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General[edit | edit source]

The primary focus of this patch is to continue to diversify our hero pool, making each hero exciting and different to play. The secondary focus of the patch is continuing to make Heroes of Newerth the most balanced MOBA in the world both in the competitive scene and the public scene.

Mid Wars[edit | edit source]

The rune spawning in the middle helps to enforce action and overall more enjoyment in the mode, have a good time! The gold changes to Mid-Wars makes it so the same amount of total gold is given to your team but also spread more evenly between your allies.
  • Picking phase has been changed so every player gets 1 Blind Ban instead of Blue and Pink getting 3 Blind Bans each
  • Flat Hero bounty decreased from 400 to 300
  • Assist gold increased from 50% to 100% of the Hero bounty
  • Hero bounty per level decreased from 10 to 7
  • Hero bounty gold per streak decreased from 100 to 75
  • Rune spawn location has been moved much closer to the middle

New Picking Mode: Captain's Pick[edit | edit source]

For this HoNTour season we will be using a more classic style but with an increase in speed to decrease much of the downtime. Increased Extra Time will allow Captains to not feel too cramped for time.
  • Will be using in all competitive games along with Tournament Rules, replacing Lock Pick
  • Relies heavily on the Captains of each team picking and counter-picking wisely
    • Captains ban or pick one hero at a time
    • The order goes: 2 bans, 3 picks, 3 bans, 2 picks
  • Added a new "Tournament Stats" tab to the "View Statistics" screen
    • This will display any recent events the player has participated in using the HoNTour automated tournament system

Heroes[edit | edit source]

The following Heroes are now allowed in Tournament Rules games:

The following Heroes are no longer allowed in Tournament Rules games:

Accursed.jpg Accursed

Allowing Sear to apply on ability use will no longer force Accursed into auto attacking in order to gain the benefits of his passive.

Artillery.jpg Artillery

Artillery now focuses as a long range ability carry. He has three extremely long range abilities that either become harder to hit or less effective the closer you are to Artillery. To help keep his focus on abilities instead of auto attacks, his attack range has also been decreased.
  • Reduced starting attack range from 550 to 450
  • Artillery LRM.jpg LRM: Range decreased from 1500 to 1200
  • Artillery LRM.jpg LRM: Damage changed from 15 plus 7/14/21/28% of Attack Damage to 12 plus 7/14/21/28% of Attack Damage
  • Artillery LRM.jpg LRM: Increased missiles shot per second from 4 to 6. Missiles no longer shoot in a perfectly straight line and deal AOE damage on impact
  • Artillery Special Ammunition.jpg Fragmentation Shells: Completely reworked. Now called Mortar Shot
    • Artillery Mortar Strike.jpg Mortar Shot: Shoots a Mortar in a targeted area that deals 100/140/180/220 Magic damage and slows. This ability can be used while channeling LRM
  • Artillery Bunker Down.jpg Bunker Down: Completely reworked. Now called Special Ammunition
    • Artillery Special Ammunition.jpg Special Ammunition: Increases cast range of all abilities by 200/400/600/800 and adds an additional 15% move speed slow to all abilities
  • Artillery Artillery Barrage.jpg Artillery Barrage: Completely reworked. Now called Homing Missile
    • Artillery Homing Missile.jpg Homing Missile: Now single target ability that will follow its target no matter what. On impact, deals 200/250/300 Magic damage and stuns for a duration determined by how far the missile has traveled, up to a max of 4 seconds

Berzerker.jpg Berzerker

Focusing more on a physical presence and removing the awkwardness that happens when players go magic immune against Berzerker.
  • Berzerker Chain Spike.jpg Chain Spike: No longer gets removed by Magic Immunity, but will be removed by Physical Immunity

Blitz.jpg Blitz

Faster than light? Blitz can now reach speeds no other hero in the game can reach when using Quicken. Try not to lose focus of where you are at!
  • Increased Base Movement Speed from 315 to 330
  • Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken: Now passively increases the Movement Speed cap for Blitz by 20/40/60/80
  • Blitz Pilfering.jpg Pilfering: Lowered Cast Time from 1 second to .6 seconds
    • This does not change how quickly you cast Pilfering, just the total Casting Time

Corrupted Disciple.jpg Corrupted Disciple

Corrupted Conduit now has a much better use by only allowing it to be disabled by range. This allows better interaction between Corrupted Disciple and his enemies with Corrupted Conduit.

Cthulhuphant.jpg Cthulhuphant

Focusing Cthulhuphant as more of a jungler with a presence to come out and wreak havoc!
  • Cthulhuphant Hook em.jpg Hook 'em: Mana Cost reduced from 80 to 75
  • Cthulhuphant Hook em.jpg Hook 'em: Cooldown reduced from 60/50/40/30 to 40/35/30/25

Dampeer.jpg Dampeer

Essences will now boost Dampeer's Bloodthirst, giving him more carry power!
  • Dampeer Bloodthirst.jpg Bloodthirst: Each Essence now grants a bonus 10 Attack Speed

Deadwood.jpg Deadwood

Slightly increasing the length of time between when Deadwood can Willowmaker a target. Sounds minor, but those 15 seconds make a big difference in the early levels.
  • Deadwood Willowmaker.jpg Willowmaker: Increased cooldown from 85/75/65 to 100/85/70

Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor

These changes are to address his early game difficulties - being too fragile - before learning Ludicrous Speed. More durable, faster movement, and longer vision from Magnetic Contraption all help him.
  • Starting Strength increased from 17 to 19
  • Base Movement Speed increased from 295 to 305
  • Doctor Repulsor Magnetic Contraption.jpg Magnetic Contraption: Lifetime increased from 12 to 16 seconds

Gravekeeper.jpg Gravekeeper

Allows Corpse Explosion to have some uses even when Gravekeeper doesn't have a corpse to use it on.
  • Gravekeeper Corpse Explosion.jpg Corpse Explosion: Increased damage from 30/50/70/90 (per corpse) Magic Damage to 60 + 20/40/60/80 (per corpse) Magic Damage

Gunblade.jpg Gunblade

Allowed Demonic Shield to act like other self-shields: by being unable to be removed. Having trouble keeping your target in Lethal Range? Try the new Grappling Shot that attaches you to the target!
  • Gunblade Demonic Shield.jpg Demonic Shield: Can no longer be Dispelled or Transferred/Stolen
  • Gunblade Lethal Range.jpg Lethal Range: Bonus Base Damage when you are within 200 range of your target increased from +20/30/40/50% to +30/45/60/75%
  • Gunblade Grappling Shot.jpg Grappling Shot: Now grants vision and Restrains the target for 3 seconds
    • Restrained means the target cannot use blinks or Movement-based abilities
  • Gunblade Grappling Shot.jpg Grappling Shot: Now attaches Gunblade to the target for 3 seconds
    • Using Grappling Shot again will disengage you from the target

Kinesis.jpg Kinesis

Allowed Stasis Smash to get full effect on the primary target even if it breaks early. Removed a button click for Mass Control and made it easier to target the location you are looking for.
  • Kinesis Stasis Smash.jpg Stasis Smash: Will now deal the full Magic Damage to the primary target when activating it again to drop them early
  • Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control: On use, will pick up the closest 3,5,7 things in 1,000 radius rather than the target area
  • Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control: Cast Range of second activation increased from 600 to 750

Lord Salforis.jpg Lord Salforis

Focusing Lord Salforis to be a better anti-healer. Mors Certissima will no longer be hard countered by Magic Armor and also reducing healing on targets. Dark Lord's Presence will now steal regeneration from targets instead of just gaining a static amount (you will still steal regeneration from targets that have Undying). Adjusted some values with Undying for better usability.
  • Lord Salforis Mors Certissima.jpg Mors Certissima: Health regained by the target decreased from 20/40/60/80 Health over 5 seconds to 20% of damage done over 5 seconds
  • Lord Salforis Mors Certissima.jpg Mors Certissima: Now also reduces Healing the target receives by 50% for 5 seconds
    • This only affects healing, not Health Regeneration
  • Lord Salforis Dark Lord's Presence.jpg Dark Lord's Presence: No longer gives Health Regeneration based on enemies around you. Instead, it now steals 50% Regeneration from enemies around you with a max of 127 hp/sec
  • Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying: Cast type changed from Magic to Superior Magic
  • Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying: Increased duration from 10 to 12 seconds
  • Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying: Decreased cast action time from 400ms to 350ms
  • Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying: No longer grants you a soul when the target dies. This effect has been moved to a Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master upgrade
  • Lord Salforis The Undying.jpg The Undying (SotM): Enslaves the target's soul when they die under the effects of The Undying. The Soul has 1 charge for every 100 Max Health of the Hero that died. Each charge grants Salforis 5 damage and 2 Attack Speed. Using the ability again will consume the charges. Each charge heals you for 50 hit points (Thus you can heal for half of the target's Max Health)

Lodestone.jpg Lodestone

Decreasing his suicide potential by significantly increasing his Mana Cost.

Martyr.jpg Martyr

Martyr is steered even more towards his harder to kill support role.
  • Starting Strength increased from 20 to 21
  • Strength gain increased from 2.1 to 2.4
  • Intelligence gain decreased from 2.6 to 2.4

Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium

This small change can help to not miss as many Flurries.
  • Pandamonium Flurry.jpg Flurry: Push time increased from 250 ms to 300 ms

Pestilence.jpg Pestilence

Gore now deals Physical Damage to match up with Swarm. Flight also becomes much more usable.
  • Pestilence Flight.jpg Flight: Increased duration by 5 seconds
  • Pestilence Flight.jpg Flight: Now grants Unitwalking to Pestilence
  • Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore: Chance increased from 10/15/20/25% to 25% at all levels
  • Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore: Damage rescaled from 40/50/60/70 to 20/40/60/80
  • Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore: Damage Type changed from Magical to Physical
  • Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore: Stun duration decreased from 1 second to 0.55/0.7/0.85/1 seconds
  • Pestilence Swarm.jpg Swarm: Armor reduction increased from 5/10/15 to 6/12/18

Rally.jpg Rally

Lowering Rally's laning presence to make him less of a soloer and directing him more towards Anti-Armor.

Rampage.jpg Rampage

Helps greatly in preventing The Chains that Bind from ending early when his target has a Tablet used on them.

Ravenor.jpg Ravenor

Harkon's gives Magic Damage on attack but what about Superior Magic damage? Ravenor's got you covered along with a significant boost to Power Overwhelming's overall potential.
  • Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming: Now causes attacks to do 100% Superior Magic damage
  • Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming: Charge cap increased from 60/90/120 to 120. Charges gained when hitting Heroes decreased from 4/6/8 to 4
  • Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming: Bonus Damage cap increased from 60/90/120 to 120/180/240. Bonus Movement Speed cap increased from 60/90/120 to 90/120/150
  • Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming: Charges lost every second increased from 5 to 8

Revenant.jpg Revenant

Getting Manifestation's double-cast at level 11 takes a little too long, but getting it at level 6 is a little too quick. How about level 8.
  • Revenant Manifestation.jpg Manifestation: Level requirements lowered from 6/11/16 to 4/8/12

Salomon.jpg Salomon

Salomon now brings wishes of the Djinn in the form of Wealth, Power, and Vengeance. This will allow Salomon to achieve high GPMs while having some scaling into the late game.
  • Salomon Djinn Blast.jpg Djinn Blast: Completely reworked. Now called Cosmic Cleave
    • Salomon Cosmic Cleave Near.jpg Cosmic Cleave: Dual ability. Can be cast both Close (Q) and Far (W). On use, deals (50% of your Attack Damage : 30/60/90/120) Magic Damage in front of you and slows for 15%. If you quickly hit the same target with the other Cosmic Cleave, the slow is increased to 25%.
  • Salomon Sacred Grounds.jpg Sacred Grounds: Completely reworked. Now called Winds of the Djinn
    • Salomon Wish for Power.jpg Winds of the Djinn: Passively increases nearby allies Attack Speed by 10/15/20/25. Activate to grant nearby Allies 20/30/40/50 Attack Speed for 10 seconds
  • Salomon Guardian Spirit.jpg Guardian Spirit: Completely reworked. Now called Wish for Wealth
    • Salomon Wish for Wealth.jpg Wish for Wealth: Passively gain 3/4/5/6 bonus gold for a creep kill. Killing creeps builds stacking charges that gives a bonus 1/2/3/4 gold per charge. Charges last 30 seconds. Max of 30 bonus gold
  • Salomon Last Wish.jpg Last Wish: Completely reworked. Now called Wish for Revenge
    • Salomon Wish for Revenge.jpg Wish for Revenge: On use, transforms you into an Avatar of Revenge. Avatar has 1100/1700/2300 Health and all new abilities. 30/50/70 Health is drained per second while active. When Avatar's health reaches 0, Salomon reverts back to his normal self
  • Avatar of Revenge
    • Salomon Flaming Cleave.jpg Flaming Cleave: On use, instantly does a cleaving attack in front of you that deals (50% of your Attack Damage + 150/250/350) Physical Damage
    • Salomon Wish for Power old.jpg Golden Sword: Passively grants nearby allies 10/15/20/25 Attack Speed and applies a 20% Movement Speed Slow to Enemies you attack
    • Salomon Avenging Leap.jpg Avenging Leap: Target an enemy unit to leap to them, dealing 50/100/150 Magic Damage and stunning them for 1.25 seconds
    • Salomon Wish for Power.jpg Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!: Can only be used when the Avatar of Revenge is under 30% health. Activate to unleashes 8 Spheres of Phenomenal Cosmic Power for 3 seconds that spiral out from you, dealing Magic Damage as they pass through Enemies and then exploding. On use the Avatar of Revenge returns to his itty-bitty living space, reverting Salomon back to his normal self

Solstice.jpg Solstice

Slightly bringing back his jungle ability, which went a little too low with our last change.
  • Solstice Solar Slash.jpg Graceful Strikes: Daytime Attack Damage Bonus increased from 25/40/55/70 to 35/45/55/65

Tempest.jpg Tempest

A hero with a lot of utility that could be tuned down a notch. Removing the ability to deny at level 1 was the win-win change, since it also removes a lot of annoyances that players have when playing against the hero.
  • Tempest Elemental.jpg Elemental: Level 1 of this ability can no longer be used on Allied units

Thunderbringer.jpg Thunderbringer

A nice touch to Lightning Storm so Thunderbringer doesn't always feel like he never has it ready in the late game.

Tremble.jpg Tremble

Removing the annoying parts of the Terror Mounds for both sides. Terror Mounds are harder to see so Tremble won't find heroes always killing them, but also made them much easier to kill so Enemy players are no longer attacking them for 2 minutes straight.
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terror Mounds: Maximum number you can have active at the same time has been lowered from 3/5/7/9 to 2/4/6/8
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terror Mounds: Now permanently Invisible
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terror Mounds: No longer block Neutral spawns
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terror Mounds: The Gold Bounty has been increased from 25/30/35/40 to 35/40/45/50 Gold
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terror Mounds: Large health pool removed and instead they now take 4/4/5/6 Attacks to kill

Valkyrie.jpg Valkyrie

Allowing greater potential to set up fights with Valkyrie's Prism.

Vindicator.jpg Vindicator

Making Vindicator's Glyph of Silence more usable before fights start.

Voodoo Jester.jpg Voodoo Jester

Wondering why your Spirit Ward stopped attacking? It was probably turning! This change will allow the Spirit Ward to acquire targets much faster. Also made Staff of the Master grant more bounces instead of split shot. This will allow for some epic bounces to Enemies!
  • Voodoo Jester Spirit Ward.jpg Spirit Ward: Turn Rate increased from 360 to 900
  • Voodoo Jester Spirit Ward.jpg Spirit Ward (SotM): Increased number of bounces from 0/1/0 to 0/1/2 and removed Split Shot

Items[edit | edit source]

Barrier Idol.jpg Barrier Idol

This price decrease goes along with the increased cost to Mystic Vestments in order to not increase the overall price of Barrier Idol
  • Recipe Cost decreased from 1000 to 900

Mystic Vestments.jpg Mystic Vestments

Increasing the length of time and resources spent for such a cost effective item. Even with this change it remains one of the most cost effective items in the game.
  • Cost increased from 400 to 500

Shrunken Head.jpg Shrunken Head

This change is to decrease the value of fully using a Shrunken Head, selling it, and then re-buying it. Players are still able to do so, but at an increased cost.
  • Sell value decreases by 100 Gold every time it is used, to a max of -500 Gold

New Content[edit | edit source]

The war between the Legion and Hellbourne has spread to the deepest corners of Caldavar, and they have trespassed upon the territory of Tikbalang the Nightmare Predator! Build this Ultimate Predator with the following items to get the listed effects:
  • Releases on 7/26/2013
Salomon has rescued his beloved Djinn from the spirit realm and imbued her with his newfound powers to battle the Hellbourne and the Nine Kings of the Great Waste!
  • Releases on 7/26/2013
When the brood swarm of a Pestilence has grown strong enough the insects begin to overtake the flesh of their master. Swarm Pestilence is slowly being devoured by his own hatchlings, but it has only made him stronger!
  • Releases on 7/31/2013
Ghatotkacha's unmatched powers have led him to victory in countless battles, and his dark magic would be a welcome addition to the Hellbourne ranks. Lucky for Newerth he chooses to use his mystical abilities and giant golden mace to help the Legion!
  • Releases on 8/2/2013
Even the dead soldiers and enslaved souls who follow Lord Salforis quake when he dons his Baron of Blackwal armor, for they may be forced into its plate and mail to protect their Lord and welcome the souls he harvests upon the field of battle.
  • Releases on 8/5/2013
The Great Rift continues to expand on the slope of Krula, plundering heroes from Newerth and returning them forever altered. The horrific Rift Ravenor was expelled from the chaotic realm because he and the giant eye that commands him didn't care who or what they tortured and killed--Riftspawn or Hunters--though now he prefers the way the humans and beasts scream.
  • Releases on 8/7/2013
The revolution is here, and Gorilla Warfare Artillery is just the soldier to lead it! With one finger on the trigger and one in the face of authority, he's spearheading the new war against the status quo.
  • Releases on 8/9/2013
Justice is now a lot faster in Newerth! Flash Blitz and his bladed bolo are cutting a swath through the Hellbourne armies, and he's back in his tent with a well-deserved beverage before the bodies hit the dirt.
  • Releases on 8/12/2013

Bots[edit | edit source]

  • Added an AttackMinions behavior, code by community member Anakonda!
  • Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody Bot Updated
    • Removed an unnecessary for loop
    • Added minor sanity checking
    • Fixed an issue with RhapsodyBot not being able to activate her Shrunken Head
  • API changes
    • Added 3 functions for creep score:
    • unit:GetCreepKills()
    • unit:GetNeutralKills()
    • unit:GetCreepDenies()
    • Fixed GetSlot() returning the inventory slot (0-60) instead of the backpack slot (1-12)
    • core.ValidateItems now used by the FindItems code. This function now nils items if they aren't in your backpack

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Artesia.jpg Artesia fixed in Duplicate Mode
  • Optimizations have been made to improve start times (Reduced start times 50% + in testing)
  • Fixed the forward and back buttons for the replay controller
  • Fixed time input boxes for the replay controller
  • Gemini.jpg Gemini no longer gains cliff and tree walking longer than intended when recombining
  • Creeps and Kongor.jpg Kongor are no longer wearing party outfits