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Legion.png Legion
Strengthlogo.gif 19 Agilitylogo.gif 21 Intelligencelogo.gif 30
(+1.8) (+2.3) (+2.1)
Level 1 16 25
Health 511 1062 1708
Mana 390 819 1300
Damage 46-54 82-90 121-129
Armor 2.94 7.98 13.44
Attack Speed 0.69 0.91 1.11
Movement Speed 290
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 0.25
Attack Range 550 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 1200
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.45/0.55
Turn Rate 450

Info[edit | edit source]

One of Harkon's many apprentices, Moira came into contact with extremely unstable arcane energies when Harkon forged his Blade. Over time she got some control of the energy now within her, leaving her with great power... that she still has trouble controlling.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shards of Harkon
[ Q ]
Moira Shards of Harkon.jpg
Cast Time: 0.4 / 0.3 seconds
Target Unit Ally Heroes
Type - Superior Magic
Moira conjures up two Shards of Harkon, consuming one and tossing another to an Ally. After a short time they explode, stunning and damaging nearby enemies.
Range: 550
Radius: 550
Mana Cost: 100/110/120/130
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Target an Ally (or self). After a 1 second delay, energy explodes out from you, dealing 70/120/170/220 Magic Damage and applying a 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second Stun to the 2 nearest enemies. Will focus Heroes before Creeps.

After an additional 1 second delay, the target will also explode, hitting 2 enemies nearest them with the same effect.

Can target yourself, and the same enemy cannot be hit by both explosions.

-Can be cast on Magic Immune allies
-Orbs explode 1 and 2 seconds after casting the ability

Rock, paper....Harkons!

Mana Sunder
[ W ]
Moira Mana Sunder.jpg
Cast Time: 0.5 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Heroes
Type - Magic
Target an enemy hero to completely empty their Manapool. After a short delay, they regain all of the Mana they lost.
Range: 550
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Target an enemy hero to destroy all of their Mana, dealing 1/2/3/4x their Intelligence in Magic Damage.

After a 1/1.5/2/2.5 second delay, they slowly regain all the mana they lost over 5 seconds.

If the enemy casts anything while they are regaining mana, their manapool goes back to 0 and after a 1 second delay, they regain it all again.

-If the target casts a spell while they are regaining mana, they do not take damage a second time.
-If the target has over 1500 Max mana, their Max mana is lowered while they have 0 mana.

Poof, and now it's gone.
  • Mana Regeneration is disabled for the duration of the ability.
  • Spending Mana during the ability will restore your Mana to the amount you would have afterwards.
  • For the first 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds, the target will have 90% less Max Mana. Afterwards, the target will regain their Max Mana over 0.9 seconds, in increments of 10% per 0.1 seconds.
  • If the target has more than 1500 Max Mana, their Max Mana will be set to 10% for 1 second, then instantly regain their Max Mana afterwards. Otherwise, its Max Mana does not change.
  • Restoring Mana during Mana Sunder (Ex. Ring of Sorcery.jpg Ring of Sorcery) does not change the duration of the ability. Spending Mana within the 5 seconds will set your Mana to 0 again.
  • Mana scaling is disabled while your Max Mana is lowered. In other words, restoring Mana while your Max Mana is lowered will not set your Mana percentage relative to your Max Mana when it is restored. This prevents things like having Mana restored with Ring of Sorcery with lowered Max Mana from fully restoring your Mana after the delay.
  • Mana drained from abilities with Mana Upkeep (i.e. Oogie Conflagrate.jpg Conflagrate) does not set your Mana to 0.
    • Certain abilities without a static Mana Cost also does not set your Mana to 0 (Ex. Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed).
  • Mana Sunder can be dispelled. When dispelled, all the temporarily lost Mana will be restored instantly.

Ephemeral Forge
[ E ]
Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg
Cast Time: 0.1 / 0 seconds
Target Position
Type - Magic
Target a location within range to create a Spirit of yourself there. The Spirit can cast spells like you and use your items, but your hero is vulnerable!
Range: 3500/4000/4500/5000
Mana Cost: 25
Cooldown: 60/55/50/45 seconds
Channeling Time: 2 seconds
Target a location to channel and then create a Spirit Mimic of yourself that has unitwalking for 10/14/18/22 seconds. The Spirit takes 250% damage and can use all items and spells freely.

When the Spirit casts a spell, Moira loses mana equal to it's cost. If Moira is stunned or silenced, the ability ends.

-Spirit gains experience for Moira during it's life and up to 2 seconds after it ends.
-Ability cooldowns and Items are shared between Moira and the Spirit
-The Spirit cannot level Arcane Vortex
-Gives 30/45/60/75 Gold and Experience to any enemy who kills the Spirit
-If the ability ends early, the Spirit is stunned for the rest of it's lifetime.

Prepare for trouble, make it double!
  • The Mimic's autoattacks deal 50% damage in Magic Damage.
    • If the Mimic autoattacks a Magic Immune unit, it deals Physical Damage instead.
  • For the initial channeling time, enemies gain 200 day and night Clearvision around the Mimic.
    • In other words, enemies can see the Mimic through Fog of War during the initial channel time.
  • The mimic is invulnerable while being created.
  • The Spirit Mimic cannot use Consumables, Bound Eye.jpg Bound Eye, or Post Haste.jpg Post Haste.
  • Activate Ephemeral Forge with the Spirit Mimic to end channeling and reselect Moira.
  • The Mimic relays experience to Moira (gains experience for Moira, but experience gains cannot affect both) while active, and for 2 seconds after losing control of it.
  • Only the killer gains the experience bounty from the Mimic. This experience is not shared.

Arcane Vortex
[ R ]
Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg
Cast Time: 0.2 / 0.8 seconds
Target Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic (Superior Magic)
Target a location to overload it with unstable Arcane energy, ripping a hole in the fabric of reality. All nearby units are sucked into the energy.
Range: 550
Radius: 150 (250)
Mana Cost: 175/225/275
Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds
Target a location to suck all nearby units into an Energy Vortex for 4 seconds. The Vortex grows over time and you cannot target or interact with anyone inside.

For 2.5 seconds after it ends all Enemies are Slowed by 35% and take 125/250/375 Nonlethal Magic (Superior Magic) Damage; while Allies are Healed for 125/250/375 Health and have +35% Movement Speed.

When it ends, enemies will pop out closer to the center and allies closer to the edges.

-Vortex radius starts at 150 and grows to 400 (700) over the duration
-Any units that enter the Vortex are removed from the game for the duration
-State durations, onframe effects, and unit lifetimes are all paused while a unit is inside of the Vortex.

Side effects include dizziness.
  • Slows Movement Speed.
  • Destroys trees.
  • Vortex spin mechanics:
    • The speed of which a unit orbits inside the vortex depends on their distance from the center. The speed is faster the further it is from the center, and gradually decreases over time.
    • When the Vortex expires, units will be pushed to a random distance within 300 radius from the center.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.5.0

  • Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex
    • Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master effect:
      • Now also makes allies pop out on the edges of the ultimate and makes enemies pop out in the center.
        • Credits to Dattoking for the suggestion!

Version 4.4.0

  • Base Intelligence increased from 24 to 30.

Version 4.3.0

  • Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex
    • New Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master effects:
      • Damage type changed from Magic to SuperiorMagic.
      • Damage dealt to enemies is now lethal upon expiration.
      • Allies are healed for 125/250/375 Health upon expiration.
      • Initial radius increased from 150 to 250.
      • Final radius increased from 400 to 700.

Version 4.0.0

  • Base Intelligence increased from 21 to 24.
  • Base Strength increased from 17 to 19.
  • Base Damage increased from 43-51 to 46-54.
  • [Undocumented] Magic Armor increased from 5.75 to 6.

Version 3.8.0

  • Movement Speed decreased from 295 to 290.

Version 3.7.10

  • Moira Shards of Harkon.jpg Shards of Harkon
    • Stun duration decreased from 2 seconds to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.
      • The duration was bugged to be 2 seconds at all levels; this is simply readjusting them to their intended numbers.
    • Magic Damage reduced from 70/140/210/280 to 70/120/170/220.
  • Moira Mana Sunder.jpg Mana Sunder
    • Is now purgeable (target regains their suppressed mana when the state is purged).

Version 3.6.0

  • Moira Shards of Harkon.jpg Shards of Harkon
    • Will now hit units in fog
      • Will not hit stealthed units unless they are revealed
  • Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Ephemeral Forge
    • Spirit is now invulnerable during the first 2 seconds of the spell's channel (in addition to being disabled)
  • Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex
    • Cast action time decreased from 400ms to 200ms
    • Initial radius increased from 125 to 150

Version 3.4.4

  • Hero added.

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