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Hellbourne.png Hellbourne
Strengthlogo.gif 18 Agilitylogo.gif 21 Intelligencelogo.gif 21
(+1.8) (+2.0) (+2.7)
Level 1 16 25
Health 492 1043 1689
Mana 273 819 1365
Damage 51-54 93-96 135-138
Armor 3.94 8.42 13.46
Attack Speed 0.8 1 1.25
Movement Speed 295
Magic Armor 6
Base Health Regen 0.25
Attack Range 600 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 1200
Base Attack Time 1.5
Attack Animation 0.4/0.4
Turn Rate 540

Info[edit | edit source]

Risen from the souls of the fallen and forgotten, the revenant courses through battle a fiery remembrance of the ill fate that the damned of war are destined to fulfill. Soldiers and sorcerers alike cringe at the revenant's silent howl, a savage memory of battles past. Those who look into its empty gaze will find nothing but oblivion.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[ Q ]
Revenant Defile.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Target Unit Ally Heroes
Type - Magic
Enchants target's next two attacks to slow and deal bonus damage.
Range: 700
Mana Cost: 90/100/110/120
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Target's next 2 attacks deal bonus 40/70/100/130 Magic Damage.

Enemies affected also receive a stacking 20%, 4 second slow.

Buff lasts 5 seconds per attack.

Why does everything I touch die...
  • Losing the first charge in any way will set the second charge's buff to 5 seconds.
  • Does not affect buildings, but attacking a building will not remove a charge.
  • Slows Movement Speed.
  • Each charge of slow has its own duration.

[ W ]
Revenant Mortification.jpg
Cast Time: 0.35 / 0.35 seconds
Target Unit All Units
Type - Magic
Attaches an area affect DoT to target enemy or ally.
Range: 700
Radius: 300
Mana Cost: 85/95/105/115
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Target an ally or enemy unit to deal 15/25/35/45 Magic Damage per second for 6 seconds in a 300 unit radius.

Enemies affected suffer -1/-2/-3/-4 Magic Armor.

I think this lane is haunted.
  • Damage from multiple Mortifications stack. Magic Armor debuff does not stack.
  • Mortification is considered a Buff if cast on allies or an Debuff if cast on enemies.
  • Each individual Mortification deals a total of 90/150/210/270 Magic Damage.

Essence Shroud
[ E ]
Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg
Cast Time: 0.3 / 0.2 seconds
Target Unit Ally Heroes
Type - Magic
Shrouds target's essence, granting them stealth for the duration.
Range: 700
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Grants the target a 12/15/18/21 second stealth with a 1 second fade time.

The first attack out this stealth will reduce the target's armor by 1/2/3/4. This armor reduction can be stacked.

What was the tower range again?
  • Essence Shroud also applies Unitwalking.
  • Adds +10% Movement Speed and allows Revenant to cast abilities without breaking Stealth if Manifestation is leveled.
  • Only autoattacks out of Stealth will apply the Armor debuff.

Manifestation (Materialization)
[ R ]
Revenant Manifestation.jpg
Passively changes the way Revenant may cast abilities. This ability may be learned and upgraded at levels 4/8/12
At level 1 of Manifestation: you may cast all of your abilities while affected by Essence Shroud and all abilities now cast to a 2nd and 3rd target in range. Essence Shroud also gives a 10% bonus to Movement Speed.

At level 2 of Manifestation: all abilities now cast to a 2nd (4th) target in range.

At level 3 of Manifestation: your abilities cast now cast to a 3rd (5th) target in range.

But wait, there's more!
  • Manifestation causes abilities to chain to targets on the same team as the target's within 700 units.
  • For Defile and Essence Shroud, Manifestation always targets Revenant first. Mortification targets enemies first instead.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.1.3

  • Magic Armor decreased from 7 to 6.

Version 4.0.0

  • Magic Armor increased from 5.75 to 7.
  • Armor increased from 2.94 to 3.94.

Version 3.8.0

  • Movement Speed decreased from 300 to 295.

Version 3.4.0

  • Base Attack Time lowered from 1.7 to 1.5
  • Revenant Defile.jpg Defile
    • Slow duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Revenant Mortification.jpg Mortification
    • Prioritizes enemies over self

Version 3.2.0

Version 3.1.0

Version 2.6.28

  • Revenant Defile.jpg Defile
    • Cast range increased from 600 to 700
  • Revenant Mortification.jpg Mortification
    • Cast range increased from 600 to 700
  • Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud
    • Cast range increased from 600 to 700
    • Mana Cost decreased from 90/100/110/120 to 70/80/90/100

Version 2.5.8

  • Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud
    • Cooldown from 30 to 25
    • Duration from 10/15/20/25 to 12/15/18/21

Version 2.3.0

  • Fixed a bug where dispelling the visual state did not dispel the damage from Revenant Mortification.jpg Mortification

Version 2.2.0

  • Revenant Defile.jpg Defile
    • When the duration ends it will now remove 1 charge instead of expiring

Version 2.0.39

  • Hero Added

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