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Observatory[edit | edit source]

Observatories reside outside of the base and sell a small selection of consumables. There are 2 Observatories in Forests of Caldavar, located close to the Ancient camps on both sides.

Ward of Sight 100 Gold.png
Ward of Sight.jpg
Place to temporarily grant vision of the nearby area for 6 minutes.
Health Potion 100 Gold.png
Health Potion.jpg
Use to heal target 400 Health over 10 seconds.
Mana Potion 50 Gold.png
Mana Potion.jpg
Use to regenerate target's Mana by 100 over 20 seconds.
Dust of Revelation 200 Gold.png
Dust of Revelation.jpg
On use, temporarily reveals stealthed units in a large radius.
2 charges.
Veiled Rot 100 Gold.png
Veiled Rot.jpg
When activated, gives you a buff that makes you invisible.
Rejuvenation Potion 300 Gold.png
Rejuvenation Potion.jpg
Use to heal target 1200 Health and 900 Mana over 20 seconds.