Dreamhack Summer 2015

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Description[edit | edit source]

After a silent 2014, HoN finally returned to Dreamhack on 2015. Due to community funding, the prizepool was a whopping $55,357, with 8 teams from over the world competing offline for it. Both community and professionals reacted positively, looking forward to the hyped event.

Prizing[edit | edit source]

Including the money earned by community funding through the sales of the 8-Bit and ARMS Collection Avatars:
Total - $55,357
1st - $27,678
2nd - $13,839
3rd - $8,303
4th - $5,535

Teams[edit | edit source]

From NA/EU Qualifier #1: Fresh (picked up by Druidz before the LAN)
From NA/EU Qualifier #2: Sync esports
From NA/EU Qualifier #3: Nullstone Gaming (picked up by CompLexity Gaming before the LAN)
From NA/EU Qualifier #4: Reason gaming
From NA/EU Qualifier #5: Bad Monkey Gaming
From Thai Qualifiers: Neolution.MRR,Snoop Dogg
From Chinese Qualifiers: World Elite

Links and VODs[edit | edit source]

Official Dreamhack Summer 2015 page
Official DHS15 HoN portal
Qualifier #1 VODs
Qualifier #2 VODs
Qualifier #3 VODs
Qualifier #4 VODs
Qualifier #5 VODs
LAN event VODs
Pre-Dreamhack Power Rankings
Trivia Break #1
Trivia Break #2

Group Stages[edit | edit source]

Group A

Group B

Finals[edit | edit source]


(All pictures taken from official event page)