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New Content[edit | edit source]

- Added new Wild Soul Ultimate Alt Avatar: Panda Soul

  • Young Lin and her pet panda Zhen Zhen were banished from their village beyond the Sang-La Mountains after their true natures came forth to defend against a Hellbourne attack. Lin and her tiny bear transformed into ferocious panda warriors, embodiments of an ancient magic rooted in the bamboo forests where the exiled Lin and Zhen Zhen raised each other. Now they are called to defeat the daemons who ravaged their homeland, in the hope they can return it to its peaceful state.
  • Releases on 6/28/2013

- The Rift Wars continue! The Great Rift has snatched warriors from our battlefields and pulled them into its dark chaos, where they are either infected by the Rift and become Riftspawn or exert their will upon the alien realm and join the Hunter's Guild, slayers of Riftspawn. Now they have returned to Newerth to battle, and the victor will be decided by you!

  • Through the first week in July, visit the Store Specials page and purchase a Hunter's Guild avatar or a Riftspawn avatar to determine the winner of that week's battle. Purchase all 5 avatars for your favorite side and receive a 6th Team Leader alt avatar for free. Of course, if you're a mercenary, you can purchase both avatars but don't expect mercy if you're caught playing both sides. The Team Leader on the side with the most purchases will receive extra effects!

- Hunter Witch Slayer vs. Rift Warden
- Hunter Gunblade (Hunter's Guild Leader)
- Queen Riftwalker (Riftspawn Leader)

  • Release on 7/2/2013

- Added new Soul Reaper Alt Avatar: Yanluo Wang

  • Yanluo Wang has been summoned by rogue Hellbringers to judge the souls of the Legion and bring more damned souls to the Hellbourne ranks. Furious at having to leave his position in Hell, Yanluo Wang is on a rampage with his cursed royal guard, sending heroic souls to his level of Hell to await his return.
  • Releases on 7/5/2013

- Added new Martyr Alt Avatar: Tangseng

  • Tangseng is a young, naive, and compassionate monk from beyond the Sang-La Mountains, journeying west to collect ancient scriptures that may be the key to defeating the Hellbourne. He'll need help from the Legion, especially once the daemons learn eating Tangseng's flesh could grant immortality.
  • Releases on 7/8/2013

- Added new Prisoner945 Alt Avatar: Bajie

  • Once an immortal among the gods, Bajie offended the moon goddess and was banished to Newerth in the form of a lowly, ravenous pig man. Now he searches for Tangseng and Sun Wukong, for defeating them will prove he is once again worthy to dine with the gods.
  • Releases on 7/9/2013

- Added new Magebane Alt Avatar: Shaolin Magebane

  • Through years of devoted meditation and training, Shaolin Magebane has mastered the art of channeling his opponents' aggression and energy against them. His skills will truly be tested against the Hellbourne's onslaught.
  • Releases on 7/10/2013

- Added new Pandamonium Alt Avatar: Jeet Kune Dragon

  • This master of hand-to-hand combat studied with the Sang-La warrior monks and learned to move like water upon the battlefield, smashing faces with a flurry of punches, kicks, and nunchaku!
  • Releases on 7/11/2013

General[edit | edit source]

- Added new Hero Filters in the pick screen

  • Selecting a filter will display all heroes that fit that category
  • Selecting several filters will display all heroes that fit all categories
  • You can save heroes to your "Favorites" category in the Learnatorium
  • Each filter category has a bar that is filled based on how well the heroes on your team can perform that role
  • If you have any filters selected and use the Random button, it will only random out of the heroes that fit the selected filters
  • Example: If you selected the "Carry" filter and then random you will only random out of the possible carry heroes, no others

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Moon Queen.jpg Moon Queen

  • Multi-Strike and Shieldbreaker now properly only applies the Broken Armor debuff (before the first target it bounced to also got the debuff)

Predator.jpg Predator

  • Non-allied units of Predator can no longer gain the attack speed buff, ie. when attacking a neutral that has an enemy Terror state on it

Slither.jpg Slither

  • Tweaked cast range indicator on Poison Spray (Q) so that it scales linearly

Succubus.jpg Succubus

  • Fixed Mesmerize so that it properly credits Succubus for the kill if the Mesmerize state was transferred more than one time and Mesmerize lands the killing blow on a target
  • Fixed the Mesmerize icons so that they retain the proper icon when transferring between Alt2 & non-Alt2 heroes


  • Fixed display/resolution/refresh rate not properly updating on Mac/Linux
  • SpecUI - Fixes to issues caused by players disconnecting
  • SpecUI - The stats from the previous game should no longer be visible in your current game until an update/you switch tabs
  • Featured - Fixes to prevent errors stopping the error dialog from showing when no products are sent to display

Match Rewards

  • Upcoming rewards now show the product if there is one, even if there is alt gold/silver
  • The reward for alt gold/silver is now shown for upcoming if the product is already owned. If there is a gold/silver reward, those are added to the alt gold/silver
  • Only if there is no product is the gold/silver reward shown on its own
  • Newly earned rewards and rewards in your history now show the product if there is one. (even if alt gold/silver was awarded)
  • Newly earned rewards and rewards in your history now only show gold/silver earned if that is the only reward
  • Alt gold/silver is no longer added together to the gold/silver reward (which causes incorrect rewards to be listed)
  • If a reward has gold coins, gold coins are shown for the image - instead of the silver coins image


  • Added hover and on buttons for bot meta data
  • String tabled some plain English strings
  • Added some missing tooltips
  • Removed unused stuff from some strings
  • Fixed many duplicate widget names
  • Fixed a use of a non-existent template
  • Selecting tree mode under entities no longer hides all the bot meta data tools until you restart
  • Added a Tile Definition tool