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Icon Relics.png Relics[edit | edit source]

Relics contain miscellaneous items that provide various stats and/or uses.

Gloves of the Swift 500 Gold.png
Gloves of the Swift.jpg
15 Attack Speed
Hungry Spirit 900 Gold.png
Hungry Spirit.jpg
Attack Modifier
10% Lifesteal
Trinket of Restoration 350 Gold.png
Trinket of Restoration.jpg
2 Health/s
Portal Key 2250 Gold.png
Portal Key.jpg
Grants the ability to teleport short distances.
Scarab 325 Gold.png
50% Mana Regeneration
Marchers 500 Gold.png
Movement Modifier
45 Movement Speed
Bound Eye 700 Gold.png
Bound Eye.jpg
Reveals stealth around the wielder.
Drops upon wielder's death.
Mystic Vestments 500 Gold.png
Mystic Vestments.jpg
Magic Armor Modifier
5 Magic Armor
Snake Bracelet 1100 Gold.png
Snake Bracelet.jpg
Evasion Modifier
25% Evasion
Alacrity Band 1200 Gold.png
Alacrity Band.jpg
30 Attack Speed
Void Talisman 1340 Gold.png
Void Talisman.jpg
Activation Modifier
Grants physical immunity but Disarms yourself.
Wind Whistle 200 Gold.png
Wind Whistle.jpg
15 Movement Speed