HoN Item Differences DotA Item
Minor Totem.jpg
Minor Totem
50 Gold.png
N/A Can be consumed to plant a tree that lasts 20 seconds (200 Range) Ironwood Branch DotA.jpg
Iron Branch Dota 2.jpg
Ironwood Branch (DotA)
Iron Branch (Dota 2)
50 Gold.png
Crushing Claws.jpg
Crushing Claws
150 Gold.png
N/A N/A Gauntlets of Ogre Strength DotA.jpg
Gauntlets of Strength Dota 2.jpg
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (DotA)
Gauntlets of Strength (Dota 2)
135 Gold.png
Duck Boots.jpg
Duck Boots
150 Gold.png
N/A N/A Slippers of Agility DotA.jpg
Slippers of Agility Dota 2.jpg
Slippers of Agility
135 Gold.png
Mark of the Novice.jpg
Mark of the Novice
150 Gold.png
Sold at the Outpost N/A Mantle of Intelligence DotA.jpg
Mantle of Intelligence Dota 2.jpg
Mantle of Intelligence
135 Gold.png
Pretender's Crown.jpg
Pretender's Crown
165 Gold.png
N/A N/A Circlet of Nobility DotA.jpg
Circlet Dota 2.jpg
Circlet of Nobility (DotA)
Circlet (Dota 2)
165 Gold.png
Bolstering Armband.jpg
Bolstering Armband
450 Gold.png
N/A N/A Belt of Giant Strength DotA.jpg
Belt of Strength Dota 2.jpg
Belt of Giant Strength (DotA)
Belt of Strength (Dota 2)
450 Gold.png
450 Gold.png
N/A N/A Boots of Elvenskin DotA.jpg
Band of Elvenskin Dota 2.jpg
Boots of Elvenskin (DotA)
Band of Elvenskin (Dota 2)
450 Gold.png
Apprentice's Robe.jpg
Apprentice's Robe
450 Gold.png
N/A N/A Robe of the Magi DotA.jpg
Robe of the Magi Dota 2.jpg
Robe of the Magi
450 Gold.png
Mighty Blade.jpg
Mighty Blade
1000 Gold.png
N/A N/A Ogre Axe DotA.jpg
Ogre Club Dota 2.jpg
Ogre Axe (DotA)
Ogre Club (Dota 2)
1000 Gold.png
1000 Gold.png
N/A N/A Blade of Alacrity DotA.jpg
Blade of Alacrity Dota 2.jpg
Blade of Alacrity
1000 Gold.png
Neophyte's Book.jpg
Neophyte's Book
1000 Gold.png
N/A N/A Staff of Wizardry DotA.jpg
Staff of Wizardry Dota 2.jpg
Staff of Wizardry
1000 Gold.png
Blessed Orb.jpg
Blessed Orb
2100 Gold.png
N/A N/A Ultimate Orb DotA.jpg
Ultimate Orb Dota 2.jpg
Ultimate Orb
2100 Gold.png
HoN Item Differences DotA Item
Guardian Ring.jpg
Guardian Ring
175 Gold.png
N/A Sold at the Side Shop Ring of Protection DotA.jpg
Ring of Protection Dota 2.jpg
Ring of Protection
175 Gold.png
Logger's Hatchet.jpg
Logger's Hatchet
225 Gold.png
No sell price
Grants 32/12% (Melee/Ranged) bonus damage vs. creeps
15 second cooldown
Can target enemy creeps, Neutrals, or Gadgets/Wards to deal damage equal to your attack damage (30 second cooldown, 15 seconds on gadgets)
600 Range
Can be sold
Grants +24/7 (Melee/Ranged) damage vs. creeps
4 second cooldown
Can target Observer or Sentry wards to destroy it
350 Range (450 for wards & mines)
Quelling Blade DotA.jpg
Quelling Blade Dota 2.jpg
Quelling Blade
200 Gold.png
Iron Buckler.jpg
Iron Buckler
250 Gold.png
60% chance to block
Deflects 15/10 (Melee/Ranged) damage
50% chance to block
Blocks 18/9 (Melee/Ranged) damage
Stout Shield DotA.jpg
Stout Shield Dota 2.jpg
Stout Shield
200 Gold.png
500 Gold.png
Sold at the Outpost N/A Blades of Attack DotA.jpg
Blades of Attack Dota 2.jpg
Blades of Attack
420 Gold.png
550 Gold.png
N/A N/A Chain Mail DotA.jpg
Chainmail Dota 2.jpg
500 Gold.png
800 Gold.png
Sold at the Outpost N/A Quarterstaff DotA.jpg
Quarterstaff Dota 2.jpg
875 Gold.png
Helm of the Victim.jpg
Helm of the Victim
900 Gold.png
N/A N/A Helm of Iron Will DotA.jpg
Helm of Iron Will Dota 2.jpg
Helm of Iron Will
900 Gold.png
1200 Gold.png
N/A Sold at the Side Shop Broadsword DotA.jpg
Broadsword Dota 2.jpg
1200 Gold.png
1550 Gold.png
N/A N/A Plate Mail DotA.jpg
Platemail Dota 2.jpg
1550 Gold.png
1600 Gold.png
N/A N/A Mithril Hammer DotA.jpg
Mithril Hammer Dota 2.jpg
Mithril Hammer
1600 Gold.png
HoN Item Differences DotA Item
Mana Battery.jpg
Mana Battery
200 Gold.png
Restores 10 Health and 15 Mana per charge Restores 15 Health and 15 Mana per charge Magic Stick DotA.jpg
Magic Stick Dota 2.jpg
Magic Stick
200 Gold.png
Gloves of the Swift.jpg
Gloves of the Swift
500 Gold.png
+15 Attack Speed +20 Attack Speed Gloves of Haste DotA.jpg
Gloves of Haste Dota 2.jpg
Gloves of Haste
500 Gold.png
325 Gold.png
Sold at the Outpost N/A Sobi Mask DotA.jpg
Sage's Mask Dota 2.jpg
Sobi Mask (DotA)
Sage's Mask (Dota 2)
325 Gold.png
Trinket of Restoration.jpg
Trinket of Restoration
350 Gold.png
Sold at the Outpost N/A Ring of Regeneration DotA.jpg
Ring of Regen Dota 2.jpg
Ring of Regen
300 Gold.png
450 Gold.png
+45 Movement Speed +40 Movement speed Boots of Speed DotA.jpg
Boots of Speed Dota 2.jpg
Boots of Speed
400 Gold.png
Mystic Vestments.jpg
Mystic Vestments
500 Gold.png
+5 Magic Armor (~15% magic damage reduction) +15% Magic resistance Planeswalker's Cloak DotA.jpg
Cloak Dota 2.jpg
Planeswalker's Cloak (DotA)
Cloak (Dota 2)
550 Gold.png
Hungry Spirit.jpg
Hungry Spirit
900 Gold.png
N/A +10 Damage Mask of Death DotA.jpg
Morbid Mask Dota 2.jpg
Mask of Death (DotA)
Morbid Mask (Dota 2)
1100 Gold.png
Snake Bracelet.jpg
Snake Bracelet
1100 Gold.png
25% Evasion
Sold at the Outpost
+20% Evasion Talisman of Evasion DotA.jpg
Talisman of Evasion Dota 2.jpg
Talisman of Evasion
1435 Gold.png
Portal Key.jpg
Portal Key
2250 Gold.png
15 second cooldown
75 Mana Cost
12 second cooldown
No mana cost
Kelen's Dagger DotA.jpg
Blink Dagger Dota 2.jpg
Kelen's Dagger (DotA)
Blink Dagger (Dota 2)
2250 Gold.png
Bound Eye.jpg
Bound Eye
700 Gold.png
Does not reveal wards by default
Can be activated to reveal wards for 10 seconds (60 second cooldown)
Reveals wards
Limited stock of 1, restocks every 10 minutes
Cannot be destroyed
Gem of True Sight DotA.jpg
Gem of True Sight Dota 2.jpg
Gem of True Sight
900 Gold.png
HoN Item Differences DotA Item
850 Gold.png
+4.5 Health Regeneration +6 HP Regeneration
Sold at the Secret Shop
Ring of Health DotA.jpg
Ring of Health Dota 2.jpg
Ring of Health
850 Gold.png
850 Gold.png
N/A Sold at the Secret Shop Void Stone DotA.jpg
Void Stone Dota 2.jpg
Void Stone
850 Gold.png
1100 Gold.png
+215 Max Health +250 Health
Sold at the Side Shop
Vitality Booster DotA.jpg
Vitality Booster Dota 2.jpg
Vitality Booster
1100 Gold.png
Pickled Brain.jpg
Pickled Brain
950 Gold.png
+120 Max Mana
Not available at the Outpost
+150 Mana
Available at the Side Lane Shop
Energy Booster DotA.jpg
Energy Booster Dota 2.jpg
Energy Booster
900 Gold.png
1200 Gold.png
+200 Max Health
+120 Max Mana
+175 Max HP
+175 Max Mana
Point Booster DotA.jpg
Point Booster Dota 2.jpg
Point Booster
1200 Gold.png
Axe of the Malphai.jpg
Axe of the Malphai
3200 Gold.png
N/A N/A Messerschmidt's Reaver DotA.jpg
Reaver Dota 2.jpg
Messerschmidt's Reaver (DotA)
Reaver (Dota 2)
3000 Gold.png
Dancing Blade.jpg
Dancing Blade
3200 Gold.png
N/A N/A Eaglehorn DotA.jpg
Eaglesong Dota 2.jpg
Eaglehorn (DotA)
Eaglesong (Dota 2)
3200 Gold.png
Acolyte's Staff.jpg
Acolyte's Staff
2800 Gold.png
N/A N/A Mystic Staff DotA.jpg
Mystic Staff Dota 2.jpg
Mystic Staff
2700 Gold.png
1800 Gold.png
+45 Attack Speed +55 Attack Speed Hyperstone DotA.jpg
Hyperstone Dota 2.jpg
2000 Gold.png
2200 Gold.png
+40 Damage +42 Damage Demon Edge DotA.jpg
Demon Edge Dota 2.jpg
Demon Edge
2200 Gold.png
Sword of the High.jpg
Sword of the High
3400 Gold.png
+64 Damage +60 Damage Sacred Relic DotA.jpg
Sacred Relic Dota 2.jpg
Sacred Relic
3800 Gold.png
Token of Life.jpg
Token of Life
Lasts up to 5 minutes Lasts up to 5 minutes
If Token expires, heals holder to full over 5 seconds (dispelled on damage)
Grants vision around holder while reviving
Aegis of the Immortal DotA.jpg
Aegis of the Immortal Dota 2.jpg
Aegis of the Immortal
N/A Gold.png
Restores 1000 Mana Restores 1500 MP Cheese DotA.jpg
Cheese Dota 2.jpg
N/A Gold.png

Recipe Items[edit | edit source]

HoN Item Differences DotA Item
Abyssal Skull.jpg
Abyssal Skull
2000 Gold.png
Recipe Vladmir's Offering DotA.jpg
Vladmir's Offering Dota 2.jpg
Vladmir's Offering
2300 Gold.png
Hungry Spirit + Ring of the Teacher + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Morbid Mask + Ring of Basilius + Headdress
Passive Effects
900 Radius
+12% Lifesteal to Melee heroes
Bonus armor from aura affects allied buildings
+2 Strength, Agility, & Intelligence
1100 Radius
+3 HP Regeneration aura
+15% Life Steal to Melee heroes, +10% Life Steal to Ranged heroes
Alchemist's Bones.jpg
Alchemist's Bones
1750 Gold.png
Recipe Hand of Midas DotA.jpg
Hand of Midas Dota 2.jpg
Hand of Midas
2150 Gold.png
Alacrity Band + Recipe (650 Gold.png) Gloves of Haste + Recipe (1650 Gold.png)
On Use Effect
Gives 3x of Gold bounty and 1.75x experience of converted unit
Can store up to 2 charges
120 second charge cooldown
Gives 200 Reliable Gold and 1.85x experience of converted unit
100 second cooldown
Amulet of Exile.jpg
Amulet of Exile
485 Gold.png
Passive Effects Null Talisman DotA.jpg
Null Talisman Dota 2.jpg
Null Talisman
470 Gold.png
N/A +1 Hero's primary Attribute
1575 Gold.png
+12 Damage, +10 Intelligence, +50% Mana Regeneration +10 Damage, +6 Intelligence, +75% Mana Regeneration Oblivion Staff DotA.jpg
Oblivion Staff Dota 2.jpg
Oblivion Staff
1675 Gold.png
Assassin's Shroud.jpg
Assassin's Shroud
3200 Gold.png
Recipe Lothar's Edge DotA.jpg
Shadow Blade Dota 2.jpg
Lothar's Edge (DotA)
Shadow Blade (Dota 2)
3000 Gold.png
Steamstaff + Broadsword + Recipe (1300 Gold.png) Claymore + Shadow Amulet
Passive Effects
+30 Damage, +10 Attack Speed +22 Damage, +30 Attack speed
On Use Effect
Next attack while invisible deals 125 bonus damage
Grants +15% Movement Speed
Lasts 11 seconds
Next attack while invisible deals 175 bonus damage
Grants +20% movement speed
Lasts 14 seconds
1713 Gold.png
Recipe Mekansm DotA.jpg
Mekansm Dota 2.jpg
2306 Gold.png
Fortified Bracer + Refreshing Ornament + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Nathrezim Buckler/Buckler + Headdress of Rejuvenation/Headdress + Recipe (900 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+8 Strength
+3 Health Regeneration aura (900 radius)
+5 Strength
+5 Armor
+4 Health Regeneration aura (750 radius)
On Use Effect
Heals 150 Health instantly plus 100 Health over 10 seconds
Grants +3 Health Regeneration for 25 seconds
600 radius
Heals 250 HP
Grants +2 armor for 25 seconds
750 radius
Barbed Armor.jpg
Barbed Armor
2200 Gold.png
Recipe Blade Mail DotA.jpg
Blade Mail Dota 2.jpg
Blade Mail
2200 Gold.png
Punchdagger + Bolstering Armband x2 + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Broadsword + Robe of the Magi + Chainmail
Passive Effects
+15 Damage
+12 Strength
+22 damage
+10 Intelligence, +6 Armor
On Use Effect
Returns 80% of post-migitated damage taken as True Damage Returns 100% of pre-mitigated damage taken as the damage type matching the reflected damage
Barrier Idol.jpg
Barrier Idol
3515 Gold.png
Recipe Khadgar's Pipe of Insight DotA.jpg
Pipe of Insight Dota 2.jpg
Khadgar's Pipe of Insight (DotA)
Pipe of Insight (Dota 2)
3200 Gold.png
Shaman's Headdress + Major Totem + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Hood of Defiance + Headdress + Recipe (800)
Passive Effects
+10 Health Regeneration
+5 Strength, Intelligence, Agility
30% Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction
+8 HP Regeneration
30% magic resistance
Aura grants +4 HP regen and 10% magic resistance to all other allies (900 radius)
On Use Effect
Blocks up to 300 Magic Damage
Blocks post-mitigation damage
Barrier effect is doubled on non-hero units
Blocks up to 400 Magical damage
Blocks pre-mitigation damage
Affects buildings
Behemoth's Heart.jpg
Behemoth's Heart
5100 Gold.png
Recipe Heart of Tarrasque DotA.jpg
Heart of Tarrasque Dota 2.jpg
Heart of Tarrasque
5200 Gold.png
Axe of the Malphai + Beastheart + Recipe (800 Gold.png) Raver + Vitality Booster x2
Passive Effects
+35 Strength
+350 Max Health
Regenerate 0.75% of Max Health per second
+40 Strength
+500 Health
Regenerate 4.75% of Max HP per second if out of combat for 5 seconds (7 seconds for ranged heroes)
Blood Chalice.jpg
Blood Chalice
625 Gold.png
Recipe Soul Ring DotA.jpg
Soul Ring Dota 2.jpg
Soul Ring
755 Gold.png
Crushing Claws + Mark of the Novice + Scarab Ring of Regen + Gauntlets of Strength x2 + Recipe (185)
Passive Effects
+3 Strength & Intelligence
Stores a charge from enemy hero death within 1000 radius while off cooldown
Consumes a charge to negate the Health cost on next use
+6 Strength, +2 Health Regeneration
On Use Effect
Removes 175 Health to restore 100 Mana
If an enemy hero dies within 1000 radius within 15 seconds of use the user is healed back the Health cost
Removes 150 HP to temporarily gain 150 Mana for 10 seconds
Mana gained can be buffered over the maximum mana
3450 Gold.png
Recipe Cranium Basher DotA.jpg
Skull Basher Dota 2.jpg
Cranium Basher (DotA)
Skull Basher (Dota 2)
3100 Gold.png
Slayer + Bolstering Armband + Recipe (800 Gold.png) Javelin + Belt of Strength + Recipe (1000)
Passive Effects
+40 Damage, +8 Strength
Bash deals 35 Physical Damage
Propagates to illusions, but deals 33% damage and does not stun
+10 Strength
Bash deals 100 bonus damage
Bash cannot be evaded
3000 Gold.png
Recipe Dagon DotA.jpg
Dagon Dota 2.jpg
2730 Gold.png
Punchdagger x2 + Neophyte's Book + Recipe (1000 Gold.png) Staff of Wizardy + Null Talisman + Recipe (1250 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+15/17/19/21/23 Intelligence
+18/20/22/24/26 Damage
+18/21/24/27/30 Intelligence
+3 Strength, +3 Agility
On Use Effect
600/700/800/900/1000 Range
40/36/32/28/24 second cooldown
600/650/700/750/800 Range
35/30/25/20/15 second cooldown
Instantly kills illusions
Daemonic Breastplate.jpg
Daemonic Breastplate
5825 Gold.png
Recipe Assault Cuirass DotA.jpg
Assault Cuirass Dota 2.jpg
Assault Cuirass
5350 Gold.png
Sol's Bulwark + Warpcleft + Platemail + Recipe (900 Gold.png) Platemail + Hyperstone + Chainmail + Recipe (1300 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+7 Armor
Can toggle between +7/-3 Armor Aura or +3/-7 Armor Aura
+10 Armor
±5 Armor Aura
Attack Speed aura bonus affects buildings
Doom Bringer.jpg
Doom Bringer
5600 Gold.png
Passive Effects Divine Rapier DotA.jpg
Divine Rapier Dota 2.jpg
Divine Rapier
6200 Gold.png
+250 Damage
Can never be manually dropped
Only drops when owner is killed by an enemy hero
Permanently gains 10 Damage when owner kills an enemy hero (Max +500 Damage)
Cannot be held by couriers or Wildsoul Summon Booboo.jpg Booboo and cannot be re-stashed
+330 Damage
When purchased, can be dropped but only grants damage to the buyer
When an enemy picks up the Rapier, grants damage to anyone but no longer droppable
Drops on death
Elder Parasite.jpg
Elder Parasite
2000 Gold.png
Recipe Mask of Madness DotA.jpg
Mask of Madness Dota 2.jpg
Mask of Madness
1975 Gold.png
Hungry Spirit + Gloves of the Swift + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Morbid Mask + Quarterstaff
Passive Effects
+10% Lifesteal
+15 Attack Speed
20% Lifesteal
+20 Attack Speed, +10 Damage
On Use Effect
+80 Attack Speed, +20% Lifesteal and +15% Movement Speed, but take 20% extra damage +110 Attack Speed and +17% Movement Speed, but -6 Armor and silenced
2200 Gold.png
+6% Movement Speed +8% Movement speed Yasha DotA.jpg
Yasha Dota 2.jpg
1950 Gold.png
Fortified Bracer.jpg
Fortified Bracer
510 Gold.png
Passive Effects Bracer DotA.jpg
Bracer Dota 2.jpg
495 Gold.png
N/A +1 Hero's primary Attribute
4400 Gold.png
Passive Effects Sange and Yasha DotA.jpg
Sange and Yasha Dota 2.jpg
Sange and Yasha
3900 Gold.png
+8% Movement Speed
Attacks apply a 15% Movement Speed slow for 3 seconds (10% on ranged heroes)
+16% Movement speed
Attacks have a 20% chance to slow for 5 seconds
26% slow on melee heroes, 13% slow on ranged heroes
Slow is not blocked by Spell Immunity
Frostwolf's Skull.jpg
Frostwolf's Skull
5100 Gold.png
Recipe Eye of Skadi DotA.jpg
Eye of Skadi Dota 2.jpg
Eye of Skadi
5675 Gold.png
Icebrand + Blessed Orb + Recipe (800 Gold.png) Ultimate Orb x2 + Point Booster
Passive Effects
+26 Strength, +10 Agility & Intelligence, +10 Damage
Slows for 3 seconds
35% Movement Slow on Melee heroes, 20% Movement Slow on ranged heroes
Single-target abilities apply the slow
Grants a new attack projectile to ranged units (2500 speed)
+25 Strength, Agility & Intelligence
+250 Max HP, +250 Max Mana
Slows for 5 seconds (2.5 seconds on ranged heroes)
35% movement slow, -45 attack speed slow
On Use Effect
Can be activated to release a wave of ice that deals 100 Magic Damage and applies the slow None
Geometer's Bane.jpg
Geometer's Bane
5100 Gold.png
Passive Effects Manta Style DotA.jpg
Manta Style Dota 2.jpg
Manta Style
5000 Gold.png
+8% Movement Speed +10% Movement speed
Can be disassembled
On Use Effect
Invulnerability lasts 0.2 seconds
Illusions deal 33% damage and take 350% damage (50 second cooldown)
50 Mana Cost
Invincibility lasts 0.1 seconds
On melee heroes: Illusions deal 33% damage and take 350% damage (30 second cooldown)
On ranged heroes: Illusions deal 28% damage and take 400% damage (45 second cooldown)
125 Mana cost
Ghost Marchers.jpg
Ghost Marchers
1500 Gold.png
Passive Effects Phase Boots DotA.jpg
Phase Boots Dota 2.jpg
Phase Boots
1300 Gold.png
+70 Movement Speed +45 Movement Speed
On Use Effect
+8% Movement Speed
Lasts 6 seconds
12 second cooldown
Is not dispelled on ability cast or item use
+24% Movement Speed for Melee, 20% for Ranged
Lasts 2.5 seconds
8 second cooldown
Dispels on item use
4725 Gold.png
Recipe Orchid Malevolence DotA.jpg
Orchid Malevolence Dota 2.jpg
Orchid Malevolence
4125 Gold.png
Arcana x3 Oblivion Staff x2 + Recipe (775 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+40 Damage, +20 Intelligence, +35 Attack Speed, +225% Mana Regeneration 30 Damage, +25 Intelligence, +30 Attack Speed, +150% Mana regeneration
On Use Effect
Silences and Perplexes for 5 seconds
Afflicted target leaves a trail that's visible through fog
Silences and amplifies damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds
Amplified damage is dealt at the end of the duration
Helm of the Black Legion.jpg
Helm of the Black Legion
2225 Gold.png
Passive Effects Vanguard DotA.jpg
Vanguard Dota 2.jpg
2150 Gold.png
+350 Max Health
Stores up to 20 charges, restoring 1 charge per 0.5 seconds
Blocks 30 damage (20 damage on ranged heroes) if there are 5 charges for hero, tower, or boss attacks or 1 charge for creeps and Neutrals and removes charges
+250 Max HP
50% chance to block 70 damage (35 damage on ranged heroes)
2200 Gold.png
Passive Effects Sange DotA.jpg
Sange Dota 2.jpg
1950 Gold.png
Attacks apply a 15% Movement Speed slow for 3 seconds (10% on ranged heroes) Attacks have a 24% chance to slow for 5 seconds
20% slow on melee heroes, 10% slow on ranged heroes
Slow is not blocked by Spell Immunity
Icon of the Goddess.jpg
Icon of the Goddess
3250 Gold.png
Passive Effects Soul Booster DotA.jpg
Soul Booster Dota 2.jpg
Soul Booster
3300 Gold.png
+2 Health Regeneration, +20% Mana Regeneration, +350 Max Mana
Gains two charges if enemy hero dies within 1000 radius, each charge gives 0.5 Health Regeneration and 10% Mana Regeneration (50 max charges)
Restores 150 Health and 300 Mana over 15 seconds upon gaining charges
On death, 50% of charges, maximum of 8 charges lost
(Effects are similar to part of Bloodstone)
+300 Max Mana
2750 Gold.png
Passive Effects Armlet of Mordiggian DotA.jpg
Armlet of Mordiggian Dota 2.jpg
Armlet of Mordiggian
2420 Gold.png
+10 Damage, +5 Health Regeneration +9 Damage, +7 HP regeneration
On Use Effect
Removes 45 Health per second
+25 Strength, +31 Damage, and +10 Attack Speed
5 second cooldown
Removes 40 HP per second
+25 Strength, +31 Damage, and +5 Armor
Grants bonus Strength over 0.6 seconds
No cooldown
Kuldra's Sheepstick.jpg
Kuldra's Sheepstick
5575 Gold.png
Recipe Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse DotA.jpg
Scythe of Vyse Dota 2.jpg
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse (DotA)
Scythe of Vyse (Dota 2)
5650 Gold.png
Acolyte's Staff + Luminous Prism + Perpetual Cogwheel Mystic Staff + Ultimate Orb + Void Stone
Passive Effects
+50 Intelligence, +200% Mana Regeneration +10 Strength/Agility, +35 Intelligence, +150% Mana regeneration
On Use Effect
650 Range
Hex applies a 100% Movement Slow
800 Range
Hex lowers base movement speed to 140
Lex Talionis.jpg
Lex Talionis
1000 Gold.png
Recipe Medallion of Courage DotA.jpg
Medallion of Courage Dota 2.jpg
Medallion of Courage
1175 Gold.png
Ringmail + Trinket of Restoration + Recipe (100 Gold.png) Chainmail + Sage's Mask + Blight Stone
Passive Effects
+6 Armor
+3 Health Regeneration
+7 Armor
+50% Mana Regeneration
On Use Effect
Removes or adds 6 Armor Removes or adds 7 Armor
Mock of Brilliance.jpg
Mock of Brilliance
4750 Gold.png
Passive Effects Radiance DotA.jpg
Radiance Dota 2.jpg
5150 Gold.png
Deals 40 True Damage per second (blocked by Magic Immunity) Deals 60 magical damage per second (35 damage per second on illusions)
Nearby enemies receive a 17% miss chance
Null Stone.jpg
Null Stone
4150 Gold.png
Recipe Linken's Sphere DotA.jpg
Linken's Sphere Dota 2.jpg
Linken's Sphere
4800 Gold.png
Glowstone + Sustainer + Recipe (1200 Gold.png) Perseverance + Ultimate Orb + Recipe (1000 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+200 Max Health, +200 Max Mana, +10 Damage
16 second cooldown
+15 Strength/Agility/Intelligence
13 second cooldown
Active Effects
None Can cast on allies to transfer Spell Block to them
Nullfire Blade.jpg
Nullfire Blade
3330 Gold.png
Recipe Diffusal Blade DotA.jpg
Diffusal Blade Dota 2.jpg
Diffusal Blade
3180 Gold.png
Quickblade x 2 + Soulscream Ring + Recipe (860 Gold.png) Blade of Alacrity x 2 + Robe of the Magi + Recipe (750 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
Can be upgrades 2 times
+26 Agility, +3 Strength & Intelligence
Burns 50/75/100 Mana
Deals Physical Damage equal to 50% of Mana burnt
+200% attack damage vs. summoned units and illusions
Illusions inherit 33% of Mana Combustion
+25 Agility, +10 Intelligence
Burns 50 Mana
Deals damage equal to 80% of Mana burnt
Melee illusions burn 16 Mana and Ranged illusions burn 8 Mana
On Use Effect
60% tapering Movement Slow for 4 seconds
Dispels buffs when fully upgraded
100% tapering movement slow for 4 seconds
Roots non-hero units for 3 seconds
Post Haste.jpg
Post Haste
2600 Gold.png
Recipe Boots of Travel DotA.jpg
Boots of Travel Dota 2.jpg
Boots of Travel
2450 Gold.png
Striders + Recipe (1550 Gold.png) Boots of Speed + Recipe (2000 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+105 Movement Speed
After being out of combat for 6 seconds, gain +45 Movement Speed over 8 seconds
+100 Movement Speed
Can be upgraded once
On Use Effect
60 second cooldown
After teleporting, grants +200 Movement Speed and Unitwalking for 5 seconds, dispelled when in combat
45 second cooldown
Upgraded Boots of Travel can teleport to allied heroes
Power Supply.jpg
Power Supply
546 Gold.png
Recipe Magic Wand DotA.jpg
Magic Wand Dota 2.jpg
Magic Wand
465 Gold.png
Mana Battery + Minor Totem x2 + Recipe (240 Gold.png) Magic Stick + Ironwood Branch/Iron Branch x2 + Enchanted Mango
Passive Effects
+3 Strength, Agility, & Intelligence +2 Strength, Agility, & Intelligence
+1.5 HP Regeneration
On Use Effect
Holds up to 15 charges
Heals 10 Health and restores 15 Mana per charge
Holds up to 17 charges
Restores 15 HP and Mana per charge
3125 Gold.png
Recipes Necronomicon DotA.jpg
Necronomicon Dota 2.jpg
2650 Gold.png
Luminous Prism + [[Bolstering Armband + Recipe (1025 Gold.png) Sage's Mask x2 + Belt of Strength + Recipe (1250 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
Limited stock; Starts with 2 stock, gaining 1 stock every 10 minutes (Maximum of 9 stocks)
+11/13/15 Strength, +18/22/26 Intelligence
Minions cannot attack towers if owner is not within 925 radius of tower
+10/15/20 Strength, +100/150/200% Mana Regeneration
On Use Effect
(Puzzlebox Mauler)
25/50/75 Attack Damage
350/370/390 Movement Speed
6/8/10 Armor
100 gold bounty
Manaburn: Burns 25/50/75 Mana & deals damage equal to 100% of mana burned
Last Stand: Deals 200/400/600 True damage
Revealing Eye: 350/650/1000 radius
(Puzzlebox Wizard)
40/65/90 Attack Damage
350/450/550 Range
350/370/390 Movement Speed
6/8/10 Armor
100 gold bounty
40/65/90 damage
Haste Aura: +3/6/9 Attack Speed & +3/6/9% Movement Speed, 600 radius
Has Mana Burna ability (Burns 125/175/225 mana from target & deal 100% of mana burnt in magic damage)
(Necronomicon Warrior)
45/60/75 Attack Damage
350 Movement Speed
4 Armor
100/150/200 gold bounty
Mana Break: Burns 20/30/40 Mana & deals damage equal to 60% of mana burned
Last Will: Deals 550/675/800 Magical damage
True Sight: 1000 radius (Level 3 only)
(Necronomicon Archer)
75/100/125 Attack Damage
450/500/550 Range
330/360/390 Movement Speed
4 Armor
100/150/200 gold bounty
40/80/120 damage
Attack Speed and Movement Aura: +5/7/9% Attack & movement speed, 900 radius
Has Purge ability at Level 3 (Dispels & slows target, 15 second cooldown)
Refreshing Ornament.jpg
Refreshing Ornament
553 Gold.png
Recipe Headdress of Rejuvenation DotA.jpg
Headdress Dota 2.jpg
Headdress of Rejuvenation (DotA)
Headdress (Dota 2)
603 Gold.png
Trinket of Restoration + Duck Boots + Minor Totem Ring of Regen + Iron Branch + Recipe (200)
Passive Effects
900 Radius Aura 750 Radius Aura
Restoration Stone.jpg
Restoration Stone
5200 Gold.png
Recipe Refresher Orb DotA.jpg
Refresher Orb Dota 2.jpg
Refresher Orb
5200 Gold.png
Sustainer + Arcana + Recipe (1875 Gold.png) Perseverance x2 + Recipe (1800 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+5 Health Regeneration, +200% Mana Regeneration, +10 Intelligence, +15 Attack Speed +12 HP Regen, +300% Mana Regen
On Use Effect
(Current total cooldown) + 30 seconds cooldown (Maximum of 210 seconds)
300 Mana cost
195 second cooldown
375 Mana cost
Refreshes charges on abilities
2625 Gold.png
Passive Effects Crystalys DotA.jpg
Crystalys Dota 2.jpg
2150 Gold.png
Can be upgraded 3 times
40/53/66/80 Damage
20% chance to deal 1.65/1.9/2.15/2.4x damage
+30 Damage
20% chance to deal 1.75x damage
Ring of the Teacher.jpg
Ring of the Teacher
500 Gold.png
Passive Effects Ring of Basilius DotA.jpg
Ring of Basilius Dota 2.jpg
Ring of Basilius
500 Gold.png
+5 Damage
+1 Armor
Bonus armor from aura affects allied buildings
+7 Damage
Runed Cleaver.jpg
Runed Cleaver
3525 Gold.png
Recipe Battlefury DotA.jpg
Battle Fury Dota 2.jpg
Battle Fury
4525 Gold.png
Sustainer + Warhammer + Logger's Hatchet Demon Edge + Perseverance + Quelling Blade
Passive Effects
+40 Damage
60% Cleave
275 Cleave radius
Grants 60/20% (Melee/Ranged) bonus base damage vs. creeps
+45 Damage
35% Cleave
330 radius Cleave zone
Grants 60/25% (Melee/Ranged) bonus base damage vs. creeps
On Use Effect
Can target to deal attack damage to non-hero enemy or destroy a tree (600 Range, 15/5 second cooldown) Can target Observer or Sentry wards to destroy it (450 Range, 15 second cooldown)
Savage Mace.jpg
Savage Mace
4800 Gold.png
Recipe Monkey King Bar DotA.jpg
Monkey King Bar Dota 2.jpg
Monkey King Bar
5400 Gold.png
Slayer + Warhammer + Recipe (1000 Gold.png) Hyper Stone + Javelin x2
Passive Effects
+64 Damage
Grants True Strike
40% chance to deal 140 bonus Physical Damage and stun for 0.1 seconds
Propagates to illusions, but deals 33% damage and does not stun
+60 Attack Speed
75% chance to deal 60 bonus Pure Damage and ignore evasion
Shaman's Headdress.jpg
Shaman's Headdress
2050 Gold.png
Recipe Hood of Defiance DotA.jpg
Hood of Defiance Dota 2.jpg
Hood of Defiance
1725 Gold.png
Helm of the Victim + Mystic Vestments + Trinket of Restoration x2 Ring of Health + Planeswalker's Cloak/Cloak + Ring of Regen
Passive Effects
+10 Health Regeneration
15% Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction
+8 HP Regeneration
On Use Effect
None Creates a shield on self that absorbs up to 325 Magic Damage for 12 seconds (60 second cooldown)
Shield of the Five.jpg
Shield of the Five
803 Gold.png
On Use Effect Nathrezim Buckler DotA.jpg
Buckler Dota 2.jpg
Nathrezim Buckler (DotA)
Buckler (Dota 2)
803 Gold.png
Effect lasts 30 seconds
+3 Armor
Bonuses are doubled for the first 10 seconds
Affects allied buildings
Effect lasts 25 seconds on heroes and 30 seconds on non-hero units
+2 Armor
2600 Gold.png
Recipe Stygian Desolator DotA.jpg
Desolator Dota 2.jpg
Stygian Desolator (DotA)
Desolator (Dota 2)
3500 Gold.png
Warhammer + Recipe (1000 Gold.png) Mithril Hammer x2 + Blight Stone
Passive Effects
Can be upgraded 2 times
+35/45/55 Damage
Attacks apply -2/4/6 Armor for 5 seconds
At Level 3, attacks apply a stacking -1 Armor to Buildings and Gadgets for 5 seconds (Max -6)
+50 Damage
Attacks apply -6 Armor for 15 seconds
Shrunken Head.jpg
Shrunken Head
3900 Gold.png
Passive Effects Black King Bar DotA.jpg
Black King Bar Dota 2.jpg
Black King Bar
3975 Gold.png
Sellback price decreases by 100 gold per use (minimum of -500)
Cannot be used with Void Talisman (Activation Modifier)
On Use Effect
Lasts 7 seconds
65 second cooldown
Lasts 10 seconds
80 second cooldown
Each use decreases duration by 1 second and cooldown by 5 seconds (Min. 5 seconds w/ 55 second cooldown)
Sorcery Boots.jpg
Sorcery Boots
1935 Gold.png
Recipe Arcane Boots DotA.jpg
Arcane Boots Dota 2.jpg
Arcane Boots
1300 Gold.png
Marchers + Ring of Sorcery Boots of Speed + Energy Booster
Passive Effects
+3 Strength & Agility, +6 Intelligence
+65 Movement Speed
+50 Movement Speed
On Use Effect
Restores 160 Mana Restores 135 Mana
Soulscream Ring.jpg
Soulscream Ring
460 Gold.png
Passive Effects Wraith Band DotA.jpg
Wraith Band Dota 2.jpg
Wraith Band
485 Gold.png
N/A +1 Hero's primary Attribute
Staff of the Master.jpg
Staff of the Master
4200 Gold.png
N/A N/A Aghanim's Scepter DotA.jpg
Aghanim's Scepter Dota 2.jpg
Aghanim's Scepter
4200 Gold.png
1450 Gold.png
Passive Effects Power Treads DotA.jpg
Power Treads Dota 2.jpg
Power Treads
1350 Gold.png
+20 Attack Speed
+60 Movement Speed
+25 Attack Speed
+45 Movement speed
2850 Gold.png
Recipe Eul's Scepter of Divinity DotA.jpg
Eul's Scepter of Divinity Dota 2.jpg
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
2825 Gold.png
Luminous Prism + Manatube + Scarab Staff of Wizardry + Wind Lace + Void Stone + Recipe (650 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+25 Movement Speed +40 Movement speed
On Use Effect
450 Range
Lasts 2 seconds
Perplexes and Restrains target for 1 second after landing
575 Range
Lasts 2.5 seconds
Deals 50 magical damage to target enemy after landing
Can be used on yourself while magic immune
1750 Gold.png
+5 Health Regeneration
+4 Damage
+8 HP Regeneratione Perseverance DotA.jpg
Perseverance Dota 2.jpg
1700 Gold.png
Symbol of Rage.jpg
Symbol of Rage
6000 Gold.png
Recipe Satanic DotA.jpg
Satanic Dota 2.jpg
5800 Gold.png
Whispering Helm + Axe of the Malphai + Recipe (1000) Reaver + Morbid Mask + Mithril Hammer
Passive Effects
+20 Damage, +5 Armor +50 Damage
On Use Effect
+200% Lifesteal
Lasts 3.5 seconds
Sets Lifesteal to 200%
Lasts 4.5 seconds
Tablet of Command.jpg
Tablet of Command
2000 Gold.png
Recipe Force Staff DotA.jpg
Force Staff Dota 2.jpg
Force Staff
2250 Gold.png
Neophyte's Book + Guardian Ring + Recipe (825 Gold.png) Staff of Wizardry + Ring of Health + Recipe (400 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+12 Intelligence, +10 Damage, +3 Armor +10 Intelligence, +6 Health Regeneration
On Use Effect
Pushes 500 units
Cannot be used on Immobilized units
Pushes 600 units
2400 Gold.png
Recipe Maelstrom DotA.jpg
Maelstrom Dota 2.jpg
2800 Gold.png
Voltstone + Alacrity Band + Gloves of the Swift + Recipe (600 Gold.png) Mithril Hammer + Gloves of Haste + Recipe (700 Gold.png)
Passive Effects
+45 Attack Speed
Every 3rd attack deals 100 Magic Damage to target and enemies within 275 radius
Illusions deals 33% damage
+24 damage, +25 Attack Speed
25% chance to fire a Chain Lightning that hits 3 enemies, dealing 120 damage
Void Talisman.jpg
Void Talisman
1340 Gold.png
Recipe Ghost Scepter DotA.jpg
Ghost Scepter Dota 2.jpg
Ghost Scepter
1500 Gold.png
Major Totem + Recipe (800) Is a basic item
On Use Effects
+6 Strength, Agility, & Intelligence
-5.5 Magic Armor for duration (~25% magic damage amplification)
Dispels physical type debuffs on use
Cannot be used with Shrunken Head (Activation Modifier)
+5 Strength, Agility, & Intelligence
40% magic damage amplification for duration
Cancelled by Black King Bar
Whispering Helm.jpg
Whispering Helm
1800 Gold.png
Recipe Helm of the Dominator DotA.jpg
Helm of the Dominator Dota 2.jpg
Helm of the Dominator
2025 Gold.png
Helm of the Victim + Hungry Spirit Headdress + Gloves of Haste + Ring of Health
Passive Effects
+10 Damage, +15% Lifesteal +6 All Stats, +10 Attack Speed
+10 Attack Speed & +10 HP regen aura
On Use Effect
300 second cooldown
75 Mana Cost
No limit on number of units controlled
Dominated units gain 25% of owner's Attack Damage and Movement Speed and +1 Mana Regeneration
60 second cooldown
No mana cost
Can only control one unit at a time
Sets controlled units' bonus Max HP to a minimum of 1400 and Movement Speed to a minimum of 425
5900 Gold.png
Recipe Butterfly DotA.jpg
Butterfly Dota 2.jpg
6000 Gold.png
Dancing Blade + Snake Bracelet + Steamstaff x2 Eaglesong + Talisman of Evasion + Quarterstaff
Passive Effects
+30 Agility
33% Evasion
Grants ranged heroes +100 Attack Range, Grants melee heroes +10 Movement Speed and Unitwalking
+35 Agility
35% Evasion
On Use Effect
None Gain +35% movement speed for 2 seconds (25 second cooldown)

Removed Items[edit | edit source]

Some items were removed from HoN that shares similarities to a DotA item.

HoN Item DotA Item Notes
Buriza-Do Kyanon DotA.jpg
Daedalus Dota 2.jpg
Buriza-Do Kyanon (DotA)
Daedalus (Dota 2)
5550 Gold.png
Removed in Version 0.1.47.

Replaced with upgradable Riftshards.

Bastard Sword.jpg
Bastard Sword
Claymore DotA.jpg
Claymore Dota 2.jpg
1400 Gold.png
Removed in Version 2.0.23.

Assassin's Shroud and Runed Cleaver had its recipe changed to accommodate for this change.

Javelin DotA.jpg
Javelin Dota 2.jpg
1500 Gold.png
Removed in Version 2.0.23.

Brutalizer and Savage Mace had its recipe changed to accommodate for this change.

Iron Shield.jpg
Iron Shield
550 Gold.png
Poor Man's Shield DotA.jpg
Poor Man's Shield Dota 2.jpg
Poor Man's Shield
550 Gold.png
Poor Man's Shield was removed in Version 7.0.0.