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Hellbourne.png Hellbourne
Strengthlogo.gif 22 Agilitylogo.gif 19 Intelligencelogo.gif 16
(+2.3) (+2.1) (+1.8)
Level 1 16 25
Health 568 1252 1993
Mana 208 585 1027
Damage 46-57 82-93 121-132
Armor 2 6.62 11.8
Attack Speed 0.69 0.87 1.11
Movement Speed 300
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 1.00
Attack Range 150 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.53/0.47
Turn Rate 450

Info[edit | edit source]

The primordial and elemental creature known as Magmus is no demon, though he fights alongside the Hellbourne. Rather, he was drawn forth from the earth, as evil calls to evil and separate flames join to form an inferno. A holdover from an ancient, cataclysmic age of fire, Magmus dreams of returning Newerth to ash, lava, and cinder, and he wields his considerable might and magic in that terrible cause.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lava Surge
[ Q ]
Magmus Lava Surge.jpg
Cast Time: 0.1 / 0 seconds
Target Dual Organic Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Riding on lava, Magmus surges toward a target location, damaging and stunning enemy units in his path.
Range: 400/500/600/700
Mana Cost: 110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Transports self to target location, dealing 100/160/220/280 Magic Damage to targets who pass within radius of self and stunning them for 2.15 seconds.

During the first 0.5 seconds of the stun, affected targets cannot be attacked.

This is how real men surf!
  • Has a touch radius of 145.
  • Magmus is invulnerable during Lava Surge.

Steam Bath
[ W ]
Magmus Steam Bath.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Self Non-Neutral Enemies
Magmus releases extreme heat, toasting the area around him. The resulting steam damages nearby enemy units over time and cloaks Magmus from enemy eyes.
Radius: 450
Mana Cost: 60/50/40/30
Cooldown: 40/30/20/10 seconds
Channeling Time: 60 seconds
Applies stealth to self for duration of channel and deals 30/50/70/90 Magic Damage per second to enemies in radius around self.

Upon breaking channel, there is a 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5 second delay before Magmus is revealed.

Who kept the sauna running?
  • Disjoints projectiles on cast.
  • Stealth has a fade time of 0 seconds.
  • Can deal a total of 1800/3000/4200/5400 Magic Damage if you channel the entire duration.

Volcanic Touch
[ E ]
Magmus Volcanic Touch.jpg
No Target
Upon attacking enemy units, Magmus' flaming mace instills an intense heat in them. If they die while under the effects of this intense heat, they explode, damaging the nearby enemies of Magmus.
Cooldown: 1 second
Applies Volcanic Touch to target for 0.25 seconds.
Who ordered extra crispy?

Volcanic Touch Effects
When the unit inflicted by this state is killed, enemies of the inflictor within a 400 radius are damaged for 90/130/170/210 Magic Damage.

  • Can be toggled off.
  • Unlike most other Magic Damage sources, Volcanic Touch can damage Siege units, but does not apply the debuff on them.

Eruption (Pyroclasm)
[ R ]
Magmus Eruption.jpg
Cast Time: 0.25 / 0 seconds
Self Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Radius: 300
Mana Cost: 175/250/325
Cooldown: 140/120/100 (120/100/80) seconds
Channeling Time: 2 seconds
At the end of channel time, sends out 1 pulse of damage every 0.35 seconds to targets in radius and applies Eruption to enemy heroes for 3 seconds (5 seconds to enemy non-hero units). Each pulse deals 110 Magic Damage. Maximum of 6/8/10 (8/10/12) pulses. Radius grows from 300 to 550/675/725 (600/700/800) during the full duration of 1.75/2.45/3.15 (2.45/3.15/3.85) seconds.
Now, who called me a flamer?

Eruption Effects
30% Movement Slow

  • Radius of each pulse increases by 50/53.57/47.22 (42.85/44.44/45.45) per pulse.
  • Pulses will persist even if Magmus dies during Eruption.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.3.0

  • Base Strength increased from 18 to 22.
  • Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge
    • Mana Cost lowered from 140 to 110/120/130/140.
  • Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath
    • Radius changed from 300/350/400/450 to 450.
    • Channel time changed from 20/40/60/80 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • Magic Damage per second increased from 20/40/60/80 to 30/50/70/90.

Version 4.0.0

  • Magic Armor decreased from 5.25 to 4.
  • Armor increased from 1.76 to 2.0.

Version 2.6.16

  • Base Attack Damage rescaled from 43-59 to 46-57

Version 2.6.10

Version 2.6.4

  • Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath
    • Radius reduced from 300/350/400/550 to 300/350/400/450

Version 2.5.20

  • Health regen reduced from 1.25 to 1
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.5.8

Version 2.2.0

  • Health regen increased from 0.25 to 1.25 health per second
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.0.34

  • Attach Range now 128 units
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.0.14

  • Base Armor increased from 0.66 to 1.76
  • Magmus Volcanic Touch.jpg Volcanic Touch
    • No longer considered an Attack Modifier
    • Now toggleable

Version 1.0.13

Version 1.0.3

Version 0.3.6

  • Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge
    • Now grants invulnerability during travel time.

Version 0.1.63

Version 0.1.54

  • Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge
    • Can now target players, not just a position on the ground.
    • Can now be used while immobilized.

Version 0.1.48

  • Can no longer blink out of Puppet Strings or while immobilized.

Version 0.1.45

  • Magmus Eruption.jpg Eruption
    • Added 250ms cast time
  • Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath
    • Cooldown reduced from 40/35/30/25s to 40/30/20/10s.

Version 0.1.42

Version 0.1.36

  • Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge
    • Takes 0.5 seconds to recover from Lava Surge
  • Magmus Eruption.jpg Eruption
    • Doesn't slow magic immune units.

Version 0.1.35

  • Base Armor reduced from 3.4 to 0.7.
  • Base Damage reduced by 18.
  • Magmus Lava Surge.jpg Lava Surge
    • Fixed first part of Lave Surge acting as a silence instead of a stun.
    • Radius reduced to match DotA's Sand King.
  • Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath
    • No longer hurts neutrals, including Kongor.

Version 0.1.34

  • Hero Added

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