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Doctor Repulsor

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Doctor Repulsor
Doctor Repulsor.jpg
Hellbourne.png Hellbourne
Strengthlogo.gif 17 Agilitylogo.gif 22 Intelligencelogo.gif 25
(+1.5) (+1.8) (+3.0)
Level 1 16 25
Health 473 929 1537
Mana 325 936 1521
Damage 47-57 94-104 139-149
Armor 3.1 7.16 11.92
Attack Speed 0.71 0.87 1.05
Movement Speed 295
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 0.25
Attack Range 450 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 1100
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.5/0.3
Turn Rate 540

Info[edit | edit source]

The storied professor of archaeology had never been content. The earth was full of artifacts; artifacts that held secrets to the prior lives of men. Science, psychology, sociology... the forgotten vices of man and the primal tenets of the Hellbourne, poured into the professor as he absorbed the forbidden knowledge and was consumed. Devoid of free will, he is now a slave to the power he once coveted.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Magnetic Contraption
[ Q ]
Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0.7 seconds
Self Position Organic Enemy Units
Type - Magic
The Doctor drops one of his patented Magnetic Contraptions on the ground. Any enemies who come near the Contraption disrupt the delicate magnetic field within, causing it to explode.
Radius: 235
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 4 seconds
After a 1 second delay, any enemies who come within 235 radius of the Contraption trigger it. Deals 100/160/220/280 Magic Damage to all units in a 260 radius.

This ability can be used in mid-flight during "Ludicrous speed". Gives 400 day and night clearvision.

These magnets, how do they work?
  • Magnetic Contraption lasts up to 16 seconds.
  • Provides 400 day and night clearvision around the Contraption.
  • Only organic non-Magic Immune enemy units will trigger the contraption.

Opposite Charges
[ W ]
Doctor Repulsor Opposite Charges.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Organic Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Doctor Repulsor instantly magnetizes the target enemy while dropping a strong magnet of the opposite charge at his feet, stunning the enemy while slowly pulling them towards the magnet. Sadly, the magnet is so strong, so it snares the Doctor as well.
Range: 300
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Stuns the target for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds and pulls them 100/150/200/250 distance towards the Magnet over the duration. Applies Magnetized to Doctor Repulsor for 3 seconds.
Two wrongs make it just right.

Magnetized Effects
50% Movement Slow

  • Magnet provides 300 day and night clearvision.
  • Stun duration cannot be reduced with Stun Reduction.

Electric Frenzy
[ E ]
Doctor Repulsor Electric Frenzy.jpg
Every time the Doctor uses an ability, his pod reacts by charging itself with excess energy. This energy is released on the next attack, causing the attack to deal bonus damage and splash, zapping the enemies it hits.
On Ability Activation
Applies Fully Charged to the Doctor. Lasts until he attacks again.
Electrician ain't got nothing on me.

Fully Charged Effects
On attack impact, deals 30/50/70/90 Magic Damage in a 300 radius.
-50 Attack Speed for 0.6s
80% Movement Speed slow for 0.6s

Ludicrous Speed
[ R ]
Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.5 seconds
Target Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Doctor Repulsor throws his pod into overdrive, traveling at a Ludicrous Speed towards the target location at the cost of mana. Any units he passes through are damaged and all trees are destroyed.
Range: 99999
Mana Cost: 15 + 7% of Max Mana
Travels to target location at 1500/2500/3500 speed and resets your Attack Cooldown. Costs 10 + 1% of Max Mana per 100 units traveled. You will immediately stop if your have no Mana remaining.

Deals 10/15/20 Magic Damage for every 100 units traveled, up to 200/300/400 Magic Damage. Deals half damage to creeps.

Grants invulnerability while in flight. You can attack and use abilities & items while in flight.

We've gone into Plaid!
  • Has a 200 touch radius for damage.
  • Destroys trees in 75 radius around Doctor Repulsor.
  • Portal Key.jpg Portal Key is disabled while in flight.
  • While in flight, your attack startup is set to 0 seconds and your turn rate is set to 9000.
  • Deals its maximum damage when you travel 2000 units.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.5.5

  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • Damage per 100 distance travelled decreased from 15/20/25 to 10/15/20.
      • Maximum Damage decreased from 300/400/500 to 200/300/400.

Version 4.5.4

  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Magic Damage changed from 110/160/210/260 to 100/160/220/280.
  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • Damage per 100 distance travelled increased from 6/9/12 to 15/20/25.
      • Maximum Damage increased from 120/180/240 to 300/400/500.

Version 4.5.0

  • Armor increased from 2.6 to 3.1.
  • Base Agility increased from 20 to 22.
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Magic Damage increased from 100/150/200/250 to 110/160/210/260.

Version 4.4.1

Version 4.4.0

  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • Now deals 6/9/12 Magic Damage per 100 units traveled in a 200 unit line, up to 120/180/240 Magic Damage. Deals half damage to creeps.
    • No longer passively grants Intelligence to Doctor Repulsor.
    • Attack action time (i.e. the "windup time" before an attack) is now set to 0 while Ludicrous Speed is active.
    • Attack cooldown is also reset when Ludicrous Speed is cast.
      • This ensures that Doctor Repulsor can launch an autoattack when he uses Ludicrous Speed.
    • Turn rate is now set to 9000 while Ludicrous Speed is active.

Version 4.3.0

  • Base Agility lowered from 22 to 20.
  • Intelligence gain per level increased from 2.6 to 3.0.
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Magic Damage increased from 70/130/190/250 to 100/150/200/250.

Version 4.0.0

  • Magic Armor increased from 4.5 to 6.
  • Armor decreased from 3.1 to 2.6.
  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • No longer deals damage to enemies when passing through them.
    • Now passively grants 15/30/45 Intelligence to Doctor Repulsor.
    • Speed increased from 1500/2000/2500 to 1500/2500/3500 units per second.

Version 3.9.12

  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Magic Damage decreased from 125/170/215/260 to 70/130/190/250.
    • Reduced vision range from 800 to 400.

Version 3.9.8 (Undocumented revert changes)

  • Base Armor increased from 3.1 to 4.1.
  • Magic Armor increased from 4.5 to 5.5.

Undocumented Change (submitted & verified by ElementUser) since May 2016

  • Base Armor decreased from 4.1 to 3.1.
  • Magic Armor decreased from 5.5 to 4.5.
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Magic Damage decreased from 140/180/220/260 to 125/170/215/260.
    • Clearvision radius decreased from 800 to 500.

Version 3.8.0

  • Movement Speed decreased from 305 to 295.

Version 3.7.0

  • Attack Range lowered from 500 to 450

Version 3.6.2

  • Base Strength decreased from 19 to 17

Version 3.2.5

Version 3.2.0

  • Base Strength increased from 17 to 19
  • Base Movement Speed increased from 295 to 305
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Lifetime increased from 12 to 16 seconds

Version 1.0.13

  • Base Intelligence from 27 to 25
  • Base Armor lowered from 5.1 to 4.1
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Still happens instantly, added a 400ms backswing.
  • Doctor Repulsor Electric Frenzy.jpg Electric Frenzy
    • Attack Speed slow is now -50 instead of -50%
  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • Tree destruction radius reduced from 100 to 75
    • Can no longer use Ludicrous Speed while immobilized

Version 1.0.9

  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption
    • Increased vision range from 300 to 800
    • Fixed an issue with sounds where some super human players could hear high frequencies
  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
    • Radius of tree killing lowered from 150 to 100
    • No longer disarmed while using Ludicrous Speed

Version 1.0.7

  • Hero Added

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