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General[edit | edit source]

- Added a new Bot: Engineer

  • NOTE: This was mistakenly not in the ingame patch notes, sorry!
  • Bot created by V1P3R`
  • V1P3R` receives 6400 gold coins, his choice of alt avatar, and the Robot Courier forum award
  • Join us on the bot subforums to create your own bot!

New Content[edit | edit source]

- Added new Monkey King Ultimate Avatar: Sun Wukong

  • Get ready to wreak ultimate havoc through the heavens and Newerth with Sun Wukong! This new Ultimate Avatar gets visual enhancements with specific items in-game!
  • Releases on 6/14/2013

- Added new Maliken Alt Avatar: Slasher Maliken

  • In honor of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Maliken has donned the goalie gear to shut the Legion out by any means necessary. Good luck trying to keep him in the penalty box...
  • Releases on 6/17/2013

- The Rift Wars continue! The Great Rift has snatched warriors from our battlefields and pulled them into its dark chaos, where they are either infected by the Rift and become Riftspawn or exert their will upon the alien realm and join the Hunter's Guild, slayers of Riftspawn. Now they have returned to Newerth to battle, and the victor will be decided by you!

  • Through the first week in July, visit the Store Specials page and purchase a Hunter's Guild avatar or a Riftspawn avatar to determine the winner of that week's battle. Purchase all 5 avatars for your favorite side and receive a 6th Team Leader alt avatar for free. Of course, if you're a mercenary, you can purchase both avatars but don't expect mercy if you're caught playing both sides. The Team Leader on the side with the most purchases will receive extra effects!

- Hunter Bushwack vs. Rift Bubbles

  • Release on 6/18/2013

- Hunter Rally vs. Rift Slither

  • Release on 6/25/2013

- Added new Draconis Alt Avatar: Primal Dracon

  • More ancient than even Draconis, Primal Dracon has been dormant until now, when the Worldtree is truly threatened. Newerth and its heroes have evolved during the centuries of Primal Dracon's slumber, but this fierce guardian remains primordial, his five heads sharing one thought: kill or be killed.
  • Releases on 6/21/2013

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Blitz - Blitzkrieg effects no longer play through fog

Geomancer - Dig's cast range indicator now scales properly with each level

Bound Eye - Will now properly reveal Scout's Electric Eye

- The following heroes base HP regeneration is now properly 1.00 HP/s instead of 1.25 HP/s

  • Berzerker
  • Oogie
  • Nomad
  • Rampage

- Fixed duplicate onXlua events triggering for code-created child widgets of certain widget types (e.g. scrollbars)
- Fixed modelpanel effect problems with resource contexts
- Fixed updater sometimes not restarting HoN on Linux
- Fixed updater window showing as unknown in some cases on Linux (e.g. GNOME 3 bar at the top of the screen)
- Zenifer Swiftblade illusions are now the proper color
- Coin Packages now auto calculate their bonus coins and percents based on the most basic package's value
- Updated the notice about other forms of payment to indicate we have more on our website (besides Xsolla and paypal)
- Fixed custom account icons not pulling from the correct web location
- Fixed the invite window not correctly pulling player info from the social panel
- Added name glow support to the invite window (Requires code to be merged to be complete, otherwise it only works with people in your social panel)
- Added name glow support to the social panel