Version 1.0.1

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Matchmaking[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed average wait time and percent successful matches stat tracking for matchmaking.
  • Added some matchmaker logging.
  • Fixed substitutions not working properly.
  • Tweaked some oddities in the pathing code.
    • Heroes might 'stick' on each other slightly again. We are developing a more permanent solution.
  • Toggling autocast and attack abilities no longer interrupt any current actions.

Items[edit | edit source]

Harkon's Blade.jpg Harkon's Blade
  • No longer stacks with lifeleech & other attack modifiers.
Nome's Wisdom.jpg Nome's Wisdom
  • Recipe cost from 600 Gold.png to 200 Gold.png.
Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves
  • The activated effect can now apply to all allied non-hero units (including player controlled units).
Puzzlebox.jpg Puzzlebox
  • Recipe cost from 1000 Gold.png to 1100 Gold.png.

New Hero[edit | edit source]

  • Added New Legion Intelligence hero, Bubbles.jpg Bubbles, inspired by Puck the Faerie Dragon.
    • Fun Fact: The voice of this hero was recorded by Robert Jadah, who also voiced Morla The Thousand Year-Old Turtle for 'The Neverending Story'.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Balphagore.jpg Balphagore
  • Un-Dev.
  • Fixed Recommended Items.
  • Base Armor lowered by 2.
  • Balphagore Demonic Pathogen.jpg Demonic Pathogen
    • Silence increased from 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds to 1/2/3/4 seconds.
  • Balphagore Demonic Pathogen.jpg Demonic Pathogen
    • Damage reduced from 100 magic DPS to 60 magic DPS.
  • Balphagore Corpse Conversion.jpg Corpse Conversion
    • Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 sec.
    • Gold bounty from minions reduced from 21/26/36/41 Gold.png to 10/13/18/20 Gold.png.
    • Minions now have 3 Magic Armor
  • Balphagore Hell on Newerth.jpg Hell on Newerth
    • Now takes 30 seconds for charges to start disappearing.
    • Now gains 0.6 charges per 1% of enemy mana spent (increased from 0.5).
Blood Hunter.jpg Blood Hunter
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood
  • Deadwood Uproot.jpg Uproot
    • Mana Cost reduced from 60 to 30.
  • Deadwood Uproot.jpg Uproot
    • Charges reduced from 5/6/7/8 to 5 at all levels.
  • Deadwood Willowmaker.jpg Willowmaker
    • Now casts 100ms faster.
Devourer.jpg Devourer
  • Armor increased from 1.96 to 2.96.
Engineer.jpg Engineer
  • Base Strength decreased from 22 to 20.
  • Base Intelligence decreased from 19 to 21.
Fayde.jpg Fayde
Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer
  • Strength gain per level decreased from 2.5 to 2.1.
  • Agility gain per level increased from 1.0 to 1.2.
  • Intelligence gain per level increased from 2.7 to 2.9.
Legionnaire.jpg Legionnaire
  • Base Armor increased from 1.8 to 2.8.
The Madman.jpg The Madman
  • The Madman Stalk.jpg Stalk
    • Cooldown lowered by 1 sec.
Nymphora.jpg Nymphora
  • Nymphora Grace of the Nymph.jpg Grace of the Nymph
    • Now only dispels from player-controlled unit damage.
  • Nymphora Teleport.jpg Teleport
    • No longer displays graphic/sfx to enemies when in fog.
Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium
  • Pandamonium Cannon Ball.jpg Cannon Ball
    • Now snares by 60% for 4 seconds instead of stunning when missed
Slither.jpg Slither
  • Slither Toxin Ward.jpg Toxin Ward
    • Now have 1/1/2/2 charges for placement, decreased from 1/2/2/3.
    • Toxin Wards attack effect changed from -10% Movespeed to -25 Movespeed at all levels.
    • Fixed tool tip of Toxin Wards displaying the incorrect amount of health
Swiftblade.jpg Swiftblade
  • Swiftblade Counter Attack.jpg Counter Attack
    • No longer uses real attacks, meaning it will not trigger things like critical strike, life steal, or Frostburn. It now simply deals damage equal to Swiftblade.jpg Swiftblade's base attack damage.