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Iron Buckler.jpg

Deflection reduces damage taken by autoattacks by a set amount when triggered. Deflection reduces damage after mitigation from Armor and damage reduction.

Multiple sources of deflection chance can be stacked, but stacks diminishingly and only one source of deflection will activate at a time.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Unit/Item Source % Chance Amount Notes
Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Shudder Shudder Razor Carapace.jpg Razor Carapace 100% 10/20/30
Helm of the Black Legion.jpg Helm of the Black Legion Passive 100% 30 (Melee)
20 (Ranged)
Gains 1 charge every 0.4 seconds (Max 20); Requires 5 charges for blocking hero & boss attacks and 1 charge for non-hero attacks
Iron Buckler.jpg Iron Buckler Passive 50% 20 (Melee)
10 (Ranged)
Iron Shield.jpg Iron Shield Passive 100% (Heroes)
50% (Non-heroes)
20 (Melee)
10 (Ranged)
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Lodestone Plates.jpg Lodestone Plates 100% 6/12/18/24
Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves Activation 100% 10 Applies to non-hero units only
Zephyr.jpg Zephyr Zephyr Wind Shield.jpg Wind Shield 100% 10 Vs. non-hero units only

Notes[edit | edit source]