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Lex Talionis

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Lex Talionis
Lex Talionis.jpg
Location Icon Supportive.png Supportive
Type Filter Armor.png Armor
Filter Regeneration.png Regeneration
Filter Activatable.png Activatable
Stats +5 Damage
+6 Armor
Cost 1150 (100)
Components Item Builds into
Ringmail (550)
Ring of the Teacher (500)
Lex Talionis.jpg

Description[edit | edit source]

Lowers both yours and target's Armor.

This item does not get negated by Null Stone.jpg Null Stone.

Activation[edit | edit source]

Target Unit Other Heroes
Type - Physical
Range: 1000
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Applies Lex Talionis to both yourself and the target for 8 seconds. Dispells debuff from self if the target dies early.

Lex Talionis Effects
-6 Armor

Lex Talionis Ally Effects
+6 Armor

Effects[edit | edit source]

Aura Ally Player Units
Radius: 900
Grants +2 Armor and +1 Mana Regeneration aura.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.5.4

  • Recipe cost reduced from 225 Gold.png to 100 Gold.png.
    • Total cost reduced from 1275 Gold.png to 1150 Gold.png.
  • Passive Armor bonus reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Aura now also grants 2 bonus Armor.
    • This is in addition to 1 Mana Regeneration that the Aura already provides.

Version 4.5.0

  • Recipe: Ringmail.jpg Ringmail (550 Gold.png) + Ring of the Teacher.jpg Ring of the Teacher (500 Gold.png) + Recipe (225 Gold.png). Total 1275 Gold.png
  • Grants: +8 Armor, +5 Attack Damage.
  • Aura (900 radius): Grants 1 Mana Regeneration to nearby ally player-controlled units.
  • Active: Grants target ally 6 bonus Armor; or reduces the target enemy's Armor by 6 for 8 seconds. Reduces your own Armor by 6 for the duration. Dispels debuff from self if the target dies early.
    • Single target, 1000 cast range, 8 second cooldown.

Version 4.1.3

  • Recipe reworked to be: Ringmail.jpg Ringmail (550 Gold.png) + Trinket of Restoration.jpg Trinket of Restoration (350 Gold.png) + Recipe (100 Gold.png)
    • 1000 Gold.png total
  • No longer upgradeable.
  • Now passively grants: +6 Armor, +3 Health Regeneration.
  • Upon activation reduces enemy's and own Armor by 6.
  • Can now be used on allies to grant them bonus Armor (same amount) at the cost of your own.
  • Mana cost reduced from 5 to 0.

Version 4.0.0

  • Recipe cost reduced from 250 Gold.png to 150 Gold.png.

Version 3.7.1

  • Mana Cost increased from 0 to 5

Version 3.6.0

  • Range increased from 800 to 1000
  • Recipe cost reduced from 275 to 250
  • Mana cost Removed
  • Now dispels debuff from self if the target dies early

Version 3.5.0

  • Mana Cost decreased to 10 from 25.

Version 3.3.0

  • Mana Cost decreased to 25 from 50.
  • Range increased to 800 from 750.

Version 3.2.3

  • Recipe cost decreased to 275 Gold.png from 300 Gold.png.

Version 3.1.0

  • Added.

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