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Icon Supportive.png Supportive[edit | edit source]

Supportive items are designed to benefit your teammates as well as yourself. They can contain Auras or an activation used to provide extra utility.

Ring of the Teacher 500 Gold.png
Ring of the Teacher.jpg
Grants a weak armor and mana regeneration aura.
Refreshing Ornament 550 Gold.png
Refreshing Ornament.jpg
Grants a weak regeneration aura.
Soultrap 700 Gold.png
Charge with enemy heroes' death. Use charges to heal.
Ring of Sorcery 1415 Gold.png
Ring of Sorcery.jpg
When activated, replenishes 135 mana to nearby allies.
Tablet of Command 1800 Gold.png
Tablet of Command.jpg
Cast on a hero to push it in the direction it's facing. Interrupts channeling.
Abyssal Skull 2050 Gold.png
Abyssal Skull.jpg
Grants melee allies a lifesteal aura.
Nome's Wisdom 2000 Gold.png
Nome's Wisdom.jpg
Magic Armor Modifier
Grants a mana regen and heal on cast aura.
Astrolabe 1440 Gold.png
Activate to heal nearby allies.
Puzzlebox 2975 Gold.png
Use to summon two minions. Melee minion reveals stealth.
Can be upgraded two times.
Stormspirit 2675 Gold.png
Cast to envelop the target hero in an invulnerable cyclone for 2 seconds.
Restoration Stone 5150 Gold.png
Restoration Stone.jpg
Upon activation, resets the cooldown of all abilities and items.
Kuldra's Sheepstick 5425 Gold.png
Kuldra's Sheepstick.jpg
Cast to temporarily transfigure an enemy, disabling it with powerful magics.
Energizer 1400 Gold.png
Item Energizer.jpg
Activate to grant 50 Movement Speed and 25 Attack Speed to nearby allies for 6 seconds.
Lex Talionis 1150 Gold.png
Lex Talionis.jpg
Use to lower both yours and target's Armor and Magic Armor.
Spell Sunder 2675 Gold.png
Spell Sunder.jpg
Dealing magic damage causes additional damage based on target's health.
Jade Spire 2500 Gold.png
Jade Spire.jpg
+Cast Range on your Abilities & Items
Staff of the Master 4200 Gold.png
Staff of the Master.jpg
Boosts the ultimate of many heroes. Check your ultimate's tooltip for compatibility.
Master's Legacy 6200 Gold.png
Master's Legacy.jpg
Boosts the abilities of an ally hero.
Sand Scepter 2200 Gold.png
Sand Scepter.jpg
Immobilizes enemies & dispels
Dreamcatcher 2600 Gold.png
Charge with hero deaths. Use charges to heal or damage.