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Icon Combative.png Combative[edit | edit source]

Combative items provide a boost to your offense. They come with offensive stats and effects which greatly increase your damage output.

Spellshards 2575 Gold.png
Grants Magic Armor piercing to spells and items.
Riftshards 2625 Gold.png
Grants a chance to deal critical strike on attack.
Can be upgraded 3 times.
Codex 3000 Gold.png
Cast to deal massive Magic Damage to a target.
Can be upgraded 4 times.
Insanitarius 2750 Gold.png
Activate to greatly increase Strength and damage while draining your own Health.
Brutalizer 3450 Gold.png
Bash Modifier
Grants a chance to stun your target on attack.
Spiked Bola 4400 Gold.png
Spiked Bola.jpg
Cast to Disarm an enemy.
Runed Cleaver 4500 Gold.png
Runed Cleaver.jpg
Melee heroes gain splash damage on attack. Ranged heroes do not benefit.
Geometer's Bane 5100 Gold.png
Geometer's Bane.jpg
Firebrand Modifier
Activate to dispel and create two illusions on yourself.
Hellflower 4725 Gold.png
Cast to silence and perplex an enemy.
Mock of Brilliance 4750 Gold.png
Mock of Brilliance.jpg
Grants an aura that deals magic damage over time to nearby enemies.
Savage Mace 4800 Gold.png
Savage Mace.jpg
Grants a chance to mini-stun on attack. Missing grants Truestrike for 3 attacks.
Bloodborne Maul 5000 Gold.png
Bloodborne Maul.jpg
45 Strength
Gain Bonus Damage when low health, but lose health on attack.
Doom Bringer 5600 Gold.png
Doom Bringer.jpg
250 Damage.
Drops upon wielder's death. Cannot be destroyed.
Grimoire of Power 5100 Gold.png
Grimoire of Power.jpg
Use to boost spell damage and attacking heroes enhances your next spell.
Madfred's Brass Knuckles 1200 Gold.png
Madfred's Brass Knuckles.jpg
Collects damage for hero kills and assists.
Corrupted Sword 4000 Gold.png
Corrupted Sword.jpg
Can be consumed to permanently gain damage.
Hypercrown 4200 Gold.png
150 Attack Speed
Twin Blades 3275 Gold.png
Twin Blades.jpg
Grants a secondary attack.