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Songkran Adrenaline

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Songkran Adrenaline
Songkran Adrenaline.jpg

There are no partygoers who embody the fun-filled water fight revelry of Songkran more than Songkran Adrenaline, who immediately rushes into any group of locals or tourists he stumbles across during the chaotic celebration and unleashes a truly epic barrage of splashing. Midway through the celebratory dousing, the soaked targets begin to wonder when this hyped-up prankster will run out of water -- but surprise! -- he never will. With a body made of water weapons and an endless supply to fill them, Songkran Adrenaline is prepared to make the Thai New Year last 365 days.

Hero Adrenaline.jpg Adrenaline
Set(s) Icon Songkran.png Songkran 2017
Released Version 4.0.6
Listed Price   450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png


Patch Avatar Spotlight (EN version)


Purchasing Songkran Adrenaline.jpg Songkran Adrenaline gives you both thai & en versions.