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Time of Day is a gameplay element in Heroes of Newerth. The main purpose of the time of day is altering the vision radius of units, changing the Neutral's aggro behavior, and cycle between Solstice's forms.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The time of day starts at daytime. Once the timer hits 0:00, the day/night cycle will begin to run. Each time of day lasts 6 minutes. The time of day changes to night at 6:00, then to daytime at 12:00, and so forth.

Most units have a lowered vision radius at nighttime compared to daytime. All heroes have a vision radius of 1800 at day and 800 at night. Most non-hero units have differing vision radius as well. However, many gadgets, such as Wards, do not change vision radius.

Neutrals can also be seen sleeping during the night. At daytime, approaching the Neutrals will draw aggro, but at nighttime, they must be attacked in order to draw aggro.

Solstice.jpg Solstice changes forms between daytime and nighttime. All of Solstice's abilities change functionality depending on the time of day.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.1.6

  • Day/Night cycle duration decreased from 7.5 minutes to 6 minutes.

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