Physical Immunity

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Void Talisman.jpg

Physical Immunity grants immunity against Physical Damage and Physical type effects.

Physical Immune units are immune to all forms of Physical Damage, Physical-typed status effects, and cannot be directly targeted by abilities with the Physical cast type. Physical Immune units can be autoattacked, but unless your attack type was modified to deal Magic Damage, all autoattacks will miss against the target (which cannot be negated with True Strike). Physical Immunity is not the same as 100% Physical Damage reduction (Ex. Jeraziah Sol's Blessing.jpg Sol's Blessing), as the latter only reduces damage, and does not protect against status effects and can still be targeted.

Currently, there is only one source of Physical Immunity: Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman.

Typeless effects are unaffected by Physical Immunity, and True Damage deals damage through Physical Immunity. Mixed Damage also goes through Physical Immunity, as it is typed both Superior Magic and Superior Physical. Superior Physical effects also bypass Physical Immunity, but currently no ability is exclusively typed Superior Physical.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Item Source Duration Notes
Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman Activation 4 seconds Disarmed; -5.5 Magic Armor; Activation Modifier

Abilities that bypass Physical Immunity[edit | edit source]

Mixed Damage[edit | edit source]

Mixed Damage is actually typed both Superior Magic and Superior Physical, meaning it bypasses both Magic Immunity and Physical Immunity, but is reduced by both Armor and Magic Armor.

Hero Source Notes
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Headsmash.jpg Headsmash Deals 1/2 damage in Magic Damage
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Shatterstorm.jpg Shatterstorm Deals 1/2 damage in Magic Damage; Shatterstorm effect is blocked
Tundra.jpg Tundra Tundra Piercing Shards.jpg Piercing Shards
Wildsoul.jpg Wildsoul Wildsoul Summon Booboo.jpg Summon Booboo Wildsoul takes Mixed Damage when Booboo is killed