Rift Ravenor

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Rift Ravenor
Rift Ravenor.jpg
Hero Ravenor.jpg Ravenor
Released Version 3.2.0
Listed Price   400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png

Description[edit source]

The Great Rift continues to expand on the slope of Krula, plundering heroes from Newerth and returning them forever altered. The horrific Rift Ravenor was expelled from the chaotic realm because he and the giant eye that commands him didn't care who or what they tortured and killed--Riftspawn or Hunters--though now he prefers the way the humans and beasts scream.


Ravenor Alt Avatars
Dominus Ravenor.jpg
Dominus Ravenor
Icon Debut Edition.png
EA Only
Storm Demon Ravenor.jpg
Storm Demon Ravenor

390 Gold coins.png
1500 Silver coins.png
Icon Archaic Gods.png
400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png
Rift Ravenor.jpg
Rift Ravenor

400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png
El Diablo.jpg
El Diablo
Icon Ultimate Avatar.png Icon Elder Evils.png
975 Gold coins.png

Invader Ravenor.jpg
Invader Ravenor
Icon A.R.M.S..png
1000 Gold coins.png

GSL Ravenor.jpg
GSL Ravenor
Icon Gold Collection.png
600 Gold coins.png

Punk Ravenor.jpg
Punk Ravenor
Icon Punk.png
500 Gold coins.png

Cyber Ravenor.jpg
Cyber Ravenor

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
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