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Hero Riftwalker.jpg Riftwalker
Set(s) Icon Paragon Avatar.png Paragon Avatar
Released Version 3.7.9
Skill Icons
Opal Cascade Event.jpgOpal Shared Existence.jpgOpal Rift Burn.jpgOpal Wormhole.jpg
Listed Price   600 Gold coins.png

Description[edit source]

The multicolored opal contains traces of the virtues of all the other magical crystals, and the master of these gems wields a powerful spectrum of sorcery. She is able to alter the very fabric of existence, and those affected by her opaline magic find their existence -- what little remains -- completely within her control.



Opal Paragon Riftwalker Upgrades

  • Riftwalker Cascade Event.jpg Cascade Event upgrade: Deeper purple effects with additional blue shockwaves and crystals piercing through the center.
  • Riftwalker Shared Existence.jpg Shared Existence upgrade: Adds crystals on the chest of the target along with a purple cloud effect above and small piercing crystals below.
  • Riftwalker Rift Burn.jpg Rift Burn upgrade: Extra white comets circle through the black hole with smaller blue crystals circling the center.
  • Riftwalker Wormhole.jpg Wormhole upgrade: Additional crystals form at each wormhole while crystal shards penetrate the ground around the feet of Riftwalker. The impact of the wormhole causes more crystals to poke through the ground leaving glowing cracks in their place.
  • Carnage Counter Upgrade: Dazzle all of Newerth with a running display of your all-time kills and assists with your Icon Paragon Avatar.pngParagon avatars!
    • The Carnage Counter stats are only counted in Matchmaking games.
    • The Carnage Counter stats are not counted in Bot Matchmaking games.

Upgraded Skill Icons

Riftwalker Alt Avatars
Elder Riftwalker.jpg
Elder Riftwalker
Icon Debut Edition.png
EA Only
Queen Riftwalker.jpg
Queen Riftwalker
Icon Rift Beasts.png
Unlock Me!
Possessed Riftwalker.jpg
Possessed Riftwalker

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Icon Paragon Avatar.png
600 Gold coins.png

Pandora Riftwalker.jpg
Pandora Riftwalker

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
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