Nuri and Bryce

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Nuri and Bryce
Nuri and Bryce.jpg
Hero Gemini.jpg Gemini
Set(s) Icon Community Avatar.png Community Avatar
Icon Gold Collection.png Gold Collection
Released Version 3.9.9
Listed Price   600 Gold coins.png

Description[edit source]

The first pair of twins born in the Second Corruption, Nuri and Bryce were orphaned at a young age when war tore apart their family as it had to so many others. But unlike most other children, the pair possessed ample magical gifts that helped them survive. Nuri, the more rambunctious sibling, wields smoldering flames to toast any that agitate her. Bryce, her brother, commands ice to mitigate the casualties of his sister’s outbursts.
Their arcane talents made them prime targets for both Legion and Hellbourne recruitment efforts. Unsure which faction contributed to their parents' tragic demise, the twins would violently rebuke the efforts of recruiters from both factions. Goodwill warped to agitation and both sides utilized bounty hunters and kidnappers to forcibly separate the pair. But those who underestimate the twins often find themselves overwhelmed as a barrage of fire and ice assaults them from all directions. The surviving would-be captors might find the two-on-one situation unfair, but the twins realize that having only each other aren’t favorable odds when they're up against the rest of the world.



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Nuri and Bryce.jpg
Nuri and Bryce
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