Easter Island Pebbles

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Easter Island Pebbles
Easter Island Pebbles.jpg

Centuries ago, when Death's Cradle was known by a much more benign name, the peaceful inhabitants of one of the many islands would carve a statue when one of their tribe passed into the next world. The deceased's epic and joyous life story would be meticulously inscribed and painted on the stone for all to appreciate. Well, the Hellflower poachers don't have any time for that nonsense. They found the massive stone statues along the coast of the overgrown island unsettling at first, but quickly forgot about them and began hacking through the undergrowth and churning the fertile soil in search of those lethal, elusive blossoms. Even the human remains they unearthed only slowed them long enough to toss the brittle bones aside, and in their haste they were oblivious when the statues began to move. The desecration was unacceptable to these honored dead, and the poachers were the first of many to get launched from the island straight into the next world for further punishment.

Hero Pebbles.jpg Pebbles
Set(s) Icon Holiday Edition.png Holiday Edition
Released Version 3.8.6
Listed Price   420 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png


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