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Combat Type Neutral
Health 6000
Health Regen 15
Damage 100-100
Armor 10
Magic Armor 15
Movement Speed 350
Sight Range 1400/1400
Attack Range 150 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.55
Attack Animation 0.4/0.4
Turn Rate 540
Gold 350 Gold.png
Experience 1800
Notes Unitwalking

Songkranstein is the Boss Neutral of Mid Wars, temporarily replacing Zorgath and Transmutanstein in Version 3.6.7 to Version 3.6.8.

On death, it drops a Haste Rune, Double Damage Rune, Invisibility Rune, and a Doom Bringer.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In addition to these abilities, every 30 seconds, Songkranstein gains 200 Max Health, 2 Damage, and 0.1 Armor, and stops gaining stats after 60 minutes. Songkranstein is also immune to Armor reduction effects (but not Magic Armor reductions).

While Songkranstein is in play in Mid Wars, the map will contain two Trebuchets and a water balloon spawn point. See Songkran Mid Wars for more information.

When attacked, every 2 seconds Songkranstein will perform a check. If there is an enemy hero within 650 radius, it has a 50% chance to cast a random ability at a random hero within radius, prioritizing Sleeping Powder, then Water Cannon, then Geysers, then Water Spouts.

All abilities have a chance to trigger once Songkranstein takes damage from an attack.

Sleeping Powder
[ Q ]
Songkranstein Sleeping Powder.jpg
Cast Time: 0.2 / 0.8 seconds
Self Position
Type - Magic
Activate to launch a projectile into the air. Upon impact, releases Sleeping Powder that applies an increasing movespeed slow followed by a 3 second sleep to all units in range.
Radius: 600
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Launches a projectile into the air, which lands at your spot after 2.5 seconds. Upon impact, releases Sleeping Powder that applies a Movement Slow to enemies in a 400 radius. The slow increases to 100% over 2 seconds. Afterwards, enemies fall asleep for 3 seconds, becoming stunned while sleeping. Sleep expires early when taking damage.

Water Cannon
[ W ]
Songkranstein Water Cannon.jpg
Cast Time: 0.2 / 1.3 seconds
Target Position Enemy Heroes
Type - Superior Magic
Activate to spray water in target direction. Enemies in the blast radius are dealt 20% of their max health in magic damage.
Range: 800
Radius: 150
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Sprays water in target direction. Enemies hit by the water will be caught in it and dragged with it. After traveling 800 units, the water creates a blast that deals 20% of an enemy's Max Health in Magic Damage in a 120 radius.
  • The water will push enemies with Magic Immunity.
  • The water projectile has a touch radius of 120.

[ E ]
Songkranstein Geysers.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0.8 seconds
Self Enemy Units
Activate to spawn geysers in random locations around Songkranstein. If an enemy touches a geyser, they will be thrown outside the pit and take 20% of their max health in magic damage.
Radius: 750
Cooldown: 20 seconds
For the next 8 seconds, a geyser will spawn in a random location within a 500 radius every second. Enemies hit by the geyser will be thrown outside the pit. After landing, enemies in a 80 radius around a unit that lands will take 20% of their Max Health in Magic Damage and receive a tapering 90% Movement Slow for 2 seconds.
  • Enemies are launched to the outside of the pit over 1 second.

Water Cannon
[ R ]
Songkranstein Water Cannon.jpg
Cast Time: 0.2 / 0.3 seconds
Self Position Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Activate to shoot 3 rotating Water Spouts from Songkranstein. Water Spouts push enemies away, deal 10% max health in magic damage per second, and apply a 50% slow on touch.
Radius: 650
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Creates 3 rotating Water Spouts around Songkranstein for 12 seconds. Songkranstein cannot attack or cast abilities for the duration. These Water Spouts deal 10% of Max Health in Magic Damage per second and push enemies away at a rate of 500 units/second. Enemies receive 50% Movement Slow while taking damage.
  • A wall will spawn while this ability is active, blocking the pit's entrance.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Neutrals, Songkranstein will spawn as soon as the game starts.

When Songkranstein is killed, it will respawn exactly 10 minutes after its death. It is impossible to prevent Songkranstein from spawning.

Lair[edit | edit source]

Songkranstein cannot be attacked from outside its lair. Any attacks attempted from outside its lair will show a pop-up as a Miss, but True Strike will not allow you to damage the Snotter Boss from outside its lair. However, abilities will damage the Snotter Boss, regardless damage type or whether the user is inside or outside the lair.

Any attacks dealt to Songkranstein from more than 1000 range will miss.

AI[edit | edit source]

Songkranstein will not attempt to use its abilities until it has been attacked.

If Songkranstein is lured outside of his lair for more than 3 seconds, he will be forced to return to his lair. When this happens, any debuffs are dispelled from Songkranstein, and Songkranstein gains Invulnerability, Cliffwalking and Buildingwalking until he returns to his lair.

Songkranstein will never attack Towers.

Bounty[edit | edit source]

When Songkranstein is killed, the killer will receive 350 gold. In addition, the killer's teammates will receive 200 gold. The killer does not receive this gold. If a non-player controlled unit lands the killing blow on Songkranstein, it gives 230 gold to the team instead.

In addition, Songkranstein will drop a Haste Rune, Double Damage Rune, Invisibility Rune, and a Doom Bringer on death.

Songkran Mid Wars[edit | edit source]

Songkran Mid Wars adds a new gameplay element to Mid Wars. Each team starts with a Trebuchet on their side of the map and a water balloon will spawn on the southeast side of the river.

Water balloon[edit | edit source]

The water balloon spawns on the opposite side of the Rune location, on the southeast side of the river. The water balloon starts spawning at 00:15 and every 30 seconds afterwards. When a new water balloon spawns, the old one will be deleted, even if a hero is carrying it.

A hero can pick up a water balloon by walking in front of it. While the water balloon is in possession, any other hero that walks in front of it will grab the water balloon.

The water balloon can be delivered to the Trebuchet, which grabs the balloon and gains 5 shots, indicated by its Mana.

Trebuchet[edit | edit source]

The Trebuchet becomes loaded when a water balloon is carried to it. When attacked by a hero, it will use 1 Mana to launch a water balloon at a random enemy hero.

The water balloon will land at the target hero's position after 2 seconds, dealing damage in a 300 radius. Enemy units hit by the water balloon take 20% of their Max Health in Magic Damage and receive a stacking 20% Movement Slow for 2 seconds. This slow can stack up to 5 times.

Changelog[edit | edit source]