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Trees make up the bulk of the map in Heroes of Newerth. They serve to block vision and movement, but can be destroyed with certain abilities.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Trees cannot be seen nor moved through. However, Clearvision will allow units to see through trees and Treewalking allows you to walk through trees.

Trees can be destroyed with certain abilities, and some of these abilities interact with them or require trees to be targeted.

All destroyed trees respawn at 5:00 and every 5 minutes afterwards.

Abilities that destroy trees[edit | edit source]

Single target[edit | edit source]

Hero/Item Source Range Notes
Blight Stones.jpg Blight Stones Activation 100
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Uproot.jpg Uproot 100 Picks up tree, granting bonus damage for 5 attacks and can be thrown
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Oakbolt.jpg Oakbolt 650
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Lift N/A Lifts nearest unit or tree within 800 radius
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control N/A Lifts nearest units or trees within 1000 radius
Kraken.jpg Kraken Kraken Tsunami Charge.jpg Tsunami Charge N/A Destroys tree collided onto
Logger's Hatchet.jpg Logger's Hatchet Activation 600
Runed Cleaver.jpg Runed Cleaver Activation 100

Area of effect[edit | edit source]

Hero/Item Source Radius Notes
Adrenaline.jpg Adrenaline Adrenaline Rush.jpg Rush 100
Aluna.jpg Aluna Aluna Power Throw.jpg Power Throw 65
Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Amun-Ra Path of Destruction.jpg Path of Destruction 200/300 Destroys trees on path & around meteor
Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Amun-Ra Ignite.jpg Ignite 375
Andromeda.jpg Andromeda Andromeda Void Rip.jpg Void Rip 300 Destroys trees around self & swapped unit
Bombardier.jpg Bombardier Bombardier Air Strike.jpg Air Strike! 200 Bombs destroy trees on impact
Cthulhuphant.jpg Cthulhuphant Cthulhuphant Trample.jpg Trample 125/50 Destroys trees charged through; Destroys trees around launched units
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Clearcutting.jpg Clearcutting 50 Destroys trees around self while active
Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed 75
Draconis.jpg Draconis Draconis Cataclysm.jpg Cataclysm 400
Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master Drunken Master Lunge.jpg Lunge 60 Destroys trees around pushed unit
Engineer.jpg Engineer Engineer The Keg.jpg The Keg 200
Flux.jpg Flux Flux Discharge Pull.jpg Discharge 100 Destroys trees around pushed heroes
Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet Gauntlet Gauntlet Blast.jpg Gauntlet Blast 75
Gemini.jpg Gemini Gemini Twin Fangs.jpg Twin Fangs 70
Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer Hellbringer Summon Malphas.jpg Summon Malphas 600
Homecoming Stone.jpg Homecoming Stone Activation 150 Destroys trees around teleport location
Kinesis.jpg Kinesis Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control 350 Second activation
Klanx.jpg Klanx Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K. 100 Destroys trees around self while active
Lodestone.jpg Lodestone Lodestone Rocket Drill.jpg Rocket Drill 200 First activation
Midas.jpg Midas Midas Elemental Warp.jpg Elemental Warp 250 Destroys trees around self & target position
Moira.jpg Moira Moira Arcane Vortex.jpg Arcane Vortex 150-400
Monkey King.jpg Monkey King Monkey King Illusive Dash.jpg Illusive Dash 100
Pearl.jpg Pearl Pearl Whirlbubble.jpg Whirlbubble 70 Initial projectile destroys trees
Pearl.jpg Pearl Pearl Preservation.jpg Preservation 400/100 Destroys trees within radius and around pushed units
Pebbles.jpg Pebbles Pebbles Stalagmites.jpg Stalagmites 200
Prisoner 945.jpg Prisoner 945 Prisoner 945 Prison Break.jpg Prison Break 100 Destroys trees around pulled units
Pyromancer.jpg Pyromancer Pyromancer Dragonfire.jpg Dragonfire 200
Rally.jpg Rally Rally Compel.jpg Compel 125 Destroys trees around pushed unit
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Stampede.jpg Stampede 100 Destroys trees around pushed unit
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Horned Strike.jpg Horned Strike 100 Destroys trees around pushed unit
Riftwalker.jpg Riftwalker Riftwalker Wormhole.jpg Wormhole 400
Riptide.jpg Riptide Riptide Undertow.jpg Undertow 200/350
Sir Benzington.jpg Sir Benzington Sir Benzington Joust.jpg Joust 100
Sir Benzington.jpg Sir Benzington Sir Benzington Knightfall.jpg Knightfall 400/500/600
Solstice.jpg Solstice Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Blinding Rush 80 Daytime only
Tablet of Command.jpg Tablet of Command Activation 100 Destroys trees around pushed unit
Tarot.jpg Tarot Tarot Ricochet.jpg Ricochet 250 Destroys trees around initial impact radius
Tempest.jpg Tempest Tempest Meteor.jpg Meteor 400
Tempest.jpg Tempest Tempest Elemental Void.jpg Elemental Void 400
The Chipper.jpg The Chipper The Chipper Sawblade Showdown.jpg Sawblade Showdown 800x75 (Vector)
Torturer.jpg Torturer Torturer Chain Reaction.jpg Chain Reaction 150/175/200/225
Tremble.jpg Tremble Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terrorform 400 Trees around Terror Mounds are automatically destroyed
Tundra.jpg Tundra Tundra Piercing Shards.jpg Piercing Shards 150
Zephyr.jpg Zephyr Zephyr Typhoon.jpg Typhoon 600