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Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master avoids death by disjointing Soul Reaper.jpg Soul Reaper's Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment.

A Disjoint causes the unit to effectively "avoid" a projectile that is being targeted at them and in motion.

On disjoint, the projectile's effects become nullified, negating any damage or status effects it would apply to them. The projectiles stops at the location of the disjoint. Disjoint does not negate AoE effects such as Hammerstorm.jpg Hammerstorm's Hammerstorm Hammer Throw.jpg Hammer Throw.

Several abilities have the disjoint effect hard-coded into it. There are also other effects that act like disjoint, but technically aren't. If a unit goes into Stealth and completely fades out while the projectile is in motion and is not being revealed by True Sight, it will behave like a disjoint and negate the projectile. If a unit is invulnerable right as the projectile impacts them, it also behaves like a disjoint and negates the effects of the projectile.

Furthermore, a few projectiles cannot be disjointed at all.

Abilities that disjoint[edit | edit source]

(This list only includes hard-coded disjoints.)

Unit/Item Source Notes
Accursed.jpg Accursed Accursed Flame Consumption.jpg Flame Consumption
Aluna.jpg Aluna Aluna Deja Vu.jpg Deja Vu On 3rd activation
Andromeda.jpg Andromeda Andromeda Void Rip.jpg Void Rip Disjoints both Andromeda and target
Wildsoul Summon Booboo.jpg Booboo Booboo Return.jpg Return
Bubbles.jpg Bubbles Bubbles Shell Surf.jpg Shell Surf On teleporting to shell
Bubbles.jpg Bubbles Bubbles Take Cover.jpg Take Cover
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Time Leap.jpg Time Leap
CirceHero.jpg Circe Circe Deceive.jpg Deceive
CirceHero.jpg Circe Circe Twisted Visage.jpg Twisted Visage Disjoints when Circe finishes channeling
Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master Drunken Master Stagger.jpg Stagger
Empath.jpg Empath Empath As One.jpg As One
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Fire and Ice.jpg Fire and Ice Disjoints when splitting or recombining
Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane Activation
Homecoming Stone.jpg Homecoming Stone Activation
Magebane.jpg Magebane Magebane Flash.jpg Flash
Magmus.jpg Magmus Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath
Maliken.jpg Maliken Maliken Sword Throw.jpg Sword Throw On teleporting to sword
Midas.jpg Midas Midas Elemental Warp.jpg Elemental Warp
Nymphora.jpg Nymphora Nymphora Teleport.jpg Teleport
Ophelia.jpg Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia's Judgment.jpg Ophelia's Judgment Ally teleport
Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium Pandamonium Cannon Ball.jpg Cannon Ball
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Infest.jpg Infest
Portal Key.jpg Portal Key Activation
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste Activation
Ravenor.jpg Ravenor Ravenor Ball Lightning.jpg Ball Lightning On teleport
Riftwalker.jpg Riftwalker Riftwalker Wormhole.jpg Wormhole
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage On teleporting to illusion
Silhouette.jpg Silhouette Silhouette Shadow.jpg Shadow
Silhouette.jpg Silhouette Silhouette Like a Ninja.jpg Like a Ninja
Sir Benzington.jpg Sir Benzington Sir Benzington Knightfall.jpg Knightfall
The Gladiator.jpg The Gladiator The Gladiator Showdown.jpg Showdown Disjoints target unit upon return
Tremble.jpg Tremble Tremble Terror Port.jpg Terror Port Also applies to Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Boris's Terror Port
Valkyrie.jpg Valkyrie Valkyrie Courageous Leap.jpg Courageous Leap
Wildsoul.jpg Wildsoul Wildsoul Bear Form.jpg Bear Form
Wretched Hag.jpg Wretched Hag Wretched Hag Flash of Darkness.jpg Flash of Darkness

In addition, the Teleporters on Grimm's Crossing, Mid Wars, and Rift Wars also disjoint on use.

Undisjointable projectiles[edit | edit source]