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All actions that affect a unit are associated with a damage type. Damage Type determines whether Armor or Magic Armor mitigates the damage and whether it's blocked by Magic Immunity or Physical Immunity, if at all.

Damage types also apply to targeting, and different properties of an ability can have different damage types. For example, Pestilence's Impale deals Physical damage, but the stun has the Magic type, which means a Magic Immune unit would take damage from Impale, but not the stun.

Physical[edit | edit source]

Deadwood Willowmaker.jpg

Physical damage is mitigated by Armor, and is blocked by Physical Immunity. All auto-attacks deal Physical damage (with the exception of Ravenor's Power Overwhelming and Harkon's Blade), as well as select abilities.

Superior Physical[edit | edit source]

Superior Physical ignores Physical Immunity. It is a mostly unused damage type, and in-game it is used with Mixed damage. Currently, there are no abilities that exclusively possess the Superior Physical damage type.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Thunderbringer Blast of Lightning.jpg

Magic damage is mitigated by Magic Armor, and is blocked by Magic Immunity. Magic damage and type is mainly associated with abilities.

Superior Magic[edit | edit source]

Superior Magic ignores Magic Immunity. Superior Magic is usually used for status effects, providing a way to disable a Magic Immune hero, and most forms of Superior Magic are used in ultimates.

True[edit | edit source]

The Gladiator Flagellation.jpg

True damage is not mitigated by Armor or Magic Armor and will ignore Magic Immunity and Physical Immunity. It will still be reduced or amplified by forms of regular reduction/amplification. While it will always deal the exact amount of damage listed, it won't deal any extra damage the target has negative armor.

True Damage is actually typed as neither Physical nor Magic, therefore it is effectively a typeless form of Damage.

Typeless[edit | edit source]

Some abilities can apply an effect even if the target is Magic or Physical Immune. In practice, typeless status effects work the same way as Superior Magic type status effects, the only difference is that a Shrunken Head/Void Talisman will not remove a typeless effect.

Mixed[edit | edit source]

Lodestone Shatterstorm.jpg

Mixed damage is mitigated by both Armor and Magic Armor. For example, if an attack deals 400 Mixed damage to a target with 5.5 Armor and Magic Armor (roughly 25% reduction), they would take 225 (400 * 0.75 * 0.75) damage.

Mixed damage is a rare damage type in HoN, and all currently existing forms of Mixed damage are actually coded as both Superior Physical and Superior Magic, meaning they ignore both forms of immunity.

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