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Creeps (or Lane Creeps) are weak units aligned to either Legion or Hellbourne. These creeps will advance along their lane, attacking any enemy or building that stands in their way, all the way up to the enemy's main base structure. There are three types of creeps: Melee creeps, Ranged creeps, and Siege creeps.

Melee creeps come in packs and have more health but deal less damage than Ranged creeps. Ranged creeps have less health but deal more damage, particularly against other creeps. Siege creeps spawn occasionally and while they have a low attack speed, they deal extra damage to Towers and Buildings, posing a threat to structures. They also take less damage from heroes and are Magic Immune as well, making them extra durable.


Once the clock hits 0:00 and every 30 seconds afterwards, a wave of creeps will emerge from each lane. The wave starts with 3 Melee creeps and 1 Ranged creep. Siege creeps spawn at 3:00 and then every +2:30 after that.

Creeps become stronger as the time passes. Every 7 minutes, Melee and Ranged creeps gain a small boost to their attack damage and health. This bonus maxes out at 30 charges, or at 3:30:00, or when they are transformed into Mega Creeps by destroying all of the enemy's Barracks.

At 17:00, 44:00, and 50:00, an extra Melee creep is added to each wave, and at 33:00, an extra Ranged and Siege creep are added.

When an enemy's Barracks is destroyed, the corresponding Creep of that type will turn into Super Creeps. Super Creeps are significantly more powerful than normal creeps and have a smaller bounty as well.



Melee Creep
Combat Type Melee Lane
Health 550 (+10) / 700 (+19)
Health Regen 0.5
Damage 21 (+1) / 40 (+2)
Armor 2/3
Magic Armor 0
Movement Speed 325
Sight Range 1400/800
Attack Range 90 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.0
Attack Animation 0.6/0.4
Turn Rate 320
Gold 45-55/15-25  
Experience 62/41
Ranged Creep
Combat Type Ranged Lane
Health 300 (+10) / 475 (+18)
Health Regen 2
Mana 300
Mana Regen 0.75
Damage 24 (+2) / 44 (+3)
Armor 0/1
Magic Armor 0
Movement Speed 325
Sight Range 1400/800
Attack Range 500 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 900
Base Attack Time 1.0
Attack Animation 0.6/0.4
Turn Rate 320
Gold 45-55/15-25  
Experience 41/25
Siege Creep
Combat Type Siege
Health 550
Health Regen 0
Damage 41
Armor 0
Magic Armor 0
Movement Speed 325
Sight Range 1400/900
Attack Range 690 (Ranged)
Missile Speed 900
Base Attack Time 2.7
Attack Animation 0.15/0.85
Turn Rate 200
Gold 56-80  
Experience 88


Neutrals reside on the forests (or jungle) in the map. As their name suggests, they are not aligned to any team. Neutrals serve as a alternative source of farm, and a select group of heroes are able to start off killing Neutrals instead of going to a lane.

Neutral camps are arranged by 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ancients. In Forests of Caldavar, each side of the map contains 1 Easy camp, 2 Medium camps, 2 Hard camps, and 1 Ancients. Ancients are more unique from the other camps in that not only are they much stronger than other Neutrals, they spawn in an area outside of the main jungle, have high Magic Armor and are immune to conversion and Transmute-type abilities.

The Boss unit is a particularly powerful Neutral that takes immense power and teamwork to take down. Kongor resides in Forests of Caldavar and Zorgath and Transmutanstein are located in Mid Wars. Taking down a Boss provides a gold reward to the entire team (plus its regular bounty to the killer) and will drop a powerful item on death. Like Ancients, they are immune to conversion and Transmute and are also immune to certain abilities.


Neutrals begin spawning at 0:30, then at 1:00 and every minute after that. They spawn in sets of specific number and kinds of Neutrals, based on the difficulty of the camp. If a camp is occupied by Neutral, other units, certain Gadgets, and corpses, Neutrals will not respawn at the designated time. Players can see this area while placing a Ward of Sight or Ward of Revelation.

When a Neutral is attacked or approached during the daytime, they will attack the unit that triggered their aggro. When a group of Neutrals is not within their camp area during the Neutral respawn time, a new group of Neutrals will spawn there. This technique is known as Stacking, and is essential in maximizing the amount of farm from a given camp. Neutrals can be stacked up to two times, or three groups of Neutrals in one area, with the exception of Easy camps. Neutrals will be forced to return to their camp when led outside of their camp for 5 seconds, meaning the best time to stack a camp is at x:55.

Easy CampEdit

Camp Creeps Gold Experience Total Health EHP vs. Physical Damage Average DPS
      Antling x 2
Antlore Healer
71-86 (78.5 Avg) 141 1450
      Earthoc x 2
80-91 (85.5 Avg) 142 1250
          Snotter x 4
Large Snotter
66-87 (76.5 Avg) 140 1480
      Vagabond Assassin
Vagabond x 2
56-77 (66.5 Avg) 144 1500
      Werebeast x 2
Werebeast Enchanter
78-93 (85.5 Avg) 142 1300

Medium CampEdit

Camp Creeps Gold Experience Total Health EHP vs. Physical Damage Average DPS
        * Antling x 2
Antlore Healer
Antlore Necromancer
101-126 (113.5 Avg) 141 2350
      Ebula x 2
95-115 (105 Avg) 184 1620
      Fire Ogre
Ice Ogre
Alchemist Ogre
90-130 (110 Avg) 171 1950
    Wild Hunter x 2 88-104 (96 Avg) 188 1600
      Wolf x 2
Wolf Commander
81-97 (89 Avg) 181 1600

* Does not appear in the pull camp (Medium camp closest to the lane)

Hard CampEdit

Camp Creeps Gold Experience Total Health EHP vs. Physical Damage Average DPS
    Catman Soldier
Catman Champion
114-137 (125.5 Avg) 207 2050
      Goatar x 2
95-115 (105 Avg) 205 2200
      Screacher x 2
Vulture Lord
83-113 (98 Avg) 202 1650
      Undead Warrior x 2
Skeleton King
92-113 (102.5 Avg) 202 2100
      Vagabond Assassin
Vagabond Leader
114-144 (129 Avg) 205 1995


Camp Creeps Gold Experience Total Health EHP vs. Physical Damage Average DPS
      Dragon x 2
Dragon Master
192-286 (239 Avg) 320 3600
Predasaur Crusher x 2
188-234 (211 Avg) 355 3200


Map Boss Gold Team Bounty Experience Reward Notes
Forests of Caldavar   Kongor 350 200 1789   Token of Life
  Bananas (From 3rd death onward)
Mid Wars   Zorgath 200 150 715 Power Rune
  Transmutanstein 200 200 1073   Token of Vision x 2
  Snotter Boss 350 200 1789 Power Rune
  Token of Vision x 2
  Doom Bringer
HoNiversary Boss
  Reckless Horseman Halloween Boss
  Frostbite Christmas Boss
  Songkranstein 1800 Haste Rune
Double Damage Rune
Invisibility Rune
  Doom Bringer
Songkran Boss
  Fluffylumps 200 100 1000 Dragon Wars Boss
Grimm's Crossing   General Atrox 275 275 1200   Bananas
50% Armor Reduction to enemy buildings for 3 minutes


Pets refer to any unit that can be summoned by a hero. Many of them are fully controllable like the Heroes that summoned them, and their strength and utility varies greatly between each other. A few heroes possess abilities that summon pets, and any hero can have two pets of their own by using a   Puzzlebox.

Neutral units and lane creeps can be made controllable by Dominating them with a   Whispering Helm or   Ophelia's   Command (and by extension,   Parasite's   Infest), but Dominated Neutrals are not considered summoned units, and are thus not truly Pets.

Standard PetsEdit

Pet Owner Lifetime Attack Range Health Armor Damage Abilities Notes
  Courier   Flying Courier Indefinite N/A 6 Hits 0 N/A   Speed Boost
  Courier Shield
  Homeward Bound
Can carry items
Limit 1 per player
  Minion   Balphagore 35 seconds 100 (Melee) 250/325/400/475 0 17-18/27-30/34-40/43-49   Crippling Strike Cannot attack Buildings unless the owner is within 925 units of it
  Volatile Minion 8 seconds 100 (Melee) 300/450/600 0 25-30/45-50/85-90 Non-controllable
Explodes for 200/275/350 Magic Damage on death
Can be damaged by allies and enemies
Cannot be   Infested
  Undead (Summoned)   Deadlift 20/30/40/50 seconds 90 (Melee) 300 2 30 Partially controllable
  Undead (Revived) 20/30/40/50 seconds Varies Varies Varies Varies Partially controllable
Deals 50/75/100/125% damage and takes 200% damage
  Unstable Zombie   Gravekeeper 5 seconds 100 (Melee) 350/500/650 5.5 N/A Explodes for 55/70/85 Magic Damage on attack or death
  Wretched Zombie 8 seconds 100 (Melee) 350/500/650 5.5 30/35/40 Ignores Deflection
  Malphas   Hellbringer 60 seconds 128 (Melee) 900/1350/1800 5/10/15 50/75/100   Immolate
  Burning Sword
  Fire Bomb
  Animated Tree   Keeper of the Forest 45 seconds 90 (Melee) 400 2 25
  Puzzlebox Mauler   Puzzlebox 35 seconds 100 (Melee) 400/600/800 6/8/10 25/50/75   Manaburn
  Last Stand
  Revealing Eye
Cannot attack Buildings unless the owner is within 925 units of it
  Puzzlebox Wizard 35 seconds 350/450/550 (Ranged) 400/600/800 6/8/10 40/65/90   Mana Burn
  Haste Aura
Cannot attack Buildings unless the owner is within 925 units of it
  Elemental   Tempest 45 seconds 450 (Ranged) 200/225/250/275 2/3/4/5 18/24/30/36   Replicate Cannot attack Buildings unless the owner is within 925 units of it
  Shiver   Tundra 60 seconds N/A 100/100/200/200 0/0/5/5 N/A   Winter's Guise
Splash Immunity
  Coeurl 45 seconds 550 (Ranged) 400/450/500 0 26/26/46   Winter's Bite
Summoned at Level 2   Call of Winter
  Hellhound   War Beast Indefinite 100 (Melee) 400 2 25/35/45/55   Critical Bite
  Invisibility (Level 4)
Cannot attack Buildings unless the owner is within 925 units of it


"Heropets" are a special type of pets that interact differently to certain effects.

Heropets do not take damage or are killed by   Nullfire Blade's active,   Electrician's   Cleansing Shock, and   Vagabond Assassin's   The Assassin's Touch. They also cannot be   Infested by   Parasite.

Pet Owner Lifetime Attack Range Health Armor Damage Abilities Notes
  Fire   Gemini Indefinite 128 (Melee) Varies Varies Varies   Fire Breath
  Fire Fang
  Together in Spirit
Inherits 80/90/100% of of Gemini's attributes
Inherits 60% of   Elemental Force values
Dies when either Fire or Ice dies
  Ice   Ice Breath
  Ice Fang
  Together in Spirit
  Nitro   Mauser Indefinite 128 (Melee) Varies Varies Varies   Ballistic
  Lock & Load
Inherits 100% of Nitro's Attributes
Gains +2 Damage per Nitro's Level
Dies when Nitro dies
  Voodoo Puppet   Puppet Master Indefinite N/A 500/750/1000 0 N/A Non-controllable, immobile
Deals 140/160/180% of damage taken as Magic Damage to linked target
Destroyed when linked target moves more than 1500 units away
  Vorax   Skrap 180 seconds 128 (Melee) 2000/3500/5000 10 120/150/180   Rock Smash Non-controllable
Kills lane creeps in one hit
Disarms Towers on attack
  Boris   Tremble Indefinite 128 (Melee) 800/1100/1400 5.5 60/90/120   Ensnare
  Razor Carapace
Dies on owner's death
  Booboo   Wildsoul Indefinite 128 (Melee) 1400/1600/1800/2000 5 35-40   Return (Level 1)
  Alpha Male (Level 1)
  Frenzy (Level 2)
  Swipe (Level 3)
Can hold Items
Cannot deal damage if owner is not within 1050 units
Cannot be summoned for 30 seconds if killed


Gadgets are different from standard units in that many of them are partially or fully uncontrollable by the player, but can still be interacted with. While similar to Pets, Gadgets have their own specific type of immunity. Gadgets are immune to Magic and Splash Damage and are unaffected by abilities, status effects, and auras. Any unit that possesses this (referred to "Gadget Immunity" within the game files) is a Gadget.

Some Gadgets behave like units, except they cannot be controlled by the player directly. Examples include Arachna's Spiderling, Emerald Warden's   Gawain, or Forsaken Archer's Skeletons. However, not all uncontrollable units are Gadgets, such as Gravekeeper's Zombies.

Units that can be controlled but are immobile (on top of possessing the above-mentioned "Gadget Immunity") fall under the Gadget category, such as Pollywog Priest's Voodoo Wards. Ward-type units such as Wards of Sight are Gadgets are well.

There are many invisible gadgets in the game that are used for programming certain aspects of abilities, such as giving vision or marking certain areas, but since they cannot be interacted with or viewed by the player in any way, they are not considered a Unit.

Can autoattackEdit

Gadget Owner Controllable Duration Health Damage BAT Movement Speed Notes
  Spiderling   Arachna No 5 Attacks or 15 seconds 4 Hits 75/150/225 1.0 522 Applies a -40/-60/-80 Attack Speed and 40/60/80% Movement Slow debuff for 1.5 seconds on attack
Target is Sighted and Revealed while the Spiderling is alive
  Vine Wall   Bramble Yes 6/8/10 seconds 30 10/20/30 1.0 N/A Applies a 30/40/50% Movement Slow and Restrain for 1.5 seconds on attack
  Volcano   Draconis No 30 seconds 300/500/700 110/160/210 2 N/A Applies a debuff to enemies within 900 units; affected units take 10/20/30% increased damage from DoT effects; debuff refreshes while unit is affected by a DoT
Takes 60% damage from non-hero units; cannot be damaged for more than 1/6 Max Health per hit
  Voodoo Wards   Pollywog Priest Yes 45 seconds 135/150/150 40/55/70 1.5 N/A
  Toxin Ward   Slither Yes 40 seconds 60/110/160/210 10/19/28/37 1.5 N/A Applies a -25 Movement Speed debuff for 5 seconds on attack
  Spirit Ward   Voodoo Jester Yes 8 seconds (Channeling) Invulnerable 60/90/120 0.3 N/A Attacks bounce 0/0/1 (0/1/2) time(s)
Destroyed when Voodoo Jester stops channeling

Can be attackedEdit

Gadget Owner Duration Health Sight Range Function
  Essence Projection   Artesia 20 seconds 3/4/5 Hits 1600/1600 Grants +20/30/40 Mana or Health Regen to nearby allies (In Attack Mode and Healing Mode respectively)
Copies Artesia's   Arcane Missile casts and   Arcane Bolts charges
  Sticky Bomb   Bombardier 8 seconds 2 Hits 500/500 Can be detonated to deal 75/150/225/300 Magic Damage; Increases damage by 10% and stun duration by 0.5 seconds per 2 seconds primed
Spawns as a gadget if Sticky Bomb did not attach to a unit
  Rejuvenating Growth   Bramble Indefinite 2 Hits 500/500 (Clearvision) Can be used to channel and heal 25/40/55/70 Health per second; expires after 20 total seconds of channeling
  Gravestone   Deadlift Indefinite 3 Hits 0/0 Spawns when an ally hero dies
Can cast   Resurrection on it to revive an allied hero
  Overgrowth   Emerald Warden Indefinite 1 or 2 Hits 400/400 When triggered, Immobilizes and deals 80 Magic Damage per second to nearby enemies for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds; removed when Overgrowth is destroyed
  Steam Turret   Engineer 5 seconds 3 Hits 1000/1000 Fires 10 shots per second in a cone; Each shots deals 10/20/30/40 Magic Damage, pushes back, and applies a stacking 3.5% Movement Slow for 3 seconds (10% less effectiveness per consecutive hit)
  Spider Mine Indefinite 1 Hit 400/400 When triggered, chases the enemy unit and explodes for 175/250/325/400 Magic Damage on impact
  Energy Field 6/8/10 seconds 4 Hits 600/600 Creates an Energy Field while alive; Deals 50/75/100 Magic Damage per second within radius; Deals 100 True Damage, Silences, Perplexes, and dispels buffs to enemies that touch the field
  Nature's Sentinel   Keeper of the Forest Indefinite 600 600/600 Spawns with 1/2/3/4 invulnerable, non-controllable limbs
  Mummy Wall   Pharaoh 3/4/5/6 seconds 1 or 3 Hits 0/0 Blocks movement
Pushes away enemies in front of it, dealing 65/90/115/140 True Damage and draining 65/90/115/140 Mana
  Ball and Chain   Prisoner 945 3/5/7/9 seconds 2 Hits 200/200 Applies a 20/25/30/35% Movement Slow, deals 20 Physical Damage per second, and Restrains the attached unit
  Electric Eye   Scout Indefinite 1 800/800 Permanently Stealthed
Revealed when an enemy unit is within 200 units
Reveals enemies and wards in a 800 radius
Can be detonated to Silence enemies for 3/4/5/6 seconds
  Terror Mound   Tremble Indefinite 4/4/5/6 Hits 400/400 Provides Tremble & Boris +15/20/25/30 Movement Speed, +2/4/6/8 Health Regen and Stealth within radius
Can be used to   Terror Port between Mounds
  Inscribed Glyph of Silence   Vindicator 5 seconds 2 Hits 100/100 Silences enemies within 300 radius for 1.3/1.7/2.1/2.5 seconds (once per cast instance)
Applies a 30/34/38/42% Movement Slow over 1000 radius, tapering over distance
  Ward of Sight User 360 seconds 4 Hits 1600/1600 Permanently Stealthed
  Ward of Revelation User 180 seconds 4 Hits 200/200 Permanently Stealthed
Reveals enemies and wards in a 800 radius


Gadget Owner Function
  Courier User Delivers items from the Stash to the player
  Spirits   Defiler Deals 46 Physical Damage to enemies or towers on attack
  Skeleton Archer   Forsaken Archer Attacks an enemy for 10/20/30/40% of owner's Attack Damage then expires
  Gawain   Emerald Warden Casts   Diving Strike at Level 1,   Forest's Touch at Level 2, and   Emerald Storm at Level 3
  Shadow   Grinex Chases and attacks an enemy hero for 4/5/6 seconds; Deals 40/60/80 Physical Damage per attack
  Image   Forsaken Archer Fires Piercing Arrows every 0.5 seconds; Lasts 4 seconds
  Evil Presence   Hellbringer While alive, owner heals for 5/10/15/20% of damage dealt
Can be commanded to charge at an enemy explode, applying a 25% Movement Slow & -1/-2/-3/-4 Magic Armor debuff to enemies around it for 5 seconds
  Nature's Sentinel (Limb)   Keeper of the Forest Deals 10 + 10% of owner's Attack Damage as Physical Damage on attack (200 Attack Range, Hero Combat Type)
  Lackey   Klanx Fires a missile towards the owner's attack target that deals 15/30/45/60 Magic Damage
  1st Minion Deals 15 Magic Damage to owner's attack target and applies a 25% Movement Slow for 2 seconds
  2nd Minion Deals 30 Magic Damage to owner's attack target, chaining 5 times
  3rd Minion Deals 30% of owner's Base Damage as Magic Damage to owner's attack target
  Fulcrum   Parallax Interacts with Parallax's abilities
  Mousetrap   Skrap When triggered, chases the enemy unit and explodes for 80/100/120/140 Magic Damage and 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second stun on impact
  Zoomerang Can be caught mid-flight to reduce Zoomerang's cooldown by 8 seconds or from the ground to reduce cooldown by 4 seconds
  Cyclones   Zephyr Deals 6/9/12/15 Magic Damage per second in a 300 radius

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