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Icon Protective.png Protective[edit | edit source]

Protective items provide defensive stats, as well as passives or activations which can reduce damage or save your life.

Iron Shield 525 Gold.png
Iron Shield.jpg
Grants a 100% chance to block a small amount of hero damage.
Sol's Bulwark 1725 Gold.png
Sol's Bulwark.jpg
Grants 4 Armor to nearby Allies or removes 4 Armor from nearby Enemies.
Shaman's Headdress 2050 Gold.png
Shaman's Headdress.jpg
Magic Armor Modifier
10 Magic Armor
8 Health/s
Barbed Armor 2200 Gold.png
Barbed Armor.jpg
Activate to return damage to attackers.
Helm of the Black Legion 2175 Gold.png
Helm of the Black Legion.jpg
Grants Health, Health regeneration, and a high chance to block Attack Damage.
Icon of the Goddess 3250 Gold.png
Icon of the Goddess.jpg
Grants bonus HP regen & mana regen per enemy hero death near you.
Assassin's Shroud 3200 Gold.png
Assassin's Shroud.jpg
Use to grant stealth for 9 seconds. Great for initiating and escaping.
Shrunken Head 3900 Gold.png
Shrunken Head.jpg
Activation Modifier Activate to temporarily grant complete immunity to Magic.
Void Talisman 1340 Gold.png
Void Talisman.jpg
Activation Modifier Activate to grant immunity to physical attacks and effects for 4 seconds.
Ultor's Heavy Helm 3725 Gold.png
Ultor's Heavy Helm.jpg
Use to grant allies and structures damage block.
Null Stone 4500 Gold.png
Null Stone.jpg
Passively deflects single target spellcasts.
Behemoth's Heart 4800 Gold.png
Behemoth's Heart.jpg
Adds high Health and Strength. Adds Health regen based on your max Health.
Daemonic Breastplate 5425 Gold.png
Daemonic Breastplate.jpg
Grants an armor and attack speed aura to allies. Reduces armor of enemies.
Genjuro 6300 Gold.png
Use to grant stealth for 9 seconds. Attacking out of stealth grants bonus damage.
Wingbow 5900 Gold.png
Evasion Modifier
Grants high damage, agility, attack speed, and evasion.
Shield of the Five 800 Gold.png
Shield of the Five.jpg
Activate to grant nearby allies bonus armor.
Barrier Idol 3490 Gold.png
Barrier Idol.jpg
Magic Armor Modifier
Cast to shield allies in a magic-absorbing barrier.
Frostfield Plate 4700 Gold.png
Frostfield Plate.jpg
Grants an aura that reduces enemy attack speed. Activate to freeze nearby enemies.
Armor of the Mad Mage 5200 Gold.png
Armor of the Mad Mage.jpg
Grants an aura that reduces enemy magic armor. Activate to grant additional armor to self.