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Turn Rate determines how fast a unit can turn around. For units to attack or cast an ability in the target direction, it is required to be facing the target direction. Therefore, turn rate helps in not only targeting something that's to the side or opposite direction, it allows to take advantage of or react to degree-based abilities or targeting with abilities with the "Facing" target scheme.

In order for a unit to move in a certain direction, it must be facing within 135 degrees of the targeted direction in order to start moving. If you want a unit to move 180 degrees in the opposite direction, it only needs to turn 45 degrees to start moving.

Turn Rate is calculated in degrees/sec. A unit with a Turn Rate of 360 will take 0.5 seconds to completely turn around in the opposite direction, or 1 second to rotate fully.

List of Turn Rates[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Hero Turn Rate Turn time rate to 180°
Monkey King 6000 0.03 seconds
Amun-Ra, Bombardier, Kane, Nitro, Pandamonium, Sir Benzington, Skrap, Solstice, Soulstealer, The Dark Lady, Valkyrie 900 0.2 seconds
Klanx, Tarot 720 0.25 seconds
Vindicator 630 0.29 seconds
Artesia 600 0.3 seconds
Aluna, Andromeda, Armadon, Artillery, Blacksmith, Bramble, Dampeer, Deadwood, Doctor Repulsor, Drunken Master, Emerald Warden, Empath, Fayde, Flux, Forsaken Archer, Gauntlet, Gravekeeper, Grinex, Hammerstorm, Jeraziah, Kinesis, Legionnaire, Maliken, Martyr, Master of Arms, Midas, Moraxus, Night Hound, Oogie, Ophelia, Parallax, Parasite, Pharaoh, Predator, Puppet Master, Revenant, Riftwalker, Riptide, Rhapsody, Scout, Shadowblade, Succubus, Swiftblade, The Chipper, The Gladiator, Thunderbringer, Tremble, Tundra, Witch Slayer, Zephyr 540 0.33 seconds
Ellonia, Wretched Hag 500 0.36 seconds
Accursed, Arachna, Balphagore, Berzerker, Blitz, Blood Hunter, Bubbles, Bushwack, Calamity, Cthulhuphant, Chronos, Corrupted Disciple, Deadlift, Defiler, Demented Shaman, Devourer, Draconis, Engineer, Flint Beastwood, Geomancer, Gemini, Glacius, Gunblade, Hellbringer, Keeper of the Forest, Magebane, Magmus, Moira, Monarch, Myrmidon, Nomad, Nymphora, Pearl, Plague Rider, Prophet, Rampage, Lodestone, Pebbles, Pestilence, Pyromancer, Rally, Ravenor, Silhouette, Soul Reaper, Tempest, The Madman, Voodoo Jester, War Beast 450 0.4 seconds
Circe 400 0.45 seconds
Behemoth, Electrician, Kraken, Lord Salforis, Moon Queen, Pollywog Priest, Prisoner 945, Salomon, Sand Wraith, Slither, Torturer, Wildsoul 360 0.5 seconds