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Icon Initiation.png Initiation[edit | edit source]

Initiation contains inexpensive recipe items. Many items here tend to be the first items to be bought in any game.

Power Supply 200 Gold.png
Power Supply.jpg
Allows the wielder to absorb a larger amount of Health and Mana from enemy spellcasts.
Fortified Bracer 490 Gold.png
Fortified Bracer.jpg
6 Strength
3 Agility
3 Intelligence
Soulscream Ring 440 Gold.png
Soulscream Ring.jpg
3 Strength
6 Agility
3 Intelligence
Amulet of Exile 465 Gold.png
Amulet of Exile.jpg
3 Strength
3 Agility
6 Intelligence
Blood Chalice 625 Gold.png
Blood Chalice.jpg
Use to sacrifice 150 health to gain 85 Mana.
Arcana 1575 Gold.png
6 Intelligence
50% Mana Regeneration
12 Damage
Sustainer 1700 Gold.png
5 Health/s
125% Mana Regeneration
Alchemist's Bones 1950 Gold.png
Alchemist's Bones.jpg
Cast to instantly kill and convert a creep to gold.
Firebrand 2200 Gold.png
Firebrand Modifier
Boosts your agility, movement speed, and attack speed.
Striders 600 Gold.png
Movement Modifier
50 Movement Speed. Additional non-combat speed.
Plated Greaves 1475 Gold.png
Plated Greaves.jpg
Movement Modifier
50 Movement Speed. Grants you Armor when attacked.
Ghost Marchers 1500 Gold.png
Ghost Marchers.jpg
Movement Modifier
70 Movement Speed. Use for unitwalking and more speed.
Steamboots 1450 Gold.png
Movement Modifier
60 Movement Speed. Grants attack speed and more stats.
Post Haste 2600 Gold.png
Post Haste.jpg
Movement Modifier
105 Movement Speed. Use to teleport to units and buildings.
Grave Locket 825 Gold.png
Grave Locket.jpg
Reduces death time after obtaining a kill or assist.
Lightbrand 2200 Gold.png
Spell lifesteal
Searing Light 4400 Gold.png
Searing Light.jpg
Firebrand Modifier
Spell lifesteal
Sorcery Boots 1915 Gold.png
Sorcery Boots.jpg
Movement Modifier
65 Movement Speed. Use to replenish 160 Mana to self and allies in radius.