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Hero Qi.jpg Qi
Set(s) Icon Debut Edition.png Debut Edition
Released Version 4.4.3
Listed Price   EA Only

Description[edit source]

Osho, also called "The Old Teacher" by his students (along with slightly less-honorific titles behind his back) is the eldest instructor among the Sang-La monks and the most experienced when it comes to battling evil corruption. The Hellbourne and their capacity for chaos have ceased to surprise him, and some days he simply can't even muster the energy to be interested in the daemons he's sending back to All Hells. The only thing that does manage to raise one of his bushy white eyebrows is when a student of The Way does not act like a totally idiotic buffoon in training, tripping over their own clumsy feet and stammering like a newborn chiprel. Only his beloved cat Osho truly understands, for his ability to remain aloof among morons is beyond even Master Osho's.

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Master Ka

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