Reckless Horseman

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Reckless Horseman
Reckless Horseman.jpg
Combat Type Hero
Health 5000
Health Regen 15
Mana 10000
Mana Regen 5
Damage 100
Armor 10
Magic Armor 15
Movement Speed 350
Sight Range 1400/1400
Attack Range 150 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.55
Attack Animation 0.4/0.4
Turn Rate 540
Gold 350 Gold.png
Experience 1789
Notes Unitwalking

The Reckless Horseman is the Boss Neutral of the Mid Wars version of Rift Wars from Version 3.5.7 to Version 3.5.9, temporarily replacing the Snotter Boss.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In addition to these abilities, every 30 seconds, the Reckless Horseman gains 2 Damage and 100 Max Health, and stops gaining stats after 60 minutes. The Reckless Horseman is also immune to Armor reduction effects (but not Magic Armor reductions).

At the beginning of the match (before the clock hits 0:00), the Reckless Horseman will throw multiple pumpkin bombs along the river. These bombs have the same effects as the pumpkin bombs for his 2nd ability.

When attacked, every 3 seconds the Reckless Horseman will perform a check. If there is an enemy hero within 650 radius, it has a 75% chance to cast a random ability at a random hero within radius.

When the Reckless Horseman is taken below 35% Health, it will become visually enraged, which is removed once the Reckless Horseman's Health is taken above 40%. The Reckless Horseman may use Charging only while enraged.

All abilities have a chance to trigger once the Reckless Horseman takes damage from an attack.

[ Q ]
Reckless Horseman Captured.jpg
Cast Time: 0.15 / 0.85 seconds
Target Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Range: 1300
Radius: 200
Mana Cost: 125
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Spawns roots at the target position. After a 4 second delay, enemies standing within the roots are Immobilized, receive a -5 Armor debuff, and take 100 Magic Damage per second for 4 seconds.
  • Units caught by the roots are also pushed 62 units towards the center over 0.4 seconds.
  • This ability is similar to Deadwood's Rotten Grasp.

Flaming Surprise
[ W ]
Reckless Horseman Flaming Surprise.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0.5 seconds
Target Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic
You should probably be worried.
Range: 800
Radius: 100
Mana Cost: 80
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Throws a pumpkin bomb that sticks to the nearest enemy hero within 110 radius or enemy unit within 100 radius upon landing.

After 8 seconds, the pumpkin bomb explodes, dealing 300 Magic Damage to enemy units within 240 radius and applying Morphed for 3 seconds.


Morphed Effects
Base Movement Speed set to 100.

  • The pumpkin takes 2 seconds to land at its target position, regardless of distance.
  • The pumpkin bomb provides 500 day and night vision around it.
  • Morphed Disables Deflection and Evasion.
  • The Slow from Morphed is actually a 100% Movement Slow, and can be reduced with Slow Resistance.
  • This ability is similar to Bombardier's Sticky Bomb.

Holding Back
[ E ]
Reckless Horseman Holding Back.jpg
The lower on health, the less this guy holds back.
Passively grants a 75% debuff duration reduction and 3 Damage per 1% of missing Health.

[ R ]
Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Target Unit Enemy Units
Type - Physical
Watch out!
Range: 1000
Cooldown: 8 seconds
The Reckless Horseman will only use this ability while enraged.

Charges at the target unit with +522 Movement Speed and Unitwalking. Destroys trees while charging. Grants vision of target while charging. Charge is cancelled if you issue another command, become stunned, Immobilized, or Restrained, or if the target moves more than 1750 units away from you.

When within 250 units of the target, charges through the target, ending 100 units behind the target. Any enemy units charged through are knocked up for 1.6 seconds, dealing 200 Physical Damage in a 200 radius around each launched unit upon landing. Enemies are stunned for an additional 1.55 seconds after landing.

  • Trees are destroyed in a 80 radius around the Reckless Horseman while charging.
  • The knockup is a non-reducible stun, while the stun after landing can be reduced.
  • This ability is similar to Solstice's Blinding Rush.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Neutrals, the Reckless Horseman will spawn as soon as the game starts.

When the Reckless Horseman is killed, it will respawn exactly 10 minutes after its death. It is impossible to prevent the Reckless Horseman from spawning.

Lair[edit | edit source]

The Reckless Horseman cannot be attacked from outside its lair. Any attacks attempted from outside its lair will show a pop-up as a Miss, but True Strike will not allow you to damage the Snotter Boss from outside its lair. However, abilities will damage the Snotter Boss, regardless damage type or whether the user is inside or outside the lair.

Any attacks dealt to the Reckless Horseman from more than 1000 range will miss.

AI[edit | edit source]

The Reckless Horseman will not attempt to use its abilities until it has been attacked.

If the Reckless Horseman is lured outside of his lair for more than 3 seconds, he will be forced to return to his lair. When this happens, any debuffs are dispelled from the Reckless Horseman, and the Reckless Horseman gains Invulnerability, Cliffwalking and Buildingwalking until he returns to his lair.

The Reckless Horseman will never attack Towers.

Bounty[edit | edit source]

When the Reckless Horseman is killed, the killer will receive 350 gold. In addition, the killer's teammates will receive 200 gold. The killer does not receive this gold. If a non-player controlled unit lands the killing blow on the Reckless Horseman, it gives 230 gold to the team instead.

In addition, the Reckless Horseman will drop a Power Rune, two Tokens of Vision, and a Doom Bringer on death.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 3.5.7