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Hero Artesia.jpg Artesia
Set(s) Icon Ultimate Avatar.png Ultimate Avatar
Icon Steamworks.png Steamworks
Released Version 3.8.0
Listed Price   975 Gold coins.png

Description[edit source]

The damned self-righteous URSA Corps, sanctimonious Paragons, Saviors, Invaders, and alien Artificers injecting Dark Matter into the veins of Newerth – Klanx had seen enough, especially after witnessing how easily they shattered his creations. After months of prowling the battlefields and salvaging what he could from these new classes of warrior, he retreated to his workshop and began to experiment. Klanx quickly realized there was only one entity on Newerth that could control the levels of destruction he'd uncovered – and she might even survive the experience.
He sent word to the powerful sorceress Artesia that he had found a way to resurrect her lost lover from the Vaults of All Hells – a lie, of course. When Artesia arrived brimming with new hope, Klanx quickly dashed it from her, subdued the sorceress (at the cost of many lackeys and stun grenades) and commenced siphoning her essence of arcane magic. The power was greater than he had hoped. It created an implacable consciousness within the evolving set of armor he had created, an awareness unencumbered by compassion or empathy. Klanx puffed with satisfaction; he had created the perfect weapon for destroying the endless rabble of factions, gods, and corps that all thought they were the answer to Newerth's tribulations. He had melded technology and magic into a terrible, singular arsenal, and he would enjoy watching her fulfill her purpose.
Then Artesia awoke, blasted the narcissistic megalomaniac through a wall and fled before she realized his creation was stirring, rising, and following.



Level Progression

Level 1-5
  • Apprentice Artesia new in her power, Klanx's magical machine only bears the slightest amount of arcane armor to protect her as she learns and evolves.
Level 6-10
  • Arcanist Artesia confident in her abilities, the mechanical magician begins donning magical accoutrements designed to help her channel her newfound power through every gear and diode.
Level 11+
  • Archmage Mechartesia, fully evolved and complete in her absorption of arcane energy, Mechartesia emerges adorned in her full battle gear, resplendently displaying her power and beginning machinations of her own!

Item Effects

These items give different effects: Grave Locket.jpg Grave Locket, Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power, Icon of the Goddess.jpg Icon of the Goddess, Marchers.jpg Marchers Nome's Wisdom.jpg Nome's Wisdom, Ring of Sorcery.jpg Ring of Sorcery, Kuldra's Sheepstick.jpg Kuldra's Sheepstick, Spellshards.jpg Spellshards, Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master, Tablet of Command.jpg Tablet of Command. See video for details.

Artesia Alt Avatars
Icon Debut Edition.png
EA Only
Icon The Bloodtide Brigade.png
400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png
Artesia le Fay.jpg
Artesia le Fay

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Icon Ultimate Avatar.png Icon Steamworks.png
975 Gold coins.png

Icon Spring Festival.png Icon Holiday Edition.png
450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png
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