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Icon Morph Attack.png Morph Attack[edit | edit source]

Morph Attack contains items that add new properties and effects to your autoattacks.

Whispering Helm 1850 Gold.png
Whispering Helm.jpg
Lifesteal Modifier
Grants lifesteal and the ability to mind control enemy units.
Icebrand 2200 Gold.png
Freeze Modifier
Grants a slowing attack.
Shieldbreaker 2600 Gold.png
Reduces enemy armor on attack.
Can be upgraded two times.
Frostburn 4400 Gold.png
Freeze, Firebrand Modifier
Grants a powerful slowing attack and blazing fast speed.
Frostwolf's Skull 5100 Gold.png
Frostwolf's Skull.jpg
Attack Modifier
Your attacks and single-target spells greatly slow enemies.
Harkon's Blade 4775 Gold.png
Harkon's Blade.jpg
When active, transforms your attacks into Magic Damage.
Symbol of Rage 6000 Gold.png
Symbol of Rage.jpg
Lifesteal Modifier
Use to temporarily grant massive lifesteal.
Frozen Light 4400 Gold.png
Frozen Light.jpg
Freeze Modifier
Slows on attack, which enhances your next spell.
Dawnbringer 6600 Gold.png
Freeze, Firebrand Modifier
Slows on attack, which enhances your next spell.
Elder Parasite 2000 Gold.png
Elder Parasite.jpg
Lifesteal Modifier
Activate to gain a massive attack speed, movement speed and lifesteal.
Nullfire Blade 3300 Gold.png
Nullfire Blade.jpg
Mana Combustion Modifier
Burns enemy mana and dispels.
Thunderclaw 2900 Gold.png
Lightning Modifier
Unleashes a Chain Lightning every few attacks.