Elder Parasite

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Elder Parasite
Elder Parasite.jpg
Once, Elder Parasites were borne upon a plaguewind that swept out from the lost cities of the Ancients, bringing a time of madness and butchery to mankind. Now they are quite rare, but ironically prized-the vampirism and Berzerker strength they impart are valuable to those fighting for dominance of Newerth.
Location Icon Morph Attack.png Morph Attack
Type Filter Attack Speed.png Attack Speed
Filter Modifier.png Modifier
Filter Activatable.png Activatable
Stats +15 Attack Speed
10% Lifesteal
Modifier Lifesteal Modifier
Cost 2000 (600)
Components Item Builds into
Hungry Spirit (900)
Gloves of the Swift (500)
Elder Parasite.jpg

Description[edit | edit source]

When activated, applies Crazed to self for 12 seconds.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Applies Crazed to self for 12 seconds.

Crazed Effects
+80 Attack Speed
20% Lifesteal
+15% Movement Speed
+20% Damage Taken

  • Amplifies post-mitigation damage.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.2.0

  • Moved from Combative to Morph Attack section.

Version 4.1.0

  • Hungry Spirit.jpg Hungry Spirit, Whispering Helm.jpg Whispering Helm, Symbol of Rage.jpg Symbol of Rage and Elder Parasite (new) are now Lifesteal Modifiers, which do not stack with themselves.
  • Lifetube.jpg Lifetube has been replaced with a Hungry Spirit.jpg Hungry Spirit in the recipe.
  • Recipe cost reduced from 625 Gold to 600 Gold.
    • Total cost remains unchanged (2000 Gold).
  • No longer gives 5 Health Regeneration.
  • Now gives +10% Lifesteal.
    • Lifesteal modifier.
  • Crazed buff's Lifesteal reduced from 25% to 20%.

Version 4.0.0

  • Attack Speed bonus from the active state decreased from 85 to 80.
  • Movement Speed bonus from the active state decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • Damage Amplification on self from the active state increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Lifesteal bonus from the active state decreased from 30% to 25%.

Version 3.8.0

  • Beastheart.jpg Beastheart removed from the recipe, replaced with Lifetube.jpg Lifetube.
  • Recipe cost increased from 400 Gold.png to 625 Gold.png; total cost unchanged.
  • 250 Max Health removed.
  • Now grants + 5 Health Regeneration.
  • Active Lifesteal increased from 20% to 30%.
  • No longer an Activation Modifier.

Version 3.1.1

  • Reduced active bonus Attack Speed from +100 to +85.

Version 3.1.0

  • Reworked:
    • New:
      • Recipe: Beastheart.jpg Beastheart + Gloves of the Swift.jpg Gloves of the Swift + Recipe (400) (Total Cost: 2000 Gold.png)
      • Stats: +15 Attack Speed, +250 Health
      • Activation: +100 Attack Speed, +20% Movement Speed, +20% Lifesteal, +15% damage taken
    • Old:
      • Recipe: Hungry Spirit.jpg Hungry Spirit + Recipe (1000) (Total Cost: 1900 Gold.png)
      • Stats: 17% Lifesteal
      • Activation: +100 Attack Speed, +20% Movement Speed, +20% damage taken
  • No longer an Attack Modifier.
  • Is now an Activation Modifier and cannot be activated while effects from Shrunken Head.jpg Shrunken Head or Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman are active.
  • Moved category to Combative.


[Undocumented change]
  • Lowered damage amplification from 30% to 20%.

Version 0.1.45

  • Increased active bonus:
    • New: +100 Attack Speed, +20% Movement Speed, +30% damage taken
    • Old: +75 Attack Speed, +15% Movement Speed, +20% damage taken

Version 0.1.37

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1050 Gold.png to 1000 Gold.png.
    • Total cost decreased from 1950 Gold.png to 1900 Gold.png.

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