Stealth Hunter

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Stealth Hunter
Wild Hunter.jpg
Combat Type Neutral
Health 800
Health Regen 0.5
Mana 400
Mana Regen 1
Damage 31
Armor 4
Magic Armor 0
Movement Speed 300
Sight Range 800/800
Attack Range 100 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.35
Attack Animation 0.5/0.5
Turn Rate 320
Gold 48-56 Gold.png
Experience 94

The Stealth Hunter was a Neutral creep.

This creep used to spawn in a Medium camp, in a group containing a Stealth Hunter a Wild Hunter.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

On the Hunt
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Stealth Hunter On the Hunt.jpg
Cast Time: 0.25 / 0.25 seconds
The Wild Hunter stalks his prey through the shadows!
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Grants the Wild Hunter a 15 second stealth with a 0.5 second fade time.

Stealth grants a bonus 20% movement speed and a bonus 50 attack damage when attacking out of stealth.

  • Can be used while channeling (technically, although it's normally impossible).

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.1.5

  • Removed from the game.
    • A Wild Hunter.jpg Wild Hunter will be replacing the Stealth Hunter in the appropriate neutral camp spawns.

Version 3.7.10

  • Wild Hunter Camp no longer has both stealth and magic immunity.
    • One Wild Hunter now has stealth, and the other has magic immunity.