Soul Reaper

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Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper.jpg
Hellbourne.png Hellbourne
Strengthlogo.gif 18 Agilitylogo.gif 16 Intelligencelogo.gif 22
(+2.0) (+1.7) (+2.5)
Level 1 16 25
Health 492 1100 1784
Mana 286 793 1326
Damage 44-48 83-87 124-128
Armor 3 6.78 11.4
Attack Speed 0.67 0.83 1
Movement Speed 305
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 0.25
Attack Range 600 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 900
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.45/0.55
Turn Rate 450

Info[edit | edit source]

The Soul Reaper is born in the depths of Hell itself and has risen to the surface on a mission to capture the souls of Newerth. With the authority to instantly judge those he comes in contact with, even the strongest of the Legion wither when he approaches.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

[ Q ]
Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 1 seconds
Self Position All Other Units
Type - Magic
The Soul Reaper instantly judges those around him, determining their fate. Enemies take damage while allies are healed.
Radius: 500
Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180
Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 seconds
Deals 75/150/225/300 Magic Damage to enemies and heals allies for 55/80/105/130 in the radius.
Your fate is sealed!
  • Judgment heals Soul Reaper on cast.
  • Damage projectile travels at 500 speed, and the heal projectile travels at 400 speed.
  • Affects units in Fog of War.
  • Does not affect invisible units.

Withering Presence
[ W ]
Soul Reaper Withering Presence.jpg
Aura Enemy Units
No hero is without blemish. All who face the Soul Reaper face their every regret. Every harrowing moment spent in the Soul Reaper's presence damages those forced to endure it.
Radius: 800/900/1000/1100
Cooldown: 1 second
Passively causes enemies in the radius to lose .4/.6/.8/1% of their max Health per second. Activate to turn the aura off.
Stay out of my personal space.
  • Withering Presences directly removes Health, so it will not trigger On Hit effects such as disabling potions or trigger cooldown on a Portal Key.
  • Damages Non-Boss Neutral units, including Ancients.
  • Affected enemy units have a visible status debuff when they have vision or not over Soul Reaper.

Inhuman Nature
[ E ]
Soul Reaper Inhuman Nature.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Ally Heroes
Type - Magic
The Soul Reaper feeds on the mana of others, and his power grows when sapping the strength of those below him.
Range: 600
Passively stores up to 10 charges gaining 1 charge for creep kills and 2 for hero kills.

Target yourself or an allied hero to consume all charges and restore 12/24/36/48 Mana per charge to the target.

Putting this skill on autocast will consume all current charges, along with any additional charges, to yourself instantly.

Steve walks warily down the street...
  • Gains charges on denies.

Demonic Execution (Hellbourne Execution)
[ R ]
Soul Reaper Demonic Execution.jpg
Cast Time: 0.5 / 0.5 seconds
Target Unit Non-Boss Enemy Units
Type - Superior Magic
The Soul Reaper summons a Demonic Execution against the target, stunning and dealing damage based on how close to death they are.
Range: 600
Mana Cost: 150/300/450
Cooldown: 100/85/70 (70) seconds
40/60/90% (60/90/120%) of the target's missing Health is dealt as Magic Damage. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Death is coming for you.
  • Against a hero with 5.5 Magic Armor, Demonic Execution will kill the target with approximately <23/31/40% (31/40/47%) Health.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.0.0

  • Armor increased from 1.75 to 3.0.
  • Soul Reaper Demonic Execution.jpg Demonic Execution
    • Mana cost changed from 175/300/450 to 150/300/450.
    • The Mana cost is no longer changed when obtaining Staff of the Master (previously changed from 175/300/450 to 150/340/500).

Version 3.9.0

  • Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment
    • Damage increased from 70/140/210/280 to 75/150/225/300

Version 3.8.0

  • Movement Speed increased from 290 to 305.

Version 3.1.0

  • Soul Reaper Inhuman Nature.jpg Inhuman Nature
    • Can now store up to 10 charges, gaining 1 charge for each creep killed and 2 for Heroes killed
    • These charges may be used on self or ally to restore 12/24/36/48 Mana per charge
    • May also be right-clicked to put it on autocast.
      • While on autocast, you will instantly consume charges for yourself and not build up charges

Version 2.6.10

Version 2.5.22

  • Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment
    • Radius increased from 400/450/475/500 to 500/500/500/500
    • Damage increased from 75/125/200/275 to 70/140/210/280
    • Heal increased from 50/75/100/130 to 55/80/105/130
  • Soul Reaper Inhuman Nature.jpg Inhuman Nature
    • Mana return doubled for hero kills
  • Soul Reaper Withering Presence.jpg Withering Presence
    • Properly kills targets that have low life

Version 2.5.8

  • Base Armor from 1.10 to 1.75
  • Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment
    • Mana Cost reduced from 125/145/165/185 to 120/140/160/180
  • Soul Reaper Withering Presence.jpg Withering Presence
    • Radius increased from 700/800/900/1000 to 800/900/1000/1100

Version 2.1.0

  • Attack Action Time from 530 to 450

Version 2.0.14

  • Base Strength from 16 to 18
  • Strength Gain from 1.7 to 2.0

Version 2.0.4

  • Fixed Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment, it was hitting siege units before

Version 1.0.7

  • Strength Gain from 2.0 to 1.7
  • Soul Reaper Withering Presence.jpg Withering Presence
    • Radius from 1000 at all levels to 700/800/900/1000

Version 1.0.5


  • Base Agility increased from 15 to 16.

Version 0.1.60

Version 0.1.57

  • Soul Reaper Judgment.jpg Judgment
    • No longer heal or damage gadgets

Version 0.1.50

  • Strength Gain increased from 1.5 to 2.0

Version 0.1.47

Version 0.1.45

  • Hero Added

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