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Damage Taken refers to status effects that modify an instance of damage taken by a percentage. It can either increase the damage taken or reduce the damage taken.

All sources of damage modifiers are applied after mitigation from Armor and Magic Armor are calculated.

Unless stated otherwise, True Damage is affected by these modifiers. Direct Health removal, however, is not affected.

Increased Damage Taken[edit | edit source]

Hero/Item Source Target +% Damage Duration Notes
Draconis.jpg Draconis Draconis Cataclysm.jpg Cataclysm Enemy Units 10/20/30% N/A Applies to DoT damage only; applies to enemies within 1000 radius of volcano; debuff refreshes if target is taking DoT damage; 4 second lingering time
Elder Parasite.jpg Elder Parasite Activation Self 15% 12 seconds
Flux.jpg Flux Flux Release Pull.jpg Release Enemy Units 10% 4 seconds Applies if cast with Pull Polarity
Ophelia.jpg Ophelia Ophelia Nature's Wrath.jpg Nature's Wrath Enemy Unit 15/20/25/30% 8 seconds
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Draining Venom.jpg Draining Venom Enemy Unit 9/18/27/36% 3 seconds Only amplifies damage dealt by applicator; does not increase item damage; applies on one unit at a time
Prophet.jpg Prophet Prophet Debilitate.jpg Debilitate Enemy Unit 5/10/15/20% 4 seconds
Puppet Master.jpg Puppet Master Puppet Master Voodoo Puppet.jpg Voodoo Puppet Enemy Hero 20/50/80% N/A Damage taken by Voodoo Puppet is amplified and redirected as Magic Damage; Overkill damage is not amplified
The Madman.jpg The Madman The Madman Gash.jpg Gash Enemy Units 6/7/8/9% per charge 3 seconds Only amplifies damage dealt by applicator; Max 3/4/5/6 charges

Damage Reduction[edit | edit source]

Hero/Item Source Target -% Damage Duration Notes
Armadon.jpg Armadon Armadon Armordillo.jpg Armordillo Self Up to 16/24/32/40% Passive Damage reduction reduces to 0% over 95 degrees from the back; Does not work against Towers
Draconis.jpg Draconis Draconis Draconic Defense.jpg Draconic Defense Self & Building 15/30/45/60% 4 or 8 (6 or 12) seconds Lasts 4 seconds on self and 8 seconds to target building; Duration increased with Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master
Glacius.jpg Glacius Glacius Glacial Downpour.jpg Glacial Downpour Self 50% 4 seconds (Channeling) With Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master only
Ichor.jpg Ichor Ichor Saint's Blood.jpg Saint's Blood Passive 10/15/20/25% + 10% per debuff (Physical & Magic) N/A Applied if damage taken exceeds 15% of current Health (pre-mitigation)
Ichor.jpg Ichor Ichor Transfusion.jpg Transfusion Ally Unit 50/60/70/80% 6 seconds Absorbed damage is redirected to Ichor
Jeraziah.jpg Jeraziah Jeraziah Sol's Blessing.jpg Sol's Blessing Ally Units 60/80/100% (Physical) 5/6/7 seconds
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Stasis Smash.jpg Stasis Smash Enemy Units 20% 3/3.5/4 seconds Reduces damage while target is in a stasis; Ability can be activated again to to end the effect early.
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Lodestone Plates.jpg Lodestone Plates Self 30% Passive Applies on instance of hero damage over 150
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Shatterstorm.jpg Shatterstorm Self Up to 99% 5 seconds Gains 99% damage reduction over duration
Martyr.jpg Martyr Martyr Guardian Angel.jpg Guardian Angel Ally Hero 55/70/85/100% 5 seconds Reduced damage is taken as non-lethal Superior Magic Damage when effect expires
Monarch.jpg Monarch Monarch Chrysalis.jpg Chrysalis Ally Hero 15/25/35/45% 3 seconds
Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium Pandamonium Face Smash.jpg Face Smash Self 50% 4.5 seconds (Channeling)
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Draining Venom.jpg Draining Venom Self 6/12/18/24% 3 seconds Applies to enemies attacked by Parasite; Affects one unit at a time
Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody Rhapsody Protective Melody.jpg Protective Melody Ally Units (except Self) 100% (Physical & Magic) 4/5/6 (5/6/7) seconds (Channeling)
Pearl.jpg Pearl Pearl Preservation.jpg Preservation Ally Units 40/60/80% 7/8.5/10 seconds Reduces damage taken from sources outside the bubble
The Gladiator.jpg The Gladiator The Gladiator Call to Arms.jpg Call to Arms Ally Units 50% 6 seconds Reduced damage is taken over 6 seconds after effect expires
Tremble.jpg Tremble Tremble Dark Swarm.jpg Dark Swarm Self 60% 5 seconds Reduces damage taken from sources outside the radius while active

Pseudo-reduction[edit | edit source]

While these sources instantly heal back a portion of damage taken, it does not prevent lethal damage and is affected by reduced healing effects (i.e. Lord Salforis Mors Certissima.jpg Mors Certissima and Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying).

Hero/Item Source Target % Damage healed Duration Notes
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Rewind.jpg Rewind Self 100% Passive Heals instance of damage at a rate of 50% Max Health per second

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