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Bubbles Take Cover.jpg

Invulnerability renders the user completely invincible to all forms of Physical, Magic, and True damage and most status effects, and prevents them from being targeted by single-target abilities. It will not remove any buffs or debuffs when you become invulnerable, however.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Prolonged[edit | edit source]

Hero Source Target Duration Notes
Bubbles.jpg Bubbles Bubbles Take Cover.jpg Take Cover Self 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds (Channeling)
CirceHero.jpg Circe Circe Twisted Visage.jpg Twisted Visage Self 15 seconds Circe is invulnerable, but the mimic is not
Empath.jpg Empath Empath As One.jpg As One Self 30 seconds Lasts until targeted hero dies
Flying Courier.jpg Flying Courier Winged Courier Courier Shield.jpg Courier Shield Self 4 seconds
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Fire and Ice.jpg Fire and Ice Self N/A Gemini is invulnerable while split
Geomancer.jpg Geomancer Geomancer Dig.jpg Dig Self While underground Geomancer can be underground for up to 1.79 seconds
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Lift Creeps 8 seconds Creeps are invulnerable until thrown
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Stasis Smash.jpg Stasis Smash Non-hero Units 8 seconds Units are invulnerable until thrown
Moira.jpg Moira Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Ephemeral Forge Spirit Mimic 2 seconds Mimic is invulnerable during initial startup
Moira.jpg Moira Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex All Units Up to 4 seconds Units inside the vortex are Invulnerable
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Infest.jpg Infest Self While infesting Lasts until Infested unit is killed
Sir Benzington.jpg Sir Benzington Sir Benzington Knightfall.jpg Knightfall Self 3 seconds
Sapphire.jpg Sapphire Sapphire Crystallize.jpg Crystallize Enemy Heroes Up to 4/5.5/7 seconds Can be activated to remove early
Stormspirit.jpg Stormspirit Active Target Unit 2 seconds
Succubus.jpg Succubus Succubus Mesmerize.jpg Mesmerize Target Unit 1 second Afflicted unit is invulnerable for the first second of Mesmerize
Swiftblade.jpg Swiftblade Swiftblade Swift Slashes.jpg Swift Slashes Self 0.4 seconds per bounce Equal to 1.2/2/3.2 (2/2.8/4) seconds if all attacks are used
Warchief.jpg Warchief Warchief Spirit Walk.jpg Spirit Walk Spirit 3 seconds

Brief[edit | edit source]

Some abilities grant a very brief moment of invulnerability while it's in use. Some short durations of invulnerability have a set time, but others are based on the ability's speed (it grants invulnerability while the hero is bound to the projectile). When timed correctly, it can prevent damage from being taken, whether it's used like a disjoint or by negating tick damage or some amount of DoT.

Hero Source Notes
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Time Leap.jpg Time Leap
Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed
Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet Gauntlet Gauntlet Blast.jpg Gauntlet Blast Requires SotM; removed when detached
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Twin Fangs.jpg Twin Fangs Lasts 0.4 seconds
Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane Active Lasts 0.2 seconds
Grinex.jpg Grinex Grinex Shadow Step.jpg Shadow Step Lasts 0.25 seconds; is not invulnerable while dragging the target
Magmus.jpg Magmus Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge Lasts 0.5 seconds
Midas.jpg Midas Midas Elemental Warp.jpg Elemental Warp Lasts 0.5 seconds
Pharaoh.jpg Pharaoh Pharaoh Wrath of the Pharaoh.jpg Wrath of the Pharaoh Lasts 0.5 seconds
Riptide.jpg Riptide Riptide Undertow.jpg Undertow
Silhouette.jpg Silhouette Silhouette Shadow.jpg Shadow Lasts 0.1 seconds
The Madman.jpg The Madman The Madman Barrel Roll.jpg Barrel Roll

Abilities that bypass invulnerability[edit | edit source]

Hero Source Notes
Astrolabe.jpg Astrolabe Active
Barrier Idol.jpg Barrier Idol Active
Blood Chalice.jpg Blood Chalice Active Will remove Health even when invulnerable
CirceHero.jpg Circe Circe Twisted Visage.jpg Twisted Visage Invulnerability does not break channel
Item Energizer.jpg Energizer Active
Empath.jpg Empath Empath Essence Link.jpg Essence Link Heals joined target even if invulnerable
Martyr.jpg Martyr Martyr Sol's Conviction.jpg Sol's Conviction
Master of Arms.jpg Master of Arms Master of Arms Master's Call.jpg Master's Call Only when targeting ground
Monkey King.jpg Monkey King Monkey King Heavenly Vault.jpg Heavenly Vault No adverse effect applied to target; Leaps 600 units
Ophelia.jpg Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia's Judgment.jpg Ophelia's Judgment Ally teleport only
Pearl.jpg Pearl Pearl Preservation.jpg Preservation
Pearl.jpg Pearl Pearl Soothing Presence.jpg Soothing Presence
Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves Active
Ring of Sorcery.jpg Ring of Sorcery Active
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage Spawns illusions next to invulnerable unit
Shield of the Five.jpg Shield of the Five Active
Solstice.jpg Solstice Solstice Luminescence.jpg Luminescence
The Dark Lady.jpg The Dark Lady The Dark Lady Cover of Darkness.jpg Cover of Darkness
Valkyrie.jpg Valkyrie Valkyrie Valkyrie's Prism.jpg Valkyrie's Prism
Vindicator.jpg Vindicator Vindicator Final Chapter.jpg Final Chapter

In addition, all positive aura effects ignore invulnerability.