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Legion.png Legion
Strengthlogo.gif 25 Agilitylogo.gif 20 Intelligencelogo.gif 17
(+2.5) (+2.2) (+1.9)
Level 1 16 25
Health 625 1366 2145
Mana 221 611 1066
Damage 49-53 88-92 129-133
Armor 4 8.9 14.08
Attack Speed 0.69 0.91 1.11
Movement Speed 295
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 1.00
Attack Range 150 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.5/0.5
Turn Rate 540

Info[edit | edit source]

Legionnaires, the namesakes of the Legion itself, bring unflinching power to the battlefield. With their massive battle-axes, these warriors spread carnage among their foes and cleave bloody swaths through enemy ranks. Even those daemons born of fear itself can be terrified by these heroes of the Legion.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[ Q ]
Legionnaire Taunt.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.5 seconds
Self Position Organic Enemy Units
The Legionnaire taunts nearby foes, forcing them to attack him for a few seconds. The Legionnaire prepares himself for the attack, increasing his Armor significantly for the duration.
Radius: 300
Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Forces enemies in radius to attack you for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. Applies Taunting to self for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Taunting Effects
+5/10/15/20 Armor

  • Taunt does not affect Neutral units.
  • Taunt affects invisible units and units in the Fog of War. Does not affect towers, Kongor, invulnerable or hidden units.
  • Re-casting on a unit under the effect of Taunt refreshes the duration.
  • Taunt has lower priority than Kane's Face Off.
  • When Legionnaire dies, the taunt ends inmediately.
  • If Legionnaire turns invisible during the taunt, the forced attack debuff on enemies will end prematurely, but the armor buff on Legionnaire will remain for its normal duration.

Terrifying Charge
[ W ]
Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
The Legionnaire charges very quickly at a target foe and swings wide with his mighty axe upon reaching them, dealing damage and Terrifying those unfortunate enough to be standing there. Terrified enemies attack very quickly, but do less damage per attack.
Range: 1000
Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70
Cooldown: 30/26/22/18 seconds
Charges with +100/200/300/400 Movement Speed and 0/2/4/6 Armor and Magic armor towards the target, granting sight of the target. Being stunned, issuing another command, or being more than 1750 distance from the target will cancel the charge early.

Upon reaching the target, causes Physical Damage equal to 150/200/250/300% of your base damage and applies Terrify for 4/5/6/7 seconds to the target and nearby units in a cone.

I'll give you a head start... RUN!

Terrify Effects
-50% Attack damage
+50% Attack Speed

  • Reveals the target and grants 600 day and night vision around the target while charging.
  • Legionnaire also has Unitwalking while charging.
  • The buff lingers for 1 second after you reach the target, but not when cancelled early.
  • Terrifying Charge deals damage in a 110 degree cone up with a 240 radius in front of Legionnaire.
  • Terrifying Charge does not deal damage as an autoattack, so it will not apply attack modifiers.
  • Terrify halves attack damage after every Damage and Base Damage modifiers, and multiplies Attack Speed after non-multiplicative Attack Speed modifiers.
  • Terrifying Charge will not deal damage to a Physical Immune unit, but you can charge to a Physical Immune units and it will apply Terrify to them.
  • Shift-queueing Taunt while charging (Shift+Q) will allow you to immediately cast Taunt upon reaching your target, allowing you to land your Taunt after charging more reliably.

Whirling Blade
[ E ]
Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg
The Legionnaire's skill with a Battle Axe is unrivaled. Every time he is attacked, he has a small chance to perform a Whirling Blade maneuver, which damages all nearby enemies.
Radius: 300
Cooldown: 0.7/0.65/0.6/0.55 seconds
On Attacked
8% per charge chance to deal 125/150/175/200 Physical Damage to enemies in 300 radius when attacked. Gains one charge when attacked, automatically spinning when the 12th charge is gained.

Charges are reset to zero when a spin happens or 5 seconds pass without being hit.

My axe and I will bring the devil to his knees!
  • Does not deal damage to Siege units.
  • Whirling Blade gains a charge and has a chance to proc during the startup of an autoattack, not when Legionnaire actually takes damage from it.
  • Despite the visual effects, the damage is applied instantly within the radius.

Decapitate (Decapitate All)
[ R ]
Legionnaire Decapitate.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Organic Enemy Units
Type - Superior Magic
The Legionnaire performs a mighty attack with his Battle Axe, attempting to decapitate a target enemy. If the target is low on Health, this attack will instantly kill the target.
Range: 175
Mana Cost: 120/160/200
Cooldown: 75/65/55 seconds
Instantly kills target unit if they are below 300/450/600 Health, Refreshing all ability cooldowns. Otherwise, deals 150/250/350 Magic Damage to target unit.

Refreshes only on hero kills.

Night brings bad dreams, bad dreams and guillotines!
  • Decapitate unconditionally kills the target unit below the Health threshold, disregards Physical or Magic Immunity, and even goes through abilities such as Accursed Flame Consumption.jpg Flame Consumption or Demented Shaman Unbreakable.jpg Unbreakable.
    • However, Decapitate will fail if the target is Invulnerable at the time of impact.
  • Decapitate will play a special animation and sound if it successfully via kill threshold. If Decapitate manages to kill the target at above the threshold (via large amounts of -Magic Armor and damage amplification debuffs), the animation and sound will not play.
  • Decapitate checks the Health threshold when the skill impacts (after cast time).

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.5.0

  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • Physical Damage per spin increased from 100/125/150/175 to 125/150/175/200.


Version 4.4.0

  • Starting Armor increased from 2.8 to 4.0.
  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • Now deals 25% bonus damage to non-hero units.

Version 4.0.0

  • Magic Armor decreased from 5.5 to 4.

Version 3.2.3

Version 2.6.10

  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Movement Speed buff rescaled from 100/150/200/500 to 100/200/300/400
  • Legionnaire Decapitate.jpg Decapitate
    • Damage rescaled from 300/450/625 to 300/450/600

Version 2.5.20

  • Health regen reduced from 1.25 to 1
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.5.18

  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • Chance now starts at 0% and increases by 8% every time he is attacked
    • Can no longer proc many attacks in a row, at least 1 attack must happen between spins now
    • Much higher chance to spin around the 4th attack
    • Still activates on 12th attack no matter what.

Version 2.2.0

  • Health regen increased from 0.25 to 1.25 health per second
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.1.4

Version 2.0.34

  • Attack Range now 128 units
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.0.30

Version 2.0.28

  • Fixed the Legionnaire double-stuffed Charge bug

Version 2.0.27

Version 2.0.17

  • Fixed Legionnaire Taunt.jpg Taunt so that if enemies are taunted in fog, they will attack Legionnaire
  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Bonus Movement Speed from 100/150/200/250 to 100/150/200/500

Version 2.0.14

  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Movement Speed bonus from 60/100/140/500 to 100/150/200/250
    • Now gives Legionnaire 0/2/4/6 Armor and Magic Armor while he is charging
  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • Modified to function as such: If Legionnaire is struck once, a counter is added to the ability.
    • If the counter reaches 12 (On taking the 12th attack), Legionnaire spins, and the counter is reset.
    • If Legionnaire spins due to the 17%, the counter is reset
    • If Legionnaire leaves combat for five seconds, the counter is reset

Version 2.0.9

  • Legionnaire Decapitate.jpg Decapitate
    • Cast Effect Type changed from Physical to SuperiorMagic
      • This means it can now be cast on Physical Immune as well as Magic Immune units

Version 2.0.5

    • Fixed the no damage charge bug

Version 1.0.18

Version 1.0.15

  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Damage is now instant instead of through an attack
    • Movement Speed bonus is kept for an additional second
  • Legionnaire Decapitate.jpg Decapitate
    • Range increased from 150 to 175

Version 1.0.7

  • Movement Speed from 290 to 295
  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Movement Speed from +40/80/120/MAX to +60/100/140/MAX, charge duration max 5s

Version 1.0.5

  • Intelligence Gain increased from 1.6 to 1.9
  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • Cast time removed (0.6 -> 0)
    • Now grants vision of the target for the duration of the charge
    • Now reveals target for the duration of the charge
    • Now grants 40/80/120/MAX movespeed (used to be max at all levels)

Version 1.0.1

  • Base Armor incrased from 1.8 to 2.8.


  • Base Intelligence increased from 17 to 14.
  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrify replaced by Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge
    • 1000 range, 40/50/60/70 mana cost, 30s cooldown.
    • Charges target at max movespeed.
    • Being stunned or losing sight of the target or issuing another command cancels charge.
    • Target moving more than 2000 units away cancels charge.
    • On contact attacks with 150/200/250/300% base damage
    • Applies Terrify for 4/5/6/7 seconds to enemies in a 110 degree cone for 240 distance.
    • -50% attack damage and +50% attack speed to enemies.

Version 0.1.63

Version 0.1.48

  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • % to spin now triggers at the start of an attack, not when damage occurs.

Version 0.1.45

  • Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrify
    • Duration reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/13/16/19
    • total damage unchanged.

Version 0.1.42

Version 0.1.30

  • Base Armor lowered from 2.8 to 1.8.

Version 0.1.29

Version 0.1.26

  • Legionnaire Taunt.jpg Taunt
    • No longer affects neutrals.
  • Legionnaire Whirling Blade.jpg Whirling Blade
    • Won't trigger from tower attacks or well/tarpit attacks.
  • Legionnaire Decapitate.jpg Decapitate
    • Sped up animation and impact time

Legacy Abilities[edit | edit source]

[ W ]
Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
Type - Magic
The Legionnaire terrifies a target foe with a display of mighty rage. While terrified, the target foe takes damage over time until he manages to kill a unit, friend or foe, to overcome the terror. If no unit is killed, the terror will eventually expire naturally.
Range: 900
Mana Cost: 75/85/95/105
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10 seconds
Applies Terrified to target for 10/13/16/19 seconds.

Terrified Effects
15/17/25/33 Magic damage per second. This effect is removed when the inflicted kills a unit.

  • Terrified is removed on denies as well.
  • Deals up to 150/221/400/627 Magic Damage if it is not removed early.

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