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Exclusive Modifiers (or just Modifiers) are effects that do not stack with other effects of the same type. If you have more than one Exclusive modifier of the same type, the strongest version will automatically be used.

List of modifiers[edit | edit source]

Mana Combustion[edit | edit source]

Mana Combustion modifiers causes your attacks to remove Mana from the target and deal additional Physical damage based on the amount of Mana removed. The strongest Mana Combustion modifier takes priority.

Unit/Item Source Mana burned % Damage dealt
Nullfire Blade.jpg Nullfire Blade Passive 40/60/80 50%

Bashing[edit | edit source]

Bashing modifiers give your attacks a chance to stun and deal additional damage. Only one Bash effect will trigger at a time, and items and abilities with the Bashing modifier share cooldown.

Unit/Item Source Chance Duration Cooldown Damage
Brutalizer.jpg Brutalizer Passive 25% (Melee)
10% (Ranged)
1.4 seconds 2 seconds 25 Physical Damage
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Curse of Ages.jpg Curse of Ages 10/15/20/25% (Pseudo-random) 1 second 1.5 seconds 40/60/80/100 Magic Damage
Pestilence.jpg Pestilence Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore 25% 0.55/0.7/0.85/1 second 2 seconds 10/20/30/40 Physical Damage
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Horned Strike.jpg Horned Strike 100% 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 seconds 6 seconds 60/90/120/150 Physical Damage

Lightning[edit | edit source]

Lightning modifiers causes your attacks to unleash a Lightning after every set number attacks, dealing Magic Damage to the target and additional nearby enemy units.

Only the strongest modifier's attack count will decrement at a time. Weaker modifiers do not decrease in counter.

Item Damage dealt Charges Required Chains to
Thunderclaw.jpg Thunderclaw 100 Magic Damage 3 All Enemies within 275 radius
Voltstone.jpg Voltstone 45 Magic Damage 4 2 Enemy Units

Freeze[edit | edit source]

Freeze modifiers causes your attacks to slow the enemy. The slow stacks with each application and is improved when applied by melee heroes.

Only the strongest slow modifier's will take effect at one time.

Item Effect Duration (Melee) Duration (Ranged) Max charges
Frostwolf's Skull.jpg Frostwolf's Skull 35% Movement Slow (Melee)
-30 Attack Speed (Melee)
20% Movement Slow (Ranged)
-20 Attack Speed (Ranged)
3.5 seconds 3.5 seconds 1
Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer 8% Movement Slow 3.5 seconds 2 seconds 4
Frostburn.jpg Frostburn 6% Movement Slow 3.5 seconds 2 seconds 3
Frozen Light.jpg Frozen Light 6% Movement Slow 3.5 seconds 2 seconds 3
Icebrand.jpg Icebrand 6% Movement Slow 3.5 seconds 2 seconds 2

Activation[edit | edit source]

You can only have one Activation modifier active at a time. You cannot use items with an Activation modifier until your current modifier expires.

Item Effect Duration Notes
Shrunken Head.jpg Shrunken Head Magic Immunity 7 seconds
Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman Physical Immunity, -5.5 Magic Armor 4 seconds

Lifesteal[edit | edit source]

Passive lifesteal sources from items cannot stack. Only the highest Lifesteal % modifier will be used at one time.

Item Lifesteal %
Symbol of Rage.jpg Symbol of Rage 25%
Whispering Helm.jpg Whispering Helm 15%
Elder Parasite.jpg Elder Parasite 10%
Hungry Spirit.jpg Hungry Spirit 10%

Movement[edit | edit source]

Movement modifiers grants your additional base Movement Speed. The highest Movement modifier takes priority.

Item +Movement Speed
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste 105
Ghost Marchers.jpg Ghost Marchers 70
Sorcery Boots.jpg Sorcery Boots 65
Steamboots.jpg Steamboots 60
Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves 50
Striders.jpg Striders 50
Marchers.jpg Marchers 45

Firebrand[edit | edit source]

Firebrand modifiers grants you bonus percentage Movement Speed. The highest Firebrand modifier takes priority.

Item +Movement Speed
Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer 10%
Frostburn.jpg Frostburn 8%
Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane 8%
Searing Light.jpg Searing Light 8%
Firebrand.jpg Firebrand 6%

Magic Armor[edit | edit source]

Magic Armor modifiers increase your Magic Armor. The highest Magic Armor modifier takes priority.

Item Magic Armor given
Barrier Idol.jpg Barrier Idol 10
Shaman's Headdress.jpg Shaman's Headdress 10
Mystic Vestments.jpg Mystic Vestments 5
Jade Spire.jpg Jade Spire 3
Nome's Wisdom.jpg Nome's Wisdom 3
Lex Talionis.jpg Lex Talionis 1/2/3

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Main article: Evasion

Evasion modifiers gives you a chance to dodge attacks. The highest Evasion modifier takes priority.

Hero/Item Source Percentage Duration Notes
Aluna.jpg Aluna Aluna Deja Vu.jpg Deja Vu 100% 3/4/5/6 seconds Aluna Emerald Red.jpg Emerald Red version only
Nitro.jpg Nitro Nitro Runaround.jpg Runaround 100% 4 seconds
Wingbow.jpg Wingbow Passive 33% N/A
Snake Bracelet.jpg Snake Bracelet Passive 25% N/A
Zephyr.jpg Zephyr Zephyr Wind Shield.jpg Wind Shield 12/24/36/48% Passive Does not work if enemy unit was within 250 of Zephyr when hit

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