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Icon Supplies.png Supplies[edit | edit source]

Supplies contains items which can be used a limited number of times. Once used, they will either be removed from the inventory or will need to be recharged to be able to use it again. Potions, Blight Stones, Bottle and Wards can be used by other teammates.

Mana Potion 50 Gold.png
Mana Potion.jpg
Use to regenerate target's Mana by 100 over 20 seconds.
Health Potion 100 Gold.png
Health Potion.jpg
Use to heal target 400 Health over 10 seconds.
Blight Stones 75 Gold.png
Blight Stones.jpg
When activated, target tree is consumed to heal self for 115 Health over 16 seconds.
Bottle 650 Gold.png
Restores Health and Mana over 3 seconds. Recharges at the Well and holds Runes.
Ward of Sight 100 Gold.png
Ward of Sight.jpg
Place to temporarily grant vision of the nearby area for 6 minutes.
Ward of Revelation 100 Gold.png
Ward of Revelation.jpg
Place to temporarily reveal stealth in the nearby area for 3 minutes.
Dust of Revelation 200 Gold.png
Dust of Revelation.jpg
On use, temporarily reveals stealthed units in a large radius.
2 charges.
Homecoming Stone 50 Gold.png
Homecoming Stone.jpg
Teleports you to a friendly structure.
4.5 second channel to Tier 1 Towers. 3.75 second channel to Tier 2 Towers. 3 second channel to all other buildings.
Flying Courier 250 Gold.png
Flying Courier.jpg
Summons a Flying Courier to bring your items to you and your team.
Veiled Rot 100 Gold.png
Veiled Rot.jpg
When activated, gives you a buff that makes you invisible.
Rejuvenation Potion 300 Gold.png
Rejuvenation Potion.jpg
Use to heal target 1200 Health and 900 Mana over 20 seconds.
Orb of Zamos 350 Gold.png
Orb of Zamos.jpg
Buffs you and a nearby ally with speed.
Ophelia's Pact 100 Gold.png
Ophelia's Pact.jpg
This item is automatically consumed upon purchase. Each player can only purchase this item once. Once purchased (no matter where, no matter how), your hero will gain a quest state that you can look at to track your progress at any time. Completed objectives will turn green and once all of them are completed you can choose one reward.
Tome of Elements 200 Gold.png
Tome of Elements.jpg
Activate to grant you 300 Experience, plus 60% of the difference between your Experience and your team's average Experience if your Experience is the lower value.