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Movement Speed dictates how fast a unit moves. Movement speed is calculated in units per second. Movement speed is hard capped at 550, with few exceptions. The minimum movement speed is capped at 100.

Formula[edit | edit source]

Movement Speed = ((Base Movement Speed + Flat Movement Speed Bonus) * Percentage Movement Speed Bonus) * [(Movement Slow * Slow Resistance) per Movement Slow debuff] Rounded

To clarify, here's a theoretical example:

A hero with 305 Base MS with the items:

And with the following buffs and debuffs:

  • Buff 1 (+12% Movement Speed)
  • Buff 2 (50% Slow Resistance)
  • Debuff 1 (-25 Movement Speed)
  • Debuff 2 (40% Movement Slow)
  • Debuff 3 (30% Movement Slow)

Therefore, this is what the formula would be: ((300 + 50 - 25) * (1 + 0.1 + 0.12)) * (1 - 0.4*(1-0.5)) * (1 - 0.3*(1-0.5)) = (325) (1.22) (0.8) (0.85) = 269.62 -> 270

All percentage-based MS bonuses are calculated together and add based on the flat MS bonuses. Each Movement Slow debuff is calculated separately.

Movement Speed increasers[edit | edit source]

Movement Modifier[edit | edit source]

Only one of these modifiers will be in effect. The highest Movement modifier will take priority.

Item +Movement Speed
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste 105
Ghost Marchers.jpg Ghost Marchers 70
Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves 65
Sorcery Boots.jpg Sorcery Boots 65
Steamboots.jpg Steamboots 60
Striders.jpg Striders 50
Marchers.jpg Marchers 45

Firebrand Modifier[edit | edit source]

Only one of these modifiers will be in effect. The highest Firebrand modifier will take priority.

Item +Movement Speed
Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer 12%
Frostburn.jpg Frostburn 10%
Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane 10%
Searing Light.jpg Searing Light 10%
Firebrand.jpg Firebrand 8%

Other Items[edit | edit source]

These items provide additional Movement Speed, which can be stacked.

Item +Movement Speed
Stormspirit.jpg Stormspirit 25

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flat increase[edit | edit source]

Unit/Item Source Target +Movement Speed Duration Notes
Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Amun-Ra Path of Destruction.jpg Path of Destruction Self 300 N/A Applies while on the path; Path lasts 1.4 seconds
Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Amun-Ra Path of Destruction.jpg Path of Destruction Self 20/40/60/80 6 seconds Applies when Amun-Ra is struck by the meteor
Blitz.jpg Blitz Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfer Self 3/5/7/9 per charge 5 seconds Adds a charge every 0.2 seconds while linked; Removes a charge every 0.1 seconds after link is broken
Bramble.jpg Bramble Bramble Enhanced Shrubbery.jpg Enhanced Shrubbery Ally Units 30/60/90/120 6 seconds Applies to allies on trail; buff lingers for 0.5 second
Calamity.jpg Calamity Calamity Funeral Pyre.jpg Funeral Pyre Self 3 30/60/90/120 seconds Charges are individually timed
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Clearcutting.jpg Clearcutting Self 30/45/60/75 15 seconds
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Clearcutting.jpg Clearcutting Self 30/45/60/75 2 seconds Applies after walking over a tree
Electrician.jpg Electrician Electrician Energy Absorption.jpg Energy Absorption Self 50 7 seconds Must hit at least one enemy unit
Emerald Warden Summon Gawain.jpg Gawain Gawain Forest's Touch.jpg Forest's Touch Owner 40 5 seconds Casts when owner is below 40% Health
Empath.jpg Empath Empath Faster.jpg Faster! Joined Hero 150 2 seconds Decays over duration
Item Energizer.jpg Energizer Activation Ally Units 75 10 seconds Movement Speed tapers off over duration
Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet Gauntlet Infernal Instability.jpg Infernal Instability Self 40/50/60/70 1 attack or 4 seconds
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Elemental Force.jpg Elemental Force Passive 1 per 5/4/3/2 Agility N/A 60% effectiveness on Fire and Ice; Equal to 0.20/0.25/0.34/0.50 per Agility; Maximum of +127 Movement Speed
Geomancer.jpg Geomancer Geomancer Geo Stalk.jpg Geo Stalk Self 25 30 seconds (Stealth)
Gunblade.jpg Gunblade Gunblade Demonic Shield.jpg Demonic Shield Self 20/40/60/80 8 seconds Removed when shield is broken
Legionnaire.jpg Legionnaire Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge Self 100/200/300/400 While charging
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone|Rocket Drill} Self 100 3 seconds After second activation
Lord Salforis.jpg Lord Salforis Lord Salforis Life Tap.jpg Life Tap Self 50 1 attack or 5 seconds
Madfred's Brass Knuckles.jpg Madfred's Brass Knuckles Passive Self 15 N/A Applied at 5 charges
Mauser.jpg Mauser Nitro Divide & Conquer.jpg Divide & Conquer Passive 0/15/30/45/60 N/A
Monarch.jpg Monarch Monarch Cleansing Wind.jpg Cleansing Wind Ally Heroes 100/150/200 6 seconds
Moraxus.jpg Moraxus Moraxus Arcane Shield.jpg Arcane Shield Self 200 6 seconds Applies after absorbing an ability projectile
Nitro.jpg Nitro Nitro Divide & Conquer.jpg Divide & Conquer Self 0/10/20/30/40 3 seconds Applied when Nitro Ballistic.jpg Ballistic hits an enemy hero; also applies to Mauser.jpg Mauser
Nomad.jpg Nomad Nomad Mirage Strike.jpg Mirage Strike Self (or Illusion) 522 While charging
Nymphora.jpg Nymphora Nymphora Grace of the Nymph.jpg Grace of the Nymph Ally Unit (with Mana) 25/50/75/100 4 seconds Removed when damaged by an enemy hero
Ophelia.jpg Ophelia Ophelia Command.jpg Command Owned Units 10/20/30/40 N/A Grants bonus MS to controlled units
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Leech.jpg Leech Self 50/75/100/125 4 seconds
Pebbles.jpg Pebbles Pebbles Enlarge.jpg Enlarge Passive 10/20/30 N/A
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste Activation Self 200 5 seconds Applies after teleporting; Removed when attacking or using abilities or items
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste Passive Self 45 N/A Increases to 45 MS over 8 seconds after leaving combat for 5 seconds
Ravenor.jpg Ravenor Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming Self 0.5/1/1.5 per charge N/A 80/120/160 charges maximum; Adds 8 charges when damaging an enemy hero with an attack or ability; After not gaining charges for 10 seconds, removes 10 charges per second
Reckless Horseman.jpg Reckless Horseman Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Charging Self 522 While charging
Riptide.jpg Riptide Riptide In My Element.jpg In My Element Self 15/30/45/60 N/A Applies while in water; 3 second lingering time
Riptide.jpg Riptide Riptide Perfect Storm.jpg Perfect Storm Ally Heroes 20/30/40 30 seconds Applies to all heroes within 1200 radius of Riptide
Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade Shadowblade Feint's Siphon.jpg Feint's Siphon Self 25/30/35/40 11 seconds Applies while Feint Form is active
Silhouette.jpg Silhouette Silhouette Tree Grapple.jpg Tree Grapple Self 100 6 seconds Removed after moving 1800 units from tree or using sub-skill
Snotter.jpg Snotter Boss Snotter Boss Snotter Speed.jpg Snotter Speed! Ally Units 100 8 seconds
Solstice.jpg Solstice Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Blinding Dash Self 350 While charging Applies for both Day & Night versions
Orb of Zamos.jpg Orb of Zamos Passive Self & Ally Hero 10 N/A Applies while synchronized to another hero
Striders.jpg Striders Passive Self 80 N/A Increases to 80 MS over 2 seconds after leaving combat for 6 seconds
Thunderbringer.jpg Thunderbringer Thunderbringer Blast of Lightning.jpg Blast of Lightning Ally Units 60/75/90/105 5 seconds
Vorax.jpg Vorax Passive N/A 5 per charge Permanent Gains one charge every 5 minutes of game time
Whispering Helm.jpg Whispering Helm Activation Ally Unit Varies Permanent Grants Movement Speed equal to 25% of owner's Movement Speed
Wingbow.jpg Wingbow Passive N/A 10 N/A Applies to Melee heroes only

Percentage increase[edit | edit source]

Unit/Item Source Target +Movement Speed Duration Notes
Accursed.jpg Accursed Accursed Sear.jpg Sear Ally Units 10% 4.5 seconds Applies when attacking a unit with Sear applied or casting an ability on an ally unit
Aluna.jpg Aluna Aluna Deja Vu.jpg Deja Vu Self 30/35/40/45% or 45/50/55/60% 3/4/5/6 seconds Removed after 3rd activation; Bonus movement speed is increased with Aluna Emerald Red.jpg Emerald Red version
Andromeda.jpg Andromeda Andromeda Void Rip.jpg Void Rip Self 10/20/30% 3 seconds
Armadon.jpg Armadon Armadon Restless.jpg Restless Self 4/5/6% per charge 10 seconds Each charge has independent duration
Artesia.jpg Artesia Artesia Arcane Missile.jpg Arcane Missile Ally Units 15% 3 seconds Healing Mode only
Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud Activation Self 15% 9 seconds (Stealth)
Berzerker.jpg Berzerker Berzerker Mark for Death.jpg Mark for Death Self 10/15/20/25% N/A Applies while facing marked target; 1.5 second lingering time
Blacksmith.jpg Blacksmith Blacksmith Frenzy.jpg Frenzy Ally Unit 6/9/12/15% 30 seconds
Blitz.jpg Blitz Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken Ally Unit 100/150/200/250% 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds
Blood Hunter.jpg Blood Hunter Blood Hunter Blood Sense.jpg Blood Sense Self 11/22/33/44% N/A Applies while another hero has <25/30/35/40% Health remaining
Corrupted Disciple.jpg Corrupted Disciple Corrupted Disciple Static Discharge.jpg Static Discharge Passive 3/6/9/12% N/A
Defiler.jpg Defiler Defiler Power in Death.jpg Power in Death Passive 3/6/9/12% N/A
Elder Parasite.jpg Elder Parasite Activation Self 20% 12 seconds
Electrician.jpg Electrician Electrician Cleansing Shock.jpg Cleansing Shock Ally Unit(s) 30/40/50% 5 seconds Decays over duration
Fayde.jpg Fayde Fayde Reflection.jpg Reflection Self 10% 20/40/60 seconds (Stealth)
Genjuro.jpg Genjuro Activation Self 20% 9 seconds (Stealth)
Ghost Marchers.jpg Ghost Marchers Activation Self 10% 6 seconds
Grinex.jpg Grinex Grinex Rift Stalk.jpg Rift Stalk Self 25% 6/7/8/9 seconds (Stealth)
Hammerstorm.jpg Hammerstorm Hammerstorm Galvanize.jpg Galvanize Ally Units 15% 5 seconds
Klanx.jpg Klanx Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K. Self (Passive) 5/10/15/20% 10/20/30/40 seconds (N/A)
Snotter.jpg Large Snotter Large Snotter Haste Aura.jpg Haste Aura Aura (Ally Units) 12% N/A
Moira.jpg Moira Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex Ally Units 35% 2.5 seconds
Monkey King.jpg Monkey King Monkey King Flying Nimbus.jpg Flying Nimbus Self 10/20/30% N/A Applies after not taking damage for 5 seconds; Removed when taking damage from heroes or towers
Nomad.jpg Nomad Nomad Sandstorm.jpg Sandstorm Ally Units 8/12/16/20% 4 seconds
Oogie.jpg Oogie Oogie Conflagrate.jpg Conflagrate Self 5/10/15/20% N/A Applied while toggled on
Parallax.jpg Parallax Parallax Earthshatter.jpg Earthshatter Self 5/10/15% N/A Applied while toggled on
Pestilence.jpg Pestilence Pestilence Flight.jpg Flight Self 10/20/30/40% 25 seconds
Predator.jpg Predator Predator Terror.jpg Terror Ally Units 15% 3.5 seconds Applies when attacking a unit with Terror applied
Prophet.jpg Prophet Prophet Raven Form.jpg Raven Form Self 15% 30/45/60 seconds Attacking or casting spells lowers the duration to 12 seconds if there are more than 12 seconds left on the state; Taking damage from enemy players removes the movement speed bonus for 3 seconds
Puzzlebox Wizard.jpg Puzzlebox Wizard Large Snotter Haste Aura.jpg Haste Aura Ally Units 3/6/9% N/A Puzzlebox Wizards have a lifetime of 35 seconds
Pyromancer.jpg Pyromancer Pyromancer Fervor.jpg Fervor Self 2/3/4/5% per charge 6 seconds Maximum of 3 charges
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Horned Strike.jpg Horned Strike Self 15% 1.5 seconds Applies after activation
Revenant.jpg Revenant Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud Ally Hero 10% 12/15/18/21 seconds Only after Revenant Manifestation.jpg Manifestation has been leveled
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith Sand Wraith Desert's Curse.jpg Desert's Curse Self & Owned Illusions 6/10/14/18% N/A Lasts while Sand Wraith is on the path; Lingers for 3 seconds after leaving path
Scout.jpg Scout Scout Vanish.jpg Vanish Self 10/15/20/25% Toggle (Stealth) Removed if Scout does not have enough Mana for upkeep; is not removed when placing Scout Electric Eye.jpg Electric Eye
The Gladiator.jpg The Gladiator The Gladiator Call to Arms.jpg Call to Arms Ally Units 10% 5/6/7 seconds Applies to allies that come in contact with the chariot
The Madman.jpg The Madman The Madman Stalk.jpg Stalk Self 50% 4 seconds (Stealth)
Tremble.jpg Tremble Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terrorform Self & Boris 10/20/30/40% N/A Applies while inside a Mound; 1 second lingering time
Valkyrie.jpg Valkyrie Valkyrie Courageous Leap.jpg Courageous Leap Ally Units 5/10/15/20% 10 seconds
Veiled Rot.jpg Veiled Rot Activation Owned Units 20% 30 seconds (Stealth) Removed if within 1000 units of enemy hero or building
Warchief.jpg Warchief Warchief Warcry.jpg Warcry Ally Heroes (Aura) 5% 12 seconds
Wild Hunter.jpg Wild Hunter Stealth Hunter On the Hunt.jpg On the Hunt Self 20% 15 seconds (Stealth)
Wildsoul.jpg Wildsoul Wildsoul Wild.jpg Wild Owned Units 4/6/8/10% 45 seconds Bonus Movement Speed is halved after 10 seconds

Haste[edit | edit source]

Practically gives the unit maximum movement speed, regardless of how many slows they have applied.

Unit/Item Source Target Duration Notes
Apex.jpg Apex Apex Fire Surge.jpg Fire Surge Self 1 Attack or 2.5 seconds
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Chronofield.jpg Chronofield Self 4/5/6 seconds Applies to self while inside the Chronofield
Deadlift.jpg Deadlift Deadlift Onslaught.jpg Onslaught Self & Allied Non-Hero Units 6 seconds Removed when target dies
Flying Courier.jpg Flying Courier Winged Courier Speed Boost.jpg Speed Boost Self 20 seconds
Icon Haste.jpg Haste Rune Rune User 30 seconds
Kane.jpg Kane Kane Face Off.jpg Face Off Self & Enemy Hero 3.5/4.5/5.5 seconds Duration refreshes when both units clash
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Stampede.jpg Stampede Self While charging
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith Sand Wraith Desert's Curse.jpg Desert's Curse Owned Illusions 1 Attack or 5 seconds Applies to illusions within 2000 units of targeted enemy hero
War Beast.jpg War Beast War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis Owned Units 14/15/16 seconds

Maximum Movement Speed modifiers[edit | edit source]

Unit/Item Source Target +Max Movement Speed Duration Notes
Blitz.jpg Blitz Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken Passive +20/40/60/80 N/A
Chronos.jpg Chronos Chronos Chronofield.jpg Chronofield Self +478 N/A Applies while inside the Chronosphere
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Stampede.jpg Stampede Self +150 While charging

Movement Speed decreasers[edit | edit source]

All Movement Speed decreasers reduce MS by a flat amount. While percentage MS decreasers can technically exist, all percentage MS decreasers are typed as Movement Slows instead. Flat MS decreasers are unaffected by Slow Resistance.

Unit/Item Source Target -Movement Speed Duration Notes
Blitz.jpg Blitz Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfer Enemy Unit 3/5/7/9 per charge 5 seconds Adds a charge every 0.2 seconds while linked; Removes a charge every 0.1 seconds after link is broken
Calamity.jpg Calamity Calamity Funeral Pyre.jpg Funeral Pyre Self 3 30 seconds Charges are individually timed
Parasite.jpg Parasite Parasite Leech.jpg Leech Enemy Unit 50/75/100/125 4 seconds

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.1.0

  • Default Max Movement Speed limit increased from 522 to 550.

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